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Log of Illustrated Histories Added Between March 2011 and May 2017

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Log of Histories Added Before August 2005

Log of Histories Added Between August 2005 and February 2007

Log of Histories Added Between March 2007 and February 2011

Log of Histories Added Since June 2017

Operator Focus Archive

Date Added

Original Owner and Chassis Type Registration Number Photos Needed
19th May 2017
West Yorkshire VR
No known liveries
14th May 2017
Bristol Omnibus VR
No known liveries
6th May 2017
Bristol Tramways Lodekka
No known liveries
21st April 2017
Bristol Omnibus Lodekka
Stagecoach livery
20th April 2017
United Auto VR
WHN813G, DHN230H
No known liveries
12th April 2017
Southern Vectis VR
NDL656R, DPX684W
No known liveries
April 8th 2017
No known liveries
April 1st 2017
Hills of Tredegar LH
All photos
April 1st 2017
Hargreaves of Morley LH
Hargreaves/Parnham liveries
12th March 2017
Western S.M.T. Lodekka
No known liveries
27th February 2017
Western National Lodekka
Tilling livery
12th February 2017
Lincolnshire Lodekka
Photos with Lincolnshire
30th January 2017
Lincolnshire Lodekka
No known liveries
28th January 2017
Eastern National Lodekka
Any views with Eastern National
27th January 2017
Lincolnshire RE
No known liveries
15th January 2017
West Yorkshire RE
No known liveries
1st January 2017
Crosville Lodekka
Original Tilling livery
29th December 2016
Eastern National RE
Tilling livery
29th December 2016
Red & White Lodekka
All photos of 10EWO, AAX23B with Caelloi Motors
29th December 2016
United Counties Lodekka
Photos with United Counties
26th December 2016
London Country LH
Photos in later life
25th December 2016
Southdown VR
No known liveries
23rd December 2016
United Auto RE
No known liveries
23rd December 2016
Southdown VR
Colour photo of NBC livery
20th December 2016
Mansfield District Lodekka
Colour photos in the U.K.
17th December 2016
Western S.M.T. Lodekka
Colour views from Scotland
4th October 2016
Maidstone & District VR
Photos with Maidstone & District
3rd October 2016
East Midland RE
Early NBC liveries
3rd October 2016
Chapman of Airdrie LH
Owners before Porter of Dummer
23rd September 2016
Southern Vectis Lodekka
Any photos in the U.S.A.
24th August 2016
Eastern National Lodekka
Tilling livery
23rd August 2016
Photos in Holland
12th August 2016
Bristol Omnibus VR
No known liveries
10th August 2016
Bristol Omnibus Lodekka
All views with Bristol Omnibus
30th July 2016
Red & White Lodekka
No known liveries
7th July 2016
Bristol Omnibus RE
EHW313K, EHW314K, EHW315K
EHW313K with Bristol Greyhound and after sale by Cheltenham & Gloucester. EHW315K with Bristol Greyhound.
7th July 2016
Robinson of Great Harwood
NWW162K No known liveries
30th June 2016
Cumberland Lodekka
No known liveries
30th June 2016
Eastern Counties Lodekka
558BNG, JAH551D
Tilling red livery
26th June 2016
East Kent VR
NBC red livery
17th June 2016
Maidstone & District VR
No known liveries
13th June 2016
Cheltenham District Lodekka
Colour NBC views (red and green)
11th June 2016
Mansfield District Lodekka
Mansfield District livery
29th May 2016
Southern Vectis Lodekka
Pre-1980 liveries
27th May 2016
Wilts & Dorset Lodekka
No known liveries
26th May 2016
Southdown VR
No known liveries
18th May 2016
Lancashire United LH
In service with Lancashire United
20th April 2016
Midland General Lodekka
No known liveries
17th April 2016
United Auto VR
No known liveries
8th April 2016
Western National Lodekka
Tilling green livery
23rd March 2016
United Auto Lodekka
Photos with United Auto
16th March 2016
Western S.M.T. Lodekka
Photos with Western S.M.T.
6th March 2016
Midland General Lodekka
No known liveries
6th March 2016
West Yorkshire P.T.E. LH
Classic Coaches livery
4th March 2016
Bristol Omnibus Lodekka
Tilling green livery
19th February 2016
Midland General Lodekka
No known liveries
18th February 2016
United Counties Lodekka
Tilling green livery
18th February 2016
Hants & Dorset Lodekka
No known liveries
16th February 2016
Alder Valley VR
Hedingham "Kill Your Speed" livery
10th February 2016
Hants & Dorset Lodekka
Tilling green livery
8th February 2016
London Transport LH
London Transport liveries
4th February 2016
Eastern National Lodekka
Any Eastern National views
20th January 2016
Alder Valley VR
No known liveries
19th January 2016
Bristol Omnibus VR
DHW352W, EWS740W No known liveries
11th January 2016
Eastern National Lodekka
Photos with Eastern National
10th January 2016
Hants & Dorset Lodekka BEL677B, KRU224F
Original Tilling livery
9th December 2015
Hants & Dorset Lodekka
No known liveries
9th December 2015
Western S.M.T. Lodekka
No known liveries
8th December 2015
Midland General RE
NBC red livery and non-PCV
1st December 2015
Crosville Lodekka
Tilling green livery
30th November 2015
Western National Lodekka
No known liveries
29th November 2015
Midland General Lodekka
No known liveries
29th November 2015
Western Natioal Lodekka
No known liveries
14th November 2015
Lincolnshire VR
No known liveries
13th November 2015
Southdown VR
No known liveries
30th October 2015
Ulsterbus RE
Photos with Ulsterbus
25th October 2015
Western National LH
VOD123K, VOD124K, VOD125K
VOD125K in original Tilling livery
14th October 2015
All photos in the UK
7th October 2015
Eastern National Lodekka
Original Tilling livery
4th September 2015
Greater Glasgow P.T.E.
Photo with C&K Coaches
27th July 2015
Crosville Lodekka
All photos prior to Serbia
3rd June 2015
Eastern Scottish Lodekka
No known liveries
29th May 2015
United Auto RE
Original Tilling livery
29th May 2015
United Counties RE
Original Tilling livery
6th May 2015
Crosville VR
PMT livery
26th April 2015
United Counties Lodekka
Tilling green livery
13th April 2015
Southern of Barrhead LH
Photos with Southern, Waterson and Ramsden
24th March 2015
Midland General Lodekka
No known liveries
1st March 2015
Crosville Lodekka
No known liveries
21st February 2015
West Yorkshire Lodekka
No known liveries
17th February 2015
Eastern Scottish VR
No known liveries
14th February 2015
Eastern Counties RE
Eastern Counties coach livery
11th February 2015
Trent VR
ORC259N, MAL793P, MAL794P
ORC259N and MAL794P in Trent NBC livery
11th February 2015
London Country LH
Guernseybus livery
11th February 2015
Trent RE
No known liveries
5th February 2015
United Counties VR
No known liveries
3rd February 2015
Ribble LH
FBV271W, FBV272W
No known liveries
23rd January 2015
Eastern Counties RE
No known liveries
15th January 2015
Hartlepool RE
Initial Hartlepool livery
10th January 2015
Gelligaer RE
NKG245M, NKG246M, NKG247M
No known liveries
5th January 2015
Bristol Omnibus RE
LHT167L, LHT169L
No known liveries
4th January 2015
Eastern Counties RE
No known liveries
31st December 2014
Brighton, Hove & District Lodekka
No known liveries
29th December 2014
Eastern Counties Lodekka
Any UK photos
20th December 2014
Southern Vectis LH
Photo with East Devon Buses
9th December 2014
Eastern Counties RE
No known liveries
27th November 2014
West Yorkshire Lodekka
No known liveries
23rd November 2014
Hants & Dorset LH
No known liveries
23rd November 2014
West Yorkshire Lodekka
Colour views with West Yorkshire
17th November 2014
Crosville RE
Tilling green livery
5th November 2014
Eastern National Lodekka
Tilling green livery
22nd October 2014Thames Valley LodekkaFJB738CNo known liveries
20th October 2014
Bristol Omnibus VR
JHW108P, JHW109P, JHW110P, JHW111P, JHW112P, JHW113P, JHW114P, JHW115P, JHW116P
Various views with Bristol Omnibus
14th October 2014
Cheltenham District/Bristol Omnibus VR
LEU254P, LEU255P, LEU256P, LEU257P, LEU258P, LEU259P, LEU260P, LEU261P, LEU264P, LEU265P, LEU266P, LEU267P, LEU268P, LEU270P
Various views with Bristol Omnibus
4th October 2014
Western S.M.T. Lodekka
No known liveries
4th October 2014
Western National Lodekka
Views with Western National
30th September 2014
Bristol Omnibus VR
LHT726P, LHT728P, LHT729P, LHT730P
29th September 2014
Western National Lodekka
Tilling livery plus non-PSV use
17th September 2014
Bristol Omnibus VR
MOU740R, MOU741R, MOU742R, MOU743R, MOU744R
City Rider livery
8th September 2014
Western National VR
No known liveries
7th September 2014
United Auto VR
NBC livery
27th August 2014
Bristol Omnibus VR
MOU745R, MOU746R, MOU747R, MOU748R,
NFB111R, NFB112R, NFB114R, NFB116R, NFB117R, NFB118R, NFB119R, NFB120R, NFB121R, NFB122R
NBC liveries
26th August 2014
East Kent VR
NBC and Stagecoach liveries
22nd August 2014 Southern Vectis Lodekka
MDL954, TDL998, YDL315
Initial Tilling livery (MDL and TDL)
22nd August 2014
Crosville RE
EFM181H, HFM196J, HFM573D
Initial Tilling livery (all) plus Gatewen Training (HFM)
20th August 2014
Thames Valley Lodekka
NBC livery
19th August 2014
Wilts & Dorset Lodekka
Photos in service in the UK
19th August 2014
Crosville RE
Non-PCV use
9th August 2014
Western National RE
No known liveries
8th August 2014
No known liveries
30th July 2014
Crosville Lodekka
Any photos with Crosville
30th July 2014
Western National RE
Photo with Overland & County
10th June 2014
Southdown VR
No known liveries
6th June 2014
Thames Valley RE
Any photos with Alder Valley
18th May 2014
Western National Lodekka
418PTA, AUO514B
NBC livery
4th May 2014
Western National RE
No known liveries
4th May 2014
Eastern National RE
Tilling livery
4th May 2014
London Transport LH
Allover red with London Transport
1st May 2014
Eastern National Lodekka
Colour photos with Eastern National
26th April 2014Mansfield District LodekkaDAL306CPhotos in the UK
23rd April 2014
Western S.M.T. Lodekka
Photos with Western S.M.T.
9th April 2014Bristol Omnibus LodekkaGAE883DNo known liveries
8th April 2014London Country LHGPD316NNo known liveries
5th April 2014Boon of BorehamYVW902SAll liveries
30th March 2014Trent VRPVO816R, PVO817R, PVO820RPVO820R in NBC livery
20th March 2014Western National LHSFJ122RNo known liveries
4th March 2014West Yorkshire REJWU336JWest Yorkshire liveries
22nd February 2014Leicester RETRY118HLeicester livery
21st February 2014Lincolnshire REBVL47CTilling livery
20th February 2014Trent VRPVO812RNBC livery
17th February 2014Bristol Omnibus REGHY133KTilling green livery
10th February 2014Eastern National LodekkaBVX681BAny Eastern National liveries
26th January 2014 Ulsterbus RE BXI2599 No known liveries
25th January 2014 Thames Valley Lodekka PBL57F Tilling livery
24th January 2014 Eastern Counties Lodekka KPW474D Tilling livery
23rd January 2014 East Yorkshire VR JKH510V NBC red livery
22nd January 2014 Eastern Counties Lodekka JPW459D Eastern Counties liveries
17th January 2014 Yorkshire Traction VR LWG847P No known liveries
13th January 2014 Southern National RE OTA641G National Express livery
13th January 2014 Hants & Dorset RE AEL6B, AEL7B National Express livery
5th January 2014 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka 434FHW Tilling livery
4th January 2014 Gelligaer VR BTX540J No known liveries
4th January 2014 Bristol Omnibus LH KHU616P No known liveries
4th January 2014 Westerbus LH WST79V Photos after Westerbus
2nd January 2014 West Yorkshire RE NYG802M West Yorkshire liveries
1st January 2014 Western National Lodekka 824KDV Original Tilling livery
29th December 2013 Eastern Scottish Lodekka OWS620, CSG25C No known liveries
27th December 2013 Southern Vectis Lodekka ODL12 NBC livery
16th December 2013 Scarlet Band of West Cornforth KPT527J No known liveries
14th December 2013 Hants & Dorset LH REL745H Any photos as a bus
13th December 2013 Maidstone & District VR WKO132S No known liveries
12th December 2013 Eastern Counties Lodekka KAH467D Tilling livery
7th December 2013 Eastern Scottish VR LFS289F Eastern Scottish livery
1st December 2013 Potteries RE PVT216L No known liveries
30th November 2013 Potteries VR PEH648R No known liveries
27th November 2013 Eastern Scottish Lodekka CSG22C, CSG29C, CSG41C Pre-towing wagon liveries and First Edinburgh (CSG29C)
20th November 2013 United Auto Lodekka SHN253F United Auto/Northern General liveries
19th November 2013 United Auto RE BHN693N No known liveries
19th November 2013 Hants & Dorset LH REL743H No known liveries
17th November 2013 Bristol Omnibus RE EHU382K, EHU383K Badgerline livery (383)
13th November 2013 Ulsterbus RE BXI2591 Citybus livery
10th November 2013 London Country LH GPD311N No known liveries
28th October 2013 Thames Valley RE CJB590J No known liveries
29th September 2013 Eastern National VR CPU981G Driver training livery
28th September 2013 East Kent VR XJJ650V, XJJ670V NBC red and Stagecoach liveries (for XJJ670V)
26th September 2013 Hants & Dorset Lodekka LEL657F Hulme Hall livery
22nd September 2013 Thames Valley/Alder Valley VR SRX945G, UBL247G, XMO541H, DRX104K, FBL115K, LPF594P Any in pre-NBC maroon Alder Valley livery
18th September 2013 Trent VR BRC837T No known liveries
13th September 2013 East Kent VR XJJ655V No known liveries
12th September 2013 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka 816SHW Tillings livery
10th September 2013 West Yorkshire P.T.E. MUA43P Tayside livery
9th September 2013 Thomas of Llangadog HTH518N All liveries
22nd August 2013 West Yorkshire Lodekka KWR911D In service with West Yorkshire
14th August 2013 Southdown VR UWV621S No known liveries
10th August 2013 Eastern National RE SVW274K Tillings livery
6th August 2013 Ulsterbus RE 9062UZ Any colour views
4th August 2013 National Welsh LH KWO569X No known liveries
3rd August 2013 South Wales VR RTH922S No known liveries
28th July 2013 Crosville Lodekka JFM234D Tilling green livery
18th July 2013 Western National Lodekka 138HUO Colour Western National liveries
17th July 2013 Crosville Lodekka 848AFM Crosville liveries
17th July 2013 Western National Lodekka 503BTA No known liveries
5th July 2013 Eastern Counties RE AAH735J No known liveries
27th June 2013 Western National Lodekka EDV515D NBC livery
25th June 2013 Black & White RE ADG335K No known liveries
25th June 2013 Southern Vectis RE TDL568K Tilling green livery
24th June 2013 Eastern Counties RE AAH736J Tilling red livery
23rd June 2013 North Western RE SJA351K North Western livery
23rd June 2013 Mansfield District Lodekka 248MNN, 377RNN Mansfield District livery
16th June 2013 Eastern Counties Lodekka KPW483E Eastern Counties and Sterling liveries
15th June 2013 United Auto VR SUP684R No known liveries
8th June 2013 Bristol Omnibus VR KOU793P No known liveries
7th June 2013 East Kent VR XJJ656V East Kent NBC red and post-deregulation liveries
4th June 2013 Southern Vectis Lodekka CDL480C Tilling livery and any views in the U.S.A.
4th June 2013 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka 817MHW, 205NAE Photo of MHW in Tilling green. Any photos of NAE with Bristol Omnibus
4th June 2013 Western National Lodekka BDV265C Southern/Western National liveries
31st May 2013 Alder Valley RE NDP70M No known liveries
30th May 2013 Bristol Omnibus RE YHY585J No known liveries
28th May 2013 Trent VR RCH629L NBC livery
14th May 2013 United Counties VR LBD923V NBC and United Counties deregulation livery
14th May 2013 East Midlands VR JNU134N NBC livery
12th May 2013 Eastern National Lodekka STW763D, STW765D Any photos with Eastern National
12th May 2013 London Country LH TPJ56S No known liveries
9th May 2013 Southern Vectis Lodekka KDL412, LDL720, LDL733 Colour Tilling green livery. LDL733 in Euroscan livery
30th April 2013 United Counties VR VVV951W No known liveries
30th April 2013 Red & White RE GAX2C Any photos with Red & White/National Welsh
23rd April 2013 East Yorkshire VR WKH524X East Yorkshire burgundy livery
22nd April 2013 West Riding VR RYG388R Yorkshire Woollen livery
22nd April 2013 Western National VR ATA562L, BFJ175L No known liveries
12th April 2013 Western National Lodekka 410PTA Any UK liveries
12th April 2013 Eastern Counties Lodekka ONG352F Tilling red and Western SMT livery
10th April 2013 Western National RE POD823H, POD824H, POD825H, POD826H, POD827H, POD828H, POD831H POD825H - NBC green and red
POD826H - Tilling green
POD827H - All liveries
POD830/1H - Tilling green
9th April 2013 Eastern Counties VR VEX301X No known liveries
25th March 2013 Yorkshire Traction VR LAK936W NBC red livery
20th March 2013 Western National Lodekka EDV518D No known liveries
18th March 2013 Western National RE TUO255J Tilling green livery
18th March 2013 North Western RE SJA352K North Western livery
18th March 2013 Red & White Lodekka 5AAX Colour photo with Red & White
18th March 2013 Western S.M.T. Lodekka RAG403 Colour photo with Western S.M.T.
14th March 2013 Ulsterbus RE BXI2594 No known liveries
9th March 2013 Western National RE PDV407M No known liveries
9th March 2013 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka DHW981C Colour photos with Bristol Omnibus
7th March 2013 Maidstone & District VR BKE860T Photo with Bugler of Bristol
6th March 2013 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka 212NAE Any pre-NBC photos
28th February 2013 Crosville RE NFM292M No known liveries
19th February 2013 Bristol Omnibus FLF DHW983C Photo in NBC green and with Top Deck Travel
16th February 2013 Crosville RE AFM105B Tilling livery
7th February 2013 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka 822SHW Colour photos with Bristol Omnibus
7th February 2013 Eastern National Lodekka HEV996B No known liveries
2nd February 2013 West Midlands P.T.E. VR NOB417M, NOB418M, NOB419M, TOE434N West Midlands P.T.E. livery
30th January 2013 Silcox of Pembroke Dock LH GDE374L, GDE375L No known liveries
27th January 2013 Ribble RE OCK363K Ribble cherry red livery
26th January 2013 Bristol Omnibus RE EHU377K Bristol "OMO" livery
22nd January 2013 Hants & Dorset Lodekka 5675EL Tilling green livery
15th January 2013 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka 813SHW Any Cheltenham livery
12th January 2013 Bristol Omnibus LH REU316S Trimdon livery
10th January 2013 Midland General Lodekka JNU988D Any livery with Midland General/Trent
10th January 2013 Wilts & Dorset RE TRU947J Original Tilling livery
9th January 2013 Southdown VR UWV604S, UWV614S No known liveries
6th January 2013 Aldershot & District RE YHO626J NBC livery
29th December 2012 Crosville VR RLG428V No known liveries
27th December 2012 Hants & Dorset LH GLJ481N Hants & Dorset livery
26th December 2012 Lincolnshire VR KTL28V No known liveries
26th December 2012 Bristol Omnibus LH JOU163P All photos
21st December 2012 East Yorkshire VR WAG976S All photos
13th December 2012 United Welsh Lodekka OCY955 Liveries with United Welsh
11th December 2012 Crosville Lodekka RFM411, RFM419, RFM446 All liveries with Crosville and any photos with Arthur Treacher or elsewhere in the U.S.A.
6th December 2012 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka FHW160D All liveries with Bristol Omnibus
3rd December 2012 Western S.M.T. Lodekka MCS762 All liveries
2nd December 2012 Southern Vectis Lodekka KDL413 No known liveries
30th November 2012 Red & White RE OAX9F No known liveries
27th November 2012 Alexander Lodekka KWG623 Photos in any livery
26th November 2012 Cheltenham District Lodekka EHT109C Colour photos while abroad or with Cheltenham District
21st November 2012 Southern Vectis Lodekka LDL736 Colour photos with Southern Vectis
20th November 2012 Ulsterbus RE WOI2432 Ulsterbus livery
15th November 2012 United Welsh RE NWN458F No known liveries
13th November 2012 South Wales VR WTH952T Any UK liveries
9th November 2012 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka 550OHU, EHW191C Tilling liveries
2nd November 2012 Crosville Lodekka JFM220D Tilling livery
30th October 2012 Woodward of Shaw LH TBU740G All liveries
20th October 2012 Ulsterbus RE WOI2438 No known liveries
30th September 2012 Eastern National Lodekka MVX883C Tilling green
28th September 2012 United Counties Lodekka KBD712D Tilling livery
25th September 2012 Eastern Counties Lodekka OVF229, 560BPW OVF229 with Eastern Counties
20th September 2012 Eastern National Lodekka HEV997B Tillings livery
19th September 2012 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka 815SHW Any views when allocated to Gloucester
11th September 2012 Southdown VR WCD522K London Tour livery
6th September 2012 West Yorkshire VR AYG941H, DWU839H Tilling and NBC red liveries
1st September 2012 West Yorkshire RE MWW751K West Yorkshire liveries
30th August 2012 Independent LH CTM415T All liveries
28th Augsut 2012 Ulsterbus RE POI2190 No known liveries
26th August 2012 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka 808SHW Colour UK shots
25th August 2012 Southdown VR JWV264W No known liveries
22nd August 2012 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka EHT854C Tilling livery
20th August 2012 Christchurch RE IY6813 Christchurch livery
20th August 2012 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka JHW68E Tilling green livery
19th August 2012 Ulsterbus RE TOI2288 Ulsterbus and Citybus liveries
18th August 2012 Cumberland VR KRM432W Post-deregulation Cumberland livery
14th August 2012 Western National LH AFJ692T No known liveries
13th August 2012 Hants & Dorset Lodekka GLJ750D Tilling green livery
13th August 2012 London Country VR PPH461R, PPH462R, PPH463R, PPH464R, PPH465R, PPH466R, PPH467R, PPH468R, PPH469R, PPH470R, PPH471R, PPH472R, PPH473R, PPH474R PPH462R - Sidcup Coaches
PPH464R - Stephensons
PPH466R - Badgerline
PPH470R - East Yorkshire (red and white livery)
11th August 2012 Southern Vectis Lodekka BDL576B No known liveries
7th August 2012 Eastern National Lodekka WVX525F, AEV814F WVX in Tilling livery
5th August 2012 Citybus RE BXI2563 No known liveries
4th August 2012 Midland General Lodekka 968ARA No known liveries
4th August 2012 Western National Lodekka 516BTA Any UK liveries
1st August 2012 Western SMT Lodekka RAG410 Western SMT livery
24th July 2012 Southdown VR SNJ591R, SNJ592R No known liveries
23rd July 2012 Maidstone & District VR WKO131S Orange Bus Company livery
15th July 2012 Merthyr Tydfil RE NHB190M No known liveries
12th July 2012 Western National Lodekka 810KDV No known liveries
9th July 2012 Southern Vectis Lodekka CDL479C Original Tilling livery
7th July 2012 Crosville RE OFM3E Original Tilling livery
1st July 2012 Bristol Omnibus RE TAE418G Willis of Dagenham
1st July 2012 West Yorkshire Lodekka 574EWX All liveries
23rd June 2012 Cardiff VR CTX396V No known liveries
23rd June 2012 Crosville VR JMB401T No known liveries
21st June 2012 Eastern Counties Lodekka BNG886B No known liveries
20th June 2012 South Shields RE ECU201E Original South Shields livery
19th June 2012 Crosville VR WTU470W, BMA523W No known liveries
17th June 2012 BCV RE LAE770E No known liveries
16th June 2012 Bristol Omnibus VR DHW351W No known liveries
9th June 2012 Eastern National Lodekka WVX527F Tilling livery
8th June 2012 Christchurch RE JP6325 No known liveries
7th June 2012 London Transport LH KJD414P, KJD419P, OJD58R Either KJD in London Transport livery
6th June 2012 Hants & Dorset VR VPR491S Hampshire Bus livery
6th June 2012 Southdown VR UWV607S No known liveries
6th June 2012 Eastern Counties Lodekka 68DNG Tilling red livery
26th May 2012 Southern Vectis RE LDL933G, LDL934G Tilling green livery
24th May 2012 Cardiff VR WTG380T Livery with Allisons
16th May 2012 Southern Vectis RE NDL766G, NDL767G Tilling green livery. NDL767G in non-PCV ownership
11th May 2012 Eastern Counties VR XNG207S No known liveries
6th May 2012 Crosville Lodekka 928CFM Closed-top liveries
6th May 2012 Southdown VR EAP978V No known liveries
27th April 2012 North Western RE KJA299G Early liveries
27th April 2012 Southern Vectis RE LDL934G No known liveries
20th April 2012 Yorkshire Traction VR PHE816M Any Yorkshire Traction liveries
19th April 2012 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka HAE277D Tilling green livery
17th April 2012 Hartlepool RE OEF77K No known liveries
16th April 2012 Citybus RE BXI2565 No known liveries
15th April 2012 Eastern Counties RE KVF658E No known liveries
7th April 2012 Cumberland VR FAO428V No known liveries
7th April 2012 City of Oxford VR GUD749N Photo with Barfoot
6th April 2012 Harris of Grays LH FTW133T Any owners prior to Oxon Travel
6th April 2012 Ribble VR OCK987K No known liveries
6th April 2012 United Counties VR TNH871R No known liveries
4th April 2012 Eastern Counties LH HAH537L Photo with Eastern Counties
4th April 2012 East Kent VR BJG672V Any NBC photos
2nd April 2012 Western National Lodekka UOD478 Any photos with Western National
29th March 2012 Ulsterbus RE 9058UZ, TOI2306, WOI2446, BXI2598 Photos with Citybus and Ulsterbus
28th March 2012 Crosville Lodekka 824AFM, 618HFM All liveries
27th March 2012 Wilts & Dorset Lodekka JMR816F Any photos in the UK
21st March 2012 Eastern Counties LH WEX925S No known liveries
19th March 2012 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka HHY186D No known liveries
9th March 2012 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka 809SHW Colour photos in the UK
23rd February 2012 Southern National Lodekka RTT995 Any photos with Southern/Western National
21st February 2012 Midland General RE ORC417N No known liveries
12th February 2012 Southern Vectis Lodekka LDL735 NBC green livery
12th February 2012 Ulsterbus RE TOI2316 No known liveries
7th February 2012 London Country VR PPH475R No known liveries
4th February 2012 South Wales VR WTH959T No known liveries
4th February 2012 Southern Vectis Lodekka MDL955 No known liveries
28th January 2012 Preston LH PHG242P, PHG243P, PHG244P No known liveries
25th January 2012 Hants & Dorset Lodekka DEL891C Original Tilling livery application
23rd January 2012 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka JHY390E Photos in the UK
22nd January 2012 Independent LH coaches JVW425N, HEJ337N Photos of HEJ337N in the UK. Any photos of JVW425N
22nd January 2012 West Yorkshire Lodekka RWY836 Photos in the UK
19th January 2012 Hants & Dorset RE NLJ828G, NLJ829G NLJ828G in Tilling livery
15th January 2012 Western SMT Lodekka TCS176 Any photos in the UK
14th January 2012 East Yorkshire VR JKH508V NBC liveries
8th January 2012 United Auto RE GHN444J No known liveries
7th January 201 Western SMT Lodekka TCS174 Any photos in service in Scotland
1st January 2012 Western National Lodekka 408PTA Any photos in UK or US
29th December 2011 West Riding VR HHL737L, HHL739L Any views in the UK
21st December 2011 Thames Valley Lodekka BRX142B Any photos in the U.S.A.
21st December 2011 Cheltenham District Lodekka HHW460D Colour photo of CDT livery
21st December 2011 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka 855CHU Any photos with Bristol Omnibus
19th December 2011 Mansfield District Lodekka SRB64F Tilling livery and any photos in mainland Europe
15th December 2011 Thames Valley Lodekka DRX122C Photo in Tilling livery
14th December 2011 Bristol Omnibus LH KHU326P Any view with Bristol Omnibus
13th December 2011 Crosville Lodekka 891VFM Tilling livery
6th December 2011 Mansfield District Lodekka SNN77 Any with Mansfield District
6th December 2011 United Counties Lodekka NBD905 Any with United Counties
6th December 2011 Southern Vectis Lodekka JDL997, ODL15 No known liveries
4th December 2011 Christchurch RE IY6809 Any photos with Christchurch Transport Board
3rd December 2011 Eastern Counties Lodekka GPW442D, GVF445D, GVF446D, HPW447D, HPW448D, HPW450D, JPW455D, JPW458D, KAH465D, KAH466D, KNG469D Any in Tilling red livery. HPW447D in NBC red. Any photos of HPW450D. JPW455D as a static caravan
29th November 2011 Eastern National Locekka LWC665C No known liveries
22nd November 2011 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka FHT15D Tilling green livery
16th November 2011 Western SMT Lodekka RAG411 No known liveries
15th November 2011 Southern National Lodekka TUO503 Colour views with Southern/Western National
11th November 2011 Bristol Omnibus LH WAE192T Colour view with Bristol Omnibus. Grey Arriva driver training livery
11th November 2011 Hants & Dorset LH RLJ793H No known liveries
6th November 2011 Wilts & Dorset LH RRU693H, UEL568J No known liveries
2nd November 2011 Crosville VR VCA464W Post-NBC Crosville livery
2nd November 2011 Burnley & Pendle VR FFR170S No known liveries
2nd November 2011 United Auto VR DUP750S NBC liveries
2nd November 2011 Lincolnshire VR JVL620H Tilling livery
1st November 2011 Western National Lodekka BOD40C Tilling livery
29th October 2011 United Counties RE TBD278G, TBD284G No known liveries
24th October 2011 West Riding VR JYG431V Any NBC liveries
22nd October 2011 Lincolnshire VR LVL807V No known liveries
22nd October 2011 Yorkshire Traction VR EDT916V Any NBC liveries
16th October 2011 West Midlands P.T.E. JOV720P Photos with W.M.P.T.E.
14th October 2011 Crosville Lodekka XFM203 NBC livery
13th October 2011 Eastern Scottish Lodekka GSG208D Photo with SITEC or other Eastern Scottish liveries
13th October 2011 Eastern Counties Lodekka MAH494E Any pre-Top Deck photos
13th October 2011 Eastern Scottish RE EWS168D Early photos with Eastern Scottish. Photo with Tilbury Majorettes
11th October 2011 Citybus RE AXI2533 Early photos of any RELLs with Citybus/Ulsterbus
4th October 2011 Eastern National Lodekka 185XNO Any colour photos with Eastern National or in Belgium prior to 2011
29th September 2011 Crosville Lodekka 4226FM, JFM235D Tilling livery plus any photos of 4226FM after Crosville
29th September 2011 Western National Lodekka 813KDV NBC livery
29th September 2011 Hants & Dorset Lodekka EEL894C Tilling livery
27th September 2011 Lincolnshire VR PFE541V Any NBC liveries
22nd September 2011 Hants & Dorset VR JJT437N, UFX859S No known liveries
21st September 2011 City of Oxford VR KJO503W, KJO506W, KJO508W, KJO509W, PFC511W Various views with City of Oxford and Happy Al's
14th September 2011 Yorkshire Traction VR FHE800L No known liveries
13th September 2011 United Counties VR VVV948W Any pre-Stagecoach views
13th September 2011 Cumberland VR FAO417V Any NBC liveries
13th September 2011 Bristol Omnbus VR AHW199V Any NBC liveries
11th September 2011 Robinson of Great Harwood LH GWY960J Photo with Robinson
6th September 2011 Western National Lodekka EDV514D Any photos from the U.S.A. plus colour NBC livery
6th September 2011 Bere Regis of Dorchester LLJ605W Photos after Edwards of Tiers Cross ownership
4th September 2011 Southdown VR TPN100S, TPN101S, TPN102S, TPN103S Photo of TPN101S in NBC green livery
4th September 2011 Luckett of Wallington GOW464X Any photos after sale by Luckett
3rd September 2011 Ribble VR CBV19S Photo in NBC livery
2nd September 2011 Christchurch RE JW1916 Any photos of RELLs with Christchurch Transport Board
1st September 2011 West Yorkshire Lodekka MWW114D Photo in pre-NBC livery
31st August 2011 Southdown VR UWV611S No known liveries
30th August 2011 West Yorkshire Lodekka YWW77 No known liveries
30th August 2011 East Kent VR SKL684X No known liveries
30th August 2011 West Riding RE UHL936J Photos in pre-NBC livery and with Brittain, Northampton
26th August 2011 Christchurch RE KB1875 Any photos of RELLs with Christchurch Transport Board
25th August 2011 Eastern National Lodekka RWC607 Colour photo as a bus with Eastern National
22nd August 2011 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka FHW158D Photo in original Tilling green livery
21st August 2011 Davies of Halewood RE JNK561N Photos with Davies of Halewood, M & E Coaches and Northern Bus
21st August 2011 Eastern National Lodekka 183XNO Photo in NBC green livery and colour photo as a caravan
18th August 2011 Crosville VR VCA458W No known liveries
16th August 2011 Eastern National RE FWC439H No known liveries
16th August 2011 Christchurch RE JD4954 Any photos of RELLs with Christchurch Transport Board
9th August 2011 Bristol Omnibus VR EWS746W No known liveries
9th August 2011 Blue Saloon of Guildford LH KPB881P No known liveries
9th August 2011 Bristol Omnibus LH JHW118P Photo of this with Bristol Omnibus (and any other gaps that can be filled on that page) and with Glevum School
8th August 2011 Southdown VR JWV256W No unrecorded liveries known
7th August 2011 United Counties VR OVV849R, VVV966W Any pre-Stagecoach views
7th August 2011 Eastern National VR STW32W Post NBC Eastern National and Thamesway liveries
6th August 2011 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka 807SHW Any colour photos prior to current ownership
6th August 2011 Central S.M.T. Lodekka FGM320D Any photos prior to current ownership
5th August 2011 Hants & Dorset Lodekka GLJ748D Any photos in NBC livery or with Good News Travel
4th August 2011 Eastern National Lodekka MVX881C Original Tilling green livery or any photos of its early career in North America
19th July 2011 Eastern Counties Lodekka JAH552D, JAH553D Any photos of JAH553D with Cambus or Viscount
8th July 2011 Silcox of Pembroke Dock LH RDE298S Any photos whilst with Williams of Cwmdu
8th July 2011 Crosville LH OCA626P, OCA630P Photo of either in Malta green livery. Photo of OCA630P with Jones of Login
8th July 2011 Hants & Dorset LH NLJ523M, GLJ482N, GLJ485N Any photos of these whilst in the UK, also any in green Malta livery
6th July 2011 Southern Vectis Lodekka ODL10
4th July 2011 Eastern National Lodekka AVW399F
29th June 2011 West Yorkshire P.T.E. LH MUA45P
28th June 2011 Crosville LH OCA635P
28th June 2011 Western National LH NFJ596M
22nd June 2011 Bath Electric Traction Lodekka 806MHW
19th June 2011 United Counties VR OBD842P
7th June 2011 Southdown RE TCD490J
23rd May 2011 West Yorkshire VR WWY121S
17th May 2011 Boon of Boreham WJN22S
14th May 2011 Southern Vectis Lodekka BDL579B
8th May 2011 Christchurch RE JP5905
5th May 2011 Cumberland VR FAO421V
26th April 2011 Lincolnshire VR JVL619H
26th April 2011 Christchurch Transport RE JM1976
20th April 2011 Eastern National VR UAR587W
19th April 2011 London Country LH RPH101L
14th April 2011 Crosville RE HFM594D
14th April 2011 Bristol Omnibus VR NHU672R
8th April 2011 United Counties VR ONH928V
4th April 2011 United Auto VR SUP685R
4th April 2011 Potteries VR OFA646P
26th March 2011 Southern Vectis Lodekka BDL583B
24th March 2011 West Yorkshire Lodekka OWY428
24th March 2011 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka FHY128D
23rd March 2011 Bristol Omnibus LH KHU316P
22nd March 2011 West Yorkshire Lodekka OWY427
21st March 2011 Bristol Omnibus VR LEU269P, RHT509S
10th March 2011 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka 818SHW
10th March 2011 Eastern Counties Lodekka ONG359F
8th March 2011 Southdown VR TNJ996S
6th March 2011 Christchurch RE JI9340

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