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Illustrated Lodekka Histories For

Red & White

Last Amended : 13th May 2021 (TAX235 updated)

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Most Recent Photo Fleet Number Registration Number Chassis and Number ECW Body Number Current Owner Date Last Recorded


SAX989 in 2019

Photo : Philipp Nordmann

L657 SAX989 LD6G 134235 9459 Unknown owner in Weingarten, Germany February 2020 Converted for use as a playbus and named "Harry"
TAX235 undergoing restoration

Photo : Mike Street

L358 TAX235 LD6G 138070 9463 Cardiff Transport Preservation Group & L358 Group, Cardiff (preserved) May 2021

Photo : John Veerkamp

L560 AKG310A (ex-5AAX) FL6G 168005 11766 Unknown owner in Costa Rica January 2001

Subsequent registrations AAX311A, AAX450A, AAX465A, AAX489A, AAX515A, AAX528A, AAX563A, AAX590A, AAX601A, AAX631A, AKG196A, AKG231A, AKG271A, AKG293A, AKG310A (all by Red & White between 1986 and 1989). Lowered to 4 metres overall height by Davies, Gloucester (dealer) before export in 1992

10AAX in 2016

Photo : Nick Verbeek

L1060 10AAX FL6G 168010 11771 Movieland Park Studios, Lazise, Italy June 2019
20AAX in 2014

Photo : Clive Williams

L2060 20AAX FL6G 168025 11015 Cardiff Transport Preservation Group (preserved) September 2019 Subsequent registrations AAX312A, AAX451A, AAX466A, AAX488A, AAX516A, AAX529A, AAX562A, AAX589A, AAX600A, AAX630A, AKG134A, AKG162A, AKG197A, AKG232A, AKG282A, AKG307A (all by Red & White between 1986 and 1989)

Photo : From the Internet

L162 1EWO FS6G 196046 12955 Unknown owner in Augsburg, Germany April 2005  

Photo : Dave Beardmore

L662 6EWO, RAG409, Q795DPF, RAG409 FS6G 205014 12960 Mart Leek Collection, Amsterdam, Holland October 2002

Former Top Deck Travel "Rags"

L1062 10EWO
FS6B 205034
Princess Hotels, Freeport, Bahamas
January 1983

AAX21B in 2016

Photo : Leonid Kozlov

L763 AAX21B FS6G 214125 13831 Gallaghers Cigarettes, Moscow, Russia February 2018 Fitted with Euro 3 Gardner engine, lowered to 4m height and shipped through Hamburg, 2/2005. For sale, 2/2018
AAX23B in 1979
Photo : John Scragg
L963 AAX23B FS6B 223002 13833 Princess Hotels, Freeport, Bahamas May 1979  
 AAX24B in 2016
Photo : Limo1
L1063 AAX24B FS6B 223032 13834 Limo1, Cressier, Switzerland July 2016  

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