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Last Updated : October 8th 2021 (brought up-to-date)

This page lists all Bristol VRs known to have been operated by Stephenson including all photos currently in the BVRES Collection showing the liveries carried by individual vehicles. If you have any further information or photos I would be delighted to hear from you at


Chassis Number

Date Exported

Date Last Reported

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NHH406P VRT/SL3/338 ?/1994 (Hunt of Alford) ?/1997 (Exported)
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Photo : Chris Burley

RKO820M VRT/SL2/757 10/1994 (Scutt of Owston Ferry) 2/2001 (SCRAPPED)
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Photo : BVRES Collection

PPH464R VRT/SL3/752 10/1998 (East Yorkshire 998) 5/2001 (SCRAPPED)
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Photo : SH Binns

PPH467R VRT/SL3/762 10/1998 (East Yorkshire 767) 6/2003 (SCRAPPED)
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Photo : Adrian Brown

PPH470R VRT/SL3/774 10/1998 (East Yorkshire 999) ?/2000 (Preserved)
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Photo : Michael Hill

DUP747S VRT/SL3/1312 3/2000 (Arriva Scotland West 920) ?/2001 (SCRAPPED)
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Photo : Phil Stevens

APT808W VRT/SL3/2520 3/2000 (Arriva Scotland West 922) ?/2001 (Preserved)
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VDV117S VRT/SL3/1060 8/2003 (Continental of Eston) 8/2005 (Tees Valley of Middlesbrough)
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VDV117S in 2005
Photo : Bristol Passenger

RAH132M VRT/SL2/718 ?/1998 (Sykes of Appleton Roebuck) ?/2000 (SCRAPPED)
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Photo : Dave Beardmore
Used as a storeshed

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