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Crosville Motor Services

Last Amended : 9th May 2024 (brought up-to-date)

Most Recent Photo Fleet Number Registration Number Chassis and Number Body Make and Number Current Owner Date Last Recorded


OFM3E in 2022
Photo : Dan Shears
ERG3 OFM3E RESL5/103 ECW Clive Myers, Colwyn Bay (preserved) May 2022  

Photo : ECW Bristol Yahoo Group

ERG52 UFM52F RELL3/380 ECW 16791 Carl Richards, Greasby (preserved) August 2023
  UFM53F in 2022
Photo : Reg Vardy
ERG53 UFM53F RELL3/381 ECW 16792 Jay Needham, Colchester (preserved) May 2022
AFM103G in 2022
Photo : Mike Ede
CRG103 AFM103G RELH4/196 ECW 17479 Stroud RE Group (preserved) June 2023  

Photo : Pete Cook

CRG106 AFM106G RELH4/218 ECW 17482 Steve Graham, Runcorn (preserved) June 2023 Video : YouTube link

Photo : Mark Stokes

CRG111 AFM111G RELH4/223 ECW 17487 Roger Downs, Chester (preserved) August 2023  

Photo : Peter Horrex

SRG113 AFM113G RELL3/660 ECW 17531 Integrated Transport Group, North Anston (preserved) March 2019

Photo : Richard Jones

CRG163 EFM163H RELH4/258 ECW 18140 Richard Jones, Porthmadog (preserved) December 2023

Photo : Ivor Bufton

SRG181 EFM181H RELL3/1065 ECW 18410 SRG Group, Runcorn (preserved) August 2023 Kept at North West Museum of Road Transport, St Helens

Photo : Mike Penn

SRG196 HFM196J RELL3/1218 ECW 18425 SRG Group, Runcorn (preserved) August 2023
Preserved in Runcorn Busway livery
TFM267K in 2019

Photo : Derek Brown

CRL267 TFM267K RELH4/467 ECW 19889 Bryan Sharpe, Mickleover (preserved) July 2022  
YFM280L in 2019

Photo : Mark Youdan

ERG280 YFM280L RELL3/1889 ECW 20171 Clive Myers, Colwyn Bay (preserved) August 2023

Photo : Paul Green

ERG283 YFM283L RELL3/1920 ECW 20174 Philip Rae-Scott, Sidmouth (mobile home) October 2014

Photo : Steve Thorpe

ERL292 NFM292M RELL3/1981 ECW 20183 Richard Rampton, Reading (preservationist for spares) August 2023  
  ERL294 BFM294L RELH4/527 Plaxton 733847 Darlington & District Youth & Community Association November 2004 Mobile exhibition unit
SFM304M in 2015

Photo : Don McKeown

SRL304 SFM304M RELH4/680 ECW 21450 Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust, Freckleton (for spares) March 2015  
AFM105B in 2022
Photo : Neil Markwick
CRG530 AFM105B 222004 ECW 15136 Steve Graham, Runcorn (preserved) May 2024
HFM573D in 2023
Photo : Bill Headley
CRG573 HFM573D 232007 ECW Juliusz Chanerley, Runcorn (preserved) August 2023

Photo : Andy Mitchell

ERG594 HFM594D 238017 ECW Integrated Transport Group, North Anston (preserved) March 2019  

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