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West Yorkshire Road Car

Last Amended : 11th October 2023 (brought up-to-date)

Most Recent Photo Fleet Number Registration Number Chassis and Number Body Make and Number Current Owner Date Last Recorded


TWW766F in 2022
Photo : Neil Markwick
CRG6 TWW766F RELH4/150 ECW 17064 Yesteryear Vintage Vehicle Hire, Baildon (preserved)
October 2023

Photo : Jason Rayner

1042 NYG802M (ex-5735UA, NYG802M) RELH4/625 Plaxton 733861 Stroud RE Group (preservationist for spares) October 2023 Being scrapped, 10/2023

Photo : Neil Halliday

1109 OWY750K RESL8/348 ECW West Yorkshire Road Car Company Preservation Group (preserved) August 2019  

Photo : Ian Wilson

SRG144 JWU335J RELL3/1486 ECW Martin Pinnington, Blackburn (preserved) June 2022

Photo : Cliff Essex

SRG145 JWU336J RELL3/1487 ECW Unknown owner in Glossop April 2007 Converted for use as a caravan
OWT776M in 2022
Photo : Neil Markwick
1403 OWT776M RELL3/1984 ECW Alex Lawson, Todmorden (preserved) October 2023

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