Illustrated History for TWW766F

Chassis: RELH4/150 Body: ECW Engine: Gardner 6HLX Configuration: C47F
Status: Preserved     Last Reported: 10/2022

Last updated : April 7th 2023 (brought up-to-date)

by 5/2015 - currentYesteryear Vintage Vehicle Hire, Baildon
6/1993 - ?/2015
West Yorkshire 2508 Group, Baildon (for further preservation). Kept at Keighley Bus Museum
1/1989 - 6/1993 Mackereth, York (for preservation)
2/1988 - 1/1989 Northern Bus Company, North Anston 208. Not used in service
4/1980 - 2/1988 Archbishop Holgate School, York (non-PCV). Repainted cream with the school's blue trim by WYRCCL York depot. Reupholstered and fitted with the radio from WYRCCL 1067 (then owned by the school)
1/1968 - 4/1980 West Yorkshire Road Car Company Ltd. CRG6. Built in 10/1967. Delivered in 1/1968. Entered service in 4/1968. Renumbered 1019, 10/1971. National white coach livery, 11/1972. Renumbered 2508, 10/1977. Red and white "local coach" livery, 10/1978. Withdrawn 2/1980
TWW766F in 2018
Photo : Greg Lawson
TWW766F in 1982

Photo : Mark Harrington

TWW766F in NBC red and white dual-purpose livery

Photo : Adrian Brown


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