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Last Amended : 6th July 2022 (NDE916R and PRO439W updated)

Most Recent Photo Original Owner Registration5 Number Chassis and Number Body Make and Number Current Owner Date Last Recorded



   Barlow of Oldham
TBU760G LH/244 Plaxton 693489 Unknown owner in Leek April 2006 Converted for use as a transporter
UTD283H in 2016
Photo : Teapotcircus
Lancashire United
Northern Counties
Unknown owner in Mid Wales
April 2016
UTD295H in 2018
Photo : Frans Angevaare
Lancashire United UTD295H
Northern Counties
ADM squat, Amsterdam, Holland
December 2018
 CUT730K in 2015
Photo : Mike Schmidt
Wheatcroft, Leicester (freight business) CUT730K LH/582 Duple Unknown owner in Wesel, Germany January 2018 Built new as a car transporter

Photo : John Hitchings

Hutchings & Cornelius, of South Pemberton GYC160K LH/605 ECW 19689 Richard Aldous, Winchester (preserved) May 2020 Restored in Hutchings & Cornelius livery
  Ivory of Tetbury EBU877K LH/618 Plaxton Unknown owner in North Nottinghamshire February 2009 Converted for use as a caravan. Stored in derelict condition
NWW163K in 2018

Photo : eBay

Robinson of Great Harwood NWW163K LH/620 Plaxton 729251 Geoff Morrison, Peterhead
August 2020 Undergoing conversion for use as a caravan 
GDE374L in 2016

Photo : Traveller Dave

Silcox of Pembroke Dock GDE374L LH/658 Plaxton Jacob Foster, ?, Cornwall (non-PCV) March 2022 Converted for use as a motor home
HJF233N in 2016

Photo : Adrian Brown

Leicester Convalescent  HJF233N LH/1017 Duple Mike James, Tamworth (preserved)
April 2018

Photo : Simon Jennings

Gill of Wadebridge JAF635N LH/1044 Plaxton Unknown owner near Kittwhistle, Somerset November 2012 Derelict in the back garden of a cottage
  Richardson of London KVD449N LH/1046 Plaxton 7510BC022M Unknown owner - exported from the U.K. January 2000  
   Wallace Arnold of Leeds
HWU82N LH/1054 Plaxton 7510BC001 Burrows, Ogmore Vale March 1997 Acquired by the Burrows family for conversion to a caravan
  Silcox of Pembroke Dock LDE165P LH/1254 Duple Malta Bus Route May 1997  
  Duckworth of Gisburn
77LK16 (ex-ACW100R) LH/1257 Plaxton Abbey Coaches, Abbeyfeale, Republic of Ireland April 1988  

Photo : eBay

Billies of Mexborough
KIW3765 (ex-PKU330R) LH/1258 Plaxton Unknown owner in New Buckenham, Norfolk December 2006  

Photo : Tony Barfield

Jones of Carmarthen
NDE916R LH/1309 ECW 22384 Hayward, Carmarthen (preserved) July 2022  

Photo : Anthony's Bus Homepage

Boon of Boreham  WJN22S LH/1417 Plaxton 7810BCM001 Malta Bus Route May 2011 Registered FBY048 locally. Severely damaged in an accident, 17/5/2011


  RKP709G with Andrews
Photo : Andrew Bagshaw
 Jones of Deal
LTU204G (ex-RKP709G, 121DAT) LHL/114 Plaxton Andrews, Tideswell June 2001 Converted for use as a stock car transporter
GLF552J in 2009

Photo : Andy Baldwin

Golden Miller of Feltham GLF552J LHL/178 Plaxton Unknown owner in Swinton June 2009 Converted for use as a transporter

Photo : Richard Sinclair

Robinson of Great Harwood EAW752L (ex-XTF468L, 4731PJ)) LHL/211 Plaxton 733163 Robbie Pict, Dunvegan, Isle of Skye March 2015 Mobile home. For use by a touring band
GNM235N in 2020
Photo : Dan Shears
Richardson of London GNM235N LHL/222 Plaxton 7511BC002 Dan Shears, Winkleigh (preserved) September 2020

Photo : Barry Smithies

Richardson of London UAR929M LHL/226 Plaxton 7411BC005 Talisman, Great Bromley (preserved) August 2020
 TDU539R in 2002
Photo : Dave Beardmore
DeLuxe of Mancetter
TDU539R LHL/253 Plaxton Unknown owner in the U.K. June 2002 Converted for use as a caravan. Advertised for sale for 15000, 10/2001
  Lofty's of Mickle Trafford AEF785A (ex-DCA767S, FXU355, FSF236S) LHL/257 Plaxton Unknown owner in Spain February 2005 Converted for use as a mobile home
   Cox of Wallasey
78C152 (ex-OHF968S) LHL/264 Plaxton 7811BCM010 Kells Transport Museum, Cork, Republic of Ireland (preserved)
August 2010 Fitted with a vertical Bedford 500-series engine
   Taylor of Meppershall
78LK21 (ex-ANK56S) LHL/265 Plaxton Abbey Coaches, Abbeyfeale, Republic of Ireland May 1988  

Photo : eBay

Mancini of Redbourn
FKX279T LHL/270 Plaxton 7811BCM008 Reeves, Biddenden September 2007 Converted for use as a transporter. Disused at Moorfields Industrial Estate, by 2/2003. For sale on eBay, 9/2007


HAX399N in 2020

Photo : Dave Preston

R.I. Davies of Tredegar HAX399N (ex-AOR631A, HAX399N) LHS/177 Duple 566/6700 Dave Preston, Presteigne (preserved) February 2020
GHH256N in 2003
Photo : Colour Classics  
Yeowart of Whitehaven OIB1084 (ex-GHH256N, FTG873, FTG567, JOK234N) LHS/178 Plaxton 758BC001 Unknown travellers in the U.K. (caravan)
December 2003 Noted on the A170 between Whitby and Pickering

Photo : Nick Webster

Richmond of Epsom GNM232N LHS/192 Plaxton758BC003M R Brenchley, Canvey Island (preserved)
March 2012 Kept at Castle Point Transport Museum

Photo : Lucy Branch

Thomas of Llangadog HTH518N LHS/198 Duple Lucy Branch, Meldon, near Okehampton September 2013 Used as a static caravan

Photo : Adrian Brown

Thornes of Bubwith 74 LBT380N (ex-LBT380N, KKH101N, WRL270, JCV385N) LHS/202 Plaxton Thornes, Hemingbrough 74 June 2018

Photo : Dave Beardmore

 Parks of Hamilton
418WHI (ex-JHS720N) LHS/212 Plaxton 758BC020 Corrymore, Bagenalstown, Republic of Ireland March 2006 For spares

Photo : Barratt Executive

James of Llangeitho 75-LK-539 (ex-HEJ337N, SMK828, FAO61N, LHH744, FAO69N) LHS/214 Plaxton 758BX504M Barratt Executive, Cappamore, Republic of Ireland (preserved) August 2022 Refurbished with tables and a food servery

Photo : Simon Turner

Richmond of Epsom RGF231P LHS/251 Plaxton 

Andy Keogh, Nantwich (preserved)

November 2020
    Price of Halesowen
VAB839R LHS/259 Plaxton 768BC012 Unknown owner in the U.K. November 2005 Last with Taw & Torridge, Merton

Photo : Dave Beardmore

Brecks International of Rotherham PHL454R LHS/262 Plaxton York Pullman Bus Company April 2014  
  Parks of Hamilton  ROP541R (ex-RYS943R, YSU953, ROP541R, 884CCV, PJI6085) LHS/264 Plaxton 768BC001 Hall, Kennoway January 2004

Photo : BerresfordMotors

Grey Green of London N16 ??????? (ex-MUL688P, CAZ6900) LHS/268 Duple 666/6700 Ivor Lucas, Kingsley(preserved) December 2019 Stored awaiting restoration

Photo : Brian George

Harvey of Mousehole PCV178R LHS/303 Marshall Unknown owner in the U.K. (mobile home) May 2014  

Photo : Richard Gilmore

Thistle of Doncaster RHE987R LHS/304 Plaxton  Richard Gilmore, Plymouth (preserved) January 2011  

Photo : Dave Beardmore

Hodge of Sandhurst PPE663R LHS/308 Plaxton Wilby, Hibaldstow November 2017 Withdrawn by 4/1993. Derelict, by 4/2004
Body of TPC250S in 2006Chassis of TPC250S in 2006

Photos : Geoff Meek

 Hodge of Sandhurst TPC250S LHS/309 Plaxton Stove, Deerness, Orkney August 2006 Body removed from chassis and used as a potting shed
   Grey Green of London
ELZ1442 (ex-SYU735S) LHS/311 Plaxton  Convery, Belaghy, Republic of Ireland May 2002 Derelict, by 5/2002

Photo : Dave Beardmore

Lunn of Rothwell 41 AFG476S (ex-YWW356S, UCF742) LHS/318 Plaxton 788BC013 Gordon Birch, Southampton (preserved) August 2004  
ASU510S in 2015
Photo : Craig Schofield
Southern of Barrhead
Plaxton 788BC014
Unknown owner in Metheringham
April 2015
Converted for use as a caravan

Photo : eBay

Gash, Newark BR4 WWB987S (ex-WNN572S, YHE91) LHS/320 Plaxton  Rivercourt Coaches, Dublin, Republic of Ireland November 2008  
   Stewart of Dalmuir
HIL9344 (ex-GGE16S) LHS/321 Plaxton 788BC016 Apple Blossom Travel, Armagh, Northern Ireland January 1997  

Photo : eBay

Miller of Foxton NIL5377 (ex-TCE131S, 533FN) LHS/325 Plaxton 78BCC011 John Hitchins, Bristol (preservationist for spares) September 2008 Engine and gearbox fitted to GYC160K

Photo : Steve Bunce

Eassons Coaches of Southampton HCG58S LHS/327 Plaxton 788BC007 Swift & Como, Ryde, Isle of Wight December 2003 Heavily used for spares, by 12/2003
  Skill of Nottingham
? (ex-ATV2T) LHS/328 Plaxton  Shaughnell Youth Club, Maghera, Northern Ireland (non-PCV) October 2001  
  Duckworth of Gisburn LFV920T LHS/332 Plaxton 788BC021 British Steel, Shotton (non-PCV) January 2000 Used for internal transport
  Pilcher of Chatham  78-DL-117 (ex-AKN921T) LHS/333 Plaxton Unknown farmer in Donegal, Republic of Ireland January 1997 Used as a shed
  Park of Hamilton
EUS267T LHS/335 Plaxton 788BC022 Unknown owner in Portugal February 2000 Converted for use as a caravan
VWS975T in 2011
Photo : Alex K
Roman City of Bath
Wilby, Hibaldstow
November 2017
Derelict with fire damage

Photo : Steve Simister

Horlock of Northfleet HFG298T (ex-CTM415T, 5536AP) LHS/342 Plaxton 788BC038 Woolley, Llanedwen June 2010 Acquired for spares

Photo : Paul Forbes

Southern of Barrhead JSU342T LHS/343 Plaxton 788BC040 Midway, Llangeinor September 2001 Used as a seat store, by 9/2001
PRO439W in 2021
Photo : Kevin Gannon
Skinners of Oxted PRO439W LHS/361 Plaxton 808BC001 Stuart Jones, Holbeach (preserved)
July 2022 Restored in Independent Coachways livery
  British Airways, Heathrow 81OY85 (ex-RLN228W) LHS/365 Plaxton Piltown Coaches, Piltown, Republic of Ireland January 1997  
  Jones of Minera WJI2832 (ex-GFM663X) LHS/367 Plaxton 828BSS5X502 Glew, Colchester March 2004 Withdrawn by 3/2004
RLN230W in 2017

Photo : Steve Thorpe

British Airways, Heathrow 673RHY (ex-RLN230W) LHS/370 Plaxton Reuben Hayward, Aberystwyth July 2019 Caravan
RLN231W converted for use as a caravan
Photo : Traveller Dave
British Airways, Heathrow RLN231W (ex-RLN231W, PJI4713) LHS/371 Plaxton 818BC002 Gary Rawlinson, Shanklin, Isle of Wight November 2015 Caravan

Photo : eBay

Cooper of Audenshaw NVU816W LHS/375 Plaxton 808BC005 Unknown owner in Appleby, Cumbria May 2007 Converted for use as a caravan. For sale on eBay, 5/2007
   Courtlands of Horley
LXR958 (ex-SFP828X, UIB4589) LHS/385 Plaxton 818BC010 Brandon, Blackmore End December 2002 Brandon had a depot fire in 2003 and sold to Fargo, Rayne - no report of this LHS since

Photo : Peter Relf

Richmond of Epsom MIL9372 (ex-XGO225W) LHS387 Plaxton 818BC008 Millington, Streetly July 2006  
Stokes of Carstairs ESU815X LHS/388 Plaxton 828BSS5X501 Talisman, Great Bromley October 2017  
XFP836Y in 2021
Photo : Simon Gard
Newham Health Authority  XFP836Y (ex-XFP836Y, 6804VC)
LHS/389 Duple Southbourne Buses, Wimborne July 2021 For sale, 7/2021

Photo : Keith Newport

Collis of Bedminster
PAF162X (ex-GOU912X, ERL671) LHS/392 Plaxton 818BC009 K N Minibus, Shrewsbury July 2008 Withdrawn 7/2008
   Johnson of Stanford
DNK583Y LHS/393 Plaxton 828BSS5C010 Welham Travel, Welham Green May 2006  
   Johnson of Stanford 83KY9 (ex-DNK584Y) LHS/394 Plaxton O'Leary, Castlecove, Republic of Ireland January 1997  
   Courtlands of Horley
VJI4012 (ex-UFX628X) LHS/399 Plaxton 828BSS5C005 Unknown owner in the U.K. March 2004  

Photo : Mark Bennett

Bicknell of Godalming  HIL8445 (ex-SPJ60X) LHS/405 Plaxton 828SS5C009 Webber, Minehead May 2004 Withdrawn  by 5/2004
  Richmond of Epsom XGO225W (ex-XGO225W, MIL9372) LHS/387 Plaxton 818BC008 Andy Goddard, West Ewell (preserved)
June 2003

Photo : Adrian Fleming

Bere Regis of Dorchester CLJ413Y LHS/408 Plaxton  Stuart Shelton, Tettenhall (preserved) June 2019  

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