Illustrated History for XFM203

Reregistered ACA603A

Chassis: LD6G 108150 Body: ECW 7934 Series 2 Engine: Gardner 6LW Configuration: H33/27R, H33/27RD
Status: Non-PCV     Last Reported: 12/2023

Last updated : December 23rd 2023 (brought up-to-date)

10/2015 - current Blakey's Bus Café, Mulbarton. Converted for use as a mobile café. Opened for trading, 7/3/2016
10/2013 - 10/2015
Ensign Bus Company, Purfleet (dealer)
by 11/2003 - 10/2013 Tony Edwards & Andy Tilley, Woking (for further preservation)
by 8/2001 - ?/2003 Highgate, Crawley (non-PCV). Converted for use as a caravan
by 7/1992 - ?/199? Ward, Etruria (for preservation). Often carried XFM203 when on private land, eg, at rallies
2/1990 - ?/199? P.M.T. Ltd. G792 (driver trainer)
5/1956 - 2/1990 Crosville Motor Services Ltd. MG792. Renumbered DLG792, 5/1958. Altered to H33/27RD, ?/1964. Converted to driver trainer and renumbered G792, 3/1974. Reregistered ACA603A, by 9/1986

XFM203 in 2016
Photo : Sam Stelling
Interior of XFM203 with Blakey's
Photo : Paul Hollingsbee
XFM203 in 2005

Photo : Peter Cook

XFM203 as driver trainer with Crosville

Photo : Ian Simpson

XFM203 in Tilling green livery
Photo : From the Internet 

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