Illustrated History for KWG623

Chassis: LD6G 138165 Body: ECW 10168 Series 2 Engine: Gardner 6LW Configuration: H33/27R
Status: Scrapped     Last Reported: 10/1998

Last updated : November 27th 2012 (page added)

?/???? Graham Ledger, Northampton (preservationist, chassis only for spares). Finally broken up, by 1/2001
?/???? - ?/???? Brown, Worthen (preservationist for spares). Body broken up
?/???? - ?/???? Wigley, Carlton (dealer)
by 8/1999 - ?/???? Hoare, Chepstow (preservationist for spares)
?/1985 - ?/199? Pettie, Stirling (for preservation). Affiliated to the Scottish Vintage Bus Museum. Used for spares, by 10/1998
10/1958 - ?/1985 W Alexander & Sons (Midland) Ltd. MRD70. Converted for use as a mobile scaffolding unit and renumbered ML276, 6/75
10/1958 - 5/1961 W Alexander & Sons Ltd. RD70

Photo : Miledorcha


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