Illustrated History for UWV607S

Chassis: VRT/SL3/1107 Body: ECW 22407 Series 2 Engine: Gardner 6LXB Configuration: CO43/31F
Status: Independent     Last Reported: 6/2023

Last updated : June 20th 2023 (brought up-to-date)

12/2000 - current Chepstow Classic Buses, Chepstow. Stored at the Scottish Vintage Bus Museum, 12/2000. Used at Fairford Air Tattoo, 7/2002. Named "Violet" following repaint. Loaned to Lancaster Leisure, Woolacombe, 8/2005. Fitted briefly with the roof from UWV619S for Glastonbury in 6/2014, but removed in 7/2014. Loaned to Mendip Mule, Colyton, 7/2017 and again 8/2018
5/1996 - 12/2000 Western Scottish Buses Ltd. 073. Renumbered 833, by 1/1998
2/1996 - 5/1996 Bluebird Buses Ltd. 073. Not used in service
4/1992 - 2/1996 Sussex Coastline Buses Ltd. 607. Renumbered 7607, 5/1994. Withdrawn 6/1994. Loaned to East Kent, 30/6/1994 to 7/7/1994. Reinstated, 9/1994. Withdrawn 12/1994. Reinstated, 7/1995
12/1977 - 4/1992 Southdown Motor Services Ltd. 607. Severely damaged around the staircase and cab having been struck by a lorry, ?/1991. Repaired, ?/1991

UWV607S with Chepstow Classic

Photo : Dave Beardmore

UWV607S in Stagecoach livery

Photo : Clive Brown

UWV607S in Stagecoach livery with Sylvarna wraparound advert

Photo : Dave Beardmore

UWV607S in Southdown livery with Kitchen Specialists wraparound advert

Photo : John Upton

UWV607S in NBC green open-top livery

Photo : Busspotter

UWV607S in NBC green livery

Photo : Busspotter

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