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Log of Illustrated Histories Added Between March 2007 and February 2011

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Log of Histories Added Before August 2005

Log of Histories Added Between August 2005 and February 2007

Log of Histories Added Between March 2011 and May 2017

Log of Histories Added Since June 2017

Operator Focus Archive

Date Added

Original Owner and Chassis Type Registration Numbers
28th February 2011 Maidstone & District VR KKE741N
28th February 2011 City of Oxford VR OFC901H
27th February 2011 Lincolnshire Lodekka CFE231C
27th February 2011 Eastern Scottish Lodekka SWS739, SWS742, SWS743
26th February 2011 Hants & Dorset Lodekka HRU679E
26th February 2011 Crosville Lodekka SFM260F
23rd February 2011 United Counties VR UBD757H
22nd February 2011 Wilts & Dorset Lodekka 683AAM
21st February 2011 Independent LH GWY961J
15th February 2011 Independent LH HAX399N
13th February 2011 Christchurch RE HH9905
12th February 2011 United Counties VR CBD897T
9th February 2011 Southern Vectis Lodekka PDL518
5th February 2011 Cumberland Lodekka 113DRM
1st February 2011 Cumberland VR KRM437W
1st February 2011 Hants & Dorset VR KRU838W
1st February 2011 United Auto VR SGR797V
1st February 2011 City of Oxford VR OUD484T
31st January 2011 Maidstone & District VR FKM878V
29th January 2011 Western National Lodekka 501BTA
29th January 2011 United Counties VR XNV878S
19th January 2011 Christchurch RE KB3804
12th January 2011 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka 832SHW
4th January 2011 Southdown VR JWV976W
30th December 2010 Western SMT Lodekka VCS375
19th December 2010 Western National VR MOD569P
13th December 2010 Crosville Lodekka JFM236D
13th December 2010 Southern Vectis Lodekka PDL519
29th November 2010 Eastern National Lodekka STW763D
29th November 2010 Western SMT Lodekka RAG404
24th November 2010 Bath Tramways Lodekka 707JHY
23rd November 2010 Midland General Lodekka VRB524
22nd November 2010 Western National Lodekka BOD26C
18th November 2010 Crosville VR MDM281P
18th November 2010 Aberdare RE LTG40L, LTG41L
14th November 2010 South Wales VR WTH955T
9th November 2010 Hants & Dorset Lodekka 4384LJ
30th October 2010 Crosville RE TFM262K, TFM263K, SFM304M
17th October 2010 Christchurch RE IP4251
16th October 2010 United Counties Lodekka 651EBD
16th October 2010 Trent VR RCH637L
14th October 2010 Crosville RE UFM44F
14th October 2010 Thames Valley LH VMO233H
5th October 2010 S.H.M.D. Board RE YLG717F
3rd October 2010 Hants & Dorset VR GEL682V, GEL683V
3rd October 2010 Lincolnshire RE LFE832H
25th September 2010 Eastern Counties VR WPW202S
25th September 2010 Lincolnshire VR SVL174W
24th September 2010 Lincolnshire Lodekka PBE123
22nd September 2010 London Transport LH OJD7R
9th September 2010 East Kent VR SKL682X
3rd September 2010 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka CHY419C
2nd September 2010 Hants & Dorset Lodekka YRU65
2nd September 2010 Southern Vectis Lodekka ODL13
1st September 2010 Eastern National Lodekka RHK345D
1st September 2010 West Riding VR RUA452W, RUA457W
29th August 2010 Hants & Dorset VR BFX569T
21st August 2010 Widnes RE TTB622L, TTB623L, TTB624L, RTF305M, RTF306M, RTF307M
19th August 2010 Midland General RE NNU447J
18th August 2010 United Counties VR RRP858R
17th August 2010 Ulsterbus RE BXI2596
17th August 2010 West Yorkshire P.T.E. LH JUG356N
15th August 2010 Crosville Lodekka EFM634C
12th August 2010 Southdown RE TCD481J
11th August 2010 Western National Lodekka 807KDV
11th August 2010 United Auto VR MGR672P
11th August 2010 Bristol Omnibus VR LEU263P
9th August 2010 Potteries VR OFA647P
9th August 2010 Western National VR VDV111S
6th August 2010 Yorkshire Traction VR LAK937W
5th August 2010 Hartlepool Borough RE JEF658G, JAJ293N
31st July 2010 Bristol Omnibus VR EWS753W
30th July 2010 Christchurch RE JD3226
29th July 2010 City of Oxford VR NUD103L
27th July 2010 Crosville Lodekka RFM408
27th July 2010 East Kent VR XJJ661V
24th July 2010 Yorkshire Traction VR HWJ931W
24th July 2010 Crosville RE AFM111G
23rd July 2010 Southern Vectis RE TDL564K
22nd July 2010 Mansfield District Lodekka TRB589F
19th July 2010 London Country LH GPD318N
18th July 2010 Crosville RE YFM272L
14th July 2010 Western National Lodekka BUO150B
11th July 2010 Hants & Dorset VR URU690S
11th July 2010 Crosville VR FTU390T
10th July 2010 Western National Lodekka VDV752, VDV753
8th July 2010 Hants & Dorset RE NLJ821G
7th July 2010 Eastern Counties VR JNG50N
5th July 2010 Central S.M.T. Lodekka GM9287
3rd July 2010 Hants & Dorset Lodekka 4382LJ
3rd July 2010 Southdown VR GNJ569N
29th June 2010 Lincoln Corporation RE UVL877M
25th June 2010 Eastern National Lodekka HEV995B
22nd June 2010 Hants & Dorset RE RLJ347H
19th June 2010 Southern Vectis VR UDL671S
18th June 2010 S.E.L.N.E.C. VR AJA418L
17th June 2010 West Yorkshire Lodekka 950BWR
12th June 2010 United Welsh Lodekka SWN159
2nd June 2010 Bristol Omnibus VR RHT505S
30th May 2010 Brighton & Hove RE PPM206G
27th May 2010 South Wales VR TWN933S
24th May 2010 Eassons Coaches of Southampton LH HCG58S
22nd May 2010 Ribble VR LHG442T
18th May 2010 Crosville Lodekka 626HFM
5th May 2010 Brighton, Hove & District Lodekka KPM87E
4th May 2010 Bristol Omnibus LH SWS774S
27th April 2010 United Auto RE VHN783M
15th April 2010 Lincolnshire VR LVL805V
8th April 2010 Reliance of Meppershall CNK633T
2nd April 2010 Midland General Lodekka SRB75F
2nd April 2010 Bristol Omnibus VR JHW106P
28th March 2010 Bristol Omnibus LH DHW293K, WAE294T
24th March 2010 Southdown VR OCD763G
24th March 2010 Western National VR OTA292G
22nd March 2010 Western National Lodekka BDV261C
22nd March 2010 Midland General Lodekka 527VRB
22nd March 2010 Mansfield District Lodekka 60JAL
20th March 2010 United Auto VR BPT925S
14th March 2010 Southern Vectis Lodekka SDL267
13th March 2010 Cumberland Lodekka 109DRM
12th March 2010 Ribble RE NCK338J
3rd March 2010 Hants & Dorset RE PLJ742G
3rd March 2010 United Auto Lodekka THN263F
23rd February 2010 Cheltenham District VR NHU670R
20th February 2010 Southern Vectis Lodekka MDL952
19th February 2010 Crosville VR WTU490W
18th February 2010 Midland General Lodekka TRB577F
15th February 2010 Western National LH KTT45P
14th February 2010 West Yorkshire Lodekka MWY118, TWY610
13th February 2010 Crosville RE HFM213J
7th February 2010 Southern Vectis Lodekka YDL318
6th February 2010 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka FHW157D
21st January 2010 West Yorkshire VR PWY39W
20th January 2010 Hants & Dorset VR BFX570T
17th January 2010 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka 838CHU
17th January 2010 Eastern Scottiish Lodekka GSG210D
8th January 2010 Burnley & Pendle VR FFR174S
7th January 2010 Midland General Lodekka TRB571F, TRB576F
6th January 2010 Western National Lodekka 414PTA
6th January 2010 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka 813MHW
4th January 2010 Thames Valley Lodekka FJB739C
3rd January 2010 Crosville RE AFM113G
29th December 2009 Lincolnshire LH JVL928H
27th December 2009 Bristol Omnibus VR AHW198V
27th December 2009 Lincolnshire VR JFE537G, JFE539G, MVL129P
26th December 2009 City of Oxford RE XBW74M
18th December 2009 West Yorkshire RE NYG804M
18th December 2009 Potteries RE JEH197K
18th December 2009 Western National LH NTT319M
14th December 2009 City of Oxford VR JWL995N
7th December 2009 Crosville Lodekka 910VFM
4th December 2009 United Counties VR RRP861R
29th November 2009 West Yorkshire VR SUB792W, SUB793W
23rd November 2009 City of Oxford VR NUD105L
18th November 2009 Thames Valley Lodekka GRX140D
11th November 2009 Christchurch RE KB3803
9th November 2009 Bristol Omnibus VR NFB113R
8th November 2009 Hants & Dorset Lodekka SRU982, UEL723
8th November 2009 Yorkshire Traction VR LWG845P
8th November 2009 Trent VR BRC839T
7th November 2009 Alder Valley VR HJB459W
1st November 2009 Eastern Counties VR GNG716N, TEX401R
28th October 2009 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka 826CHU
26th October 2009 Scottish Omnibuses Lodekka USC768
26th October 2009 West Yorkshire VR WWY127S
20th October 2009 Ribble VR OCK985K
15th October 2009 Grey Green LH MUL688P
15th October 2009 East Midlands VR AET181T
12th October 2009 Midland General LH ORB250K
5th October 2009 Western National LH MUO333F
3rd October 2009 Mansfield District Lodekka 242MNN
26th September 2009 Crosville VR WTU499W
25th September 2009 Bristol Omnibus RE XAE497H
24th September 2009 Hants & Dorset VR MEL562P
24th September 2009 Wilts & Dorset Lodekka 692AAM
20th September 2009 Eastern National Lodekka AVX975G
17th September 2009 City of Oxford VR CJO473R, HUD474S
13th September 2009 Bristol Omnibus VR LEU262P
8th September 2009 East Kent VR XJJ663V, XJJ669V
6th September 2009 P.M.T. RE JEH177K
4th September 2009 Ribble VR CBV15S
30th August 2009 United Counties RE TBD279G
29th August 2009 Western National RE BDV400L
27th August 2009 National Welsh LH GTX762W
23rd August 2009 West Yorkshire VR BYG851H
21st August 2009 Ribble VR DBV26W
17th August 2009 Alexander Midland VR SMS33H
15th August 2009 Eastern Counties Lodekka 557BNG
8th August 2009 United Auto RE SHN73L
6th August 2009 Crosville VR WTU468W
31st July 2009 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka FHU58D, FHU59D
28th July 2009 Hants & Dorset VR URU691S
26th July 2009 United Counties RE ABD252B
25th July 2009 Southdown VR JWV251W
25th July 2009 United Auto VR SGR780V
24th July 2009 City of Cardiff VR WTG342T
23rd July 2009 Crosville VR VCA460W
21st July 2009 Hants & Dorset VR BFX568T
13th July 2009 Ulsterbus RE BXI2588
11th July 2009 Hants & Dorset VR UFX857S
30th June 2009 Crosville VR BMA521W
26th June 2009 Robinson of Great Harwood XTF468L
20th June 2009 Eastern Counties RE RPU869M
19th June 2009 Bristol Omnibus VR NFB115R
18th June 2009 Hants & Dorset VR GEL685V
16th June 2009 Western SMT Lodekka XCS954
11th June 2009 Crosville Lodekka RFM435
4th June 2009 Christchurch Transport Board RE HH8179
3rd June 2009 Bristol Omnibus VR AHU513V
2nd June 2009 Southern Vectis Lodekka ODL9
22nd May 2009 Wilts & Dorset RE MMW354G
19th May 2009 East Kent VR SKL680X, SKL685X
19th May 2009 Northampton VR VVV63S
14th May 2009 Southdown VR PUF586R
12th May 2009 Southern Vectis RE TDL566K
23rd April 2009 Sheffield VR OWE271K
17th April 2009 Crosville VR MDM285P
16th April 2009 Alder Valley VR HJB460W, HJB461W
16th April 2009 Hants & Dorset VR URU689S
14th April 2009 Crosville VR BMA520W
12th April 2009 Fife Scottish Lodekka BXA463B
11th April 2009 Crosville VR VCA455W
10th April 2009 City of Oxford VR HUD496W
3rd April 2009 Southdown VR NCD556M, JWV266W
28th March 2009 Grey Green of London SYU735S
19th March 2009 Southern Vectis VR UDL673S
17th March 2009 Lincolnshire VR LVL804V
17th March 2009 West Yorkshire VR DWU294T, PWY37W
13th March 2009 City of Cardiff VR WTG350T
3rd March 2009 Lincolnshire RE CVL850D
28th February 2009 Bristol Omnibus VR AHU518V
23rd February 2009 United Counties VR SNV933W
23rd February 2009 United Counties RE NBD311F
21st February 2009 Southern National Lodekka 428PTA
20th February 2009 Mansfield District Lodekka FNN!59D
19th February 2009 Southern Vectis Lodekka CDL477C
18th February 2009 Notts & Derby Lodekka TRB568F
12th February 2009 Eastern National VR UAR598W
11th February 2009 Southern Vectis VR FDL681V, FDL682V, DPX683W
9th February 2009 Colchester RE OWC720M
8th February 2009 West Riding VR UNW928R
4th February 2009 Citybus RE XOI2526
3rd February 2009 East Yorkshire VR EKH985T
1st February 2009 Lincoln VR UFW38W
29th January 2009 Hutchings & Cornelius LH NYD440L
28th January 2009 Luton Corporation RE UXD129G
18th January 2009 Hants & Dorset Lodekka BRU138B
17th January 2009 Crosville VR WTU465W
14th January 2009 Alder Valley VR GGM84W
9th January 2009 West Yorkshire Lodekka NWU265D
7th January 2009 Western National LH MUO328F
5th January 2009 West Yorkshire VR JWT757V
2nd January 2009 Hants & Dorset Lodekka FEL428D, 5677EL
29th December 2008 Hants & Dorset VR NRU307M
29th December 2008 Cynon Valley RE GHB148N
28th December 2008 United Counties VR URP943W
27th December 2008 Christchurch Transport Board RE HL9405
26th December 2008 Midland General Lodekka 1390R
20th December 2008 Eastern National VR KOO791V
19th December 2008 Hants & Dorset VR BFX666T, GEL681V
18th December 2008 West Yorkshire VR NUM339V
17th December 2008 United Counties VR CBD904T
13th December 2008 Eastern Counties Lodekka KAH461D
13th December 2008 Western SMT Lodekka TCS174
10th December 2008 Eastern Counties Lodekka KPW482E
9th December 2008 Crosville VR VCA463W
8th December 2008 Eastern National Lodekka RHK346D
2nd December 2008 West Riding VR RUA461W
26th November 2008 North Western RE JMA413L
22nd November 2008 Hants & Dorset Lodekka LEL652F
21st November 2008 Bristol Omnibus VR EWS739W
17th November 2008 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka EHT113C
17th November 2008 Western National Lodekka BOD24C
17th November 2008 Crosville Lodekka 287HFM
17th November 2008 West Yorkshire VR NUM341V
15th November 2008 Isle of Man Road Services RE 37UMN, 38UMN
12th November 2008 Central S.M.T. Lodekka HGM341E
12th November 2008 Western National Lodekka BOD33C
11th November 2008 Eastern Counties Lodekka JPW456D
8th November 2008 Isle of Man Road Services RE 39WMN
3rd November 2008 Southdown VR TNJ998S
2nd November 2008 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka WHY947
2nd November 2008 Western National Lodekks BOD36C, UOD480
31st October 2008 Midland General Lodekka TRB573F
26th October 2008 Bristol Omnibus RE GHY132K
24th October 2008 Western National Lodekka ATA125B
23rd October 2008 Lincolnshire Lodekka OVL488
17th October 2008 Alder Valley VR HJB458W
17th October 2008 Yorkshire Traction VR LAK938W
17th October 2008 Western SMT Lodekka MCS756
11th October 2008 Hartlepool RE OEF74K
9th October 2008 Western National Lodekka 809KDV
7th October 2008 Western National LH FDV788V
1st October 2008 Southdown VR GNJ578N, GNJ579N, GNJ580N, GNJ582N
28th September 2008 Lincolnshire LH SVL830R
22nd September 2008 Southern Vectis LH KDL204W
19th September 2008 Cardiff VR WTG333T
16th September 2008 Golden Miller of Feltham LH GLF552J
14th September 2008 Southdown VR UUF116J
13th September 2008 Western National Lodekka BOD35C
6th September 2008 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka 828SHW
6th September 2008 Southern National Lodekka UOD503
5th September 2008 Royal Blue LH PUO328M, PUO331M
4th September 2008 Hants & Dorset Lodekka UEL709
2nd September 2008 Lincoln VR RFE27R
25th August 2008 Midland General VR FRB211H
22nd August 2008 Crosville Lodekka 627HFM
19th August 2008 Eastern Counties VR KVF247V
19th August 2008 United Counties VR CBD778K
17th August 2008 Southdown VR JWV258W
16th August 2008 Crosville VR BTU370S
16th August 2008 Alder Valley VR CJH122V, GGM77W, GGM78W
15th August 2008 Hants & Dorset VR GEL687V
14th August 2008 Lincolnshire LH YVL837S
13th August 2008 Cumberland VR FAO426V
13th August 2008 West Yorkshire VR WWY128S
10th August 2008 Trent VR WRC831S
6th August 2008 Bristol Omnibus VR NHU671R
5th August 2008 Trent VR BRC834T
2nd August 2008 Bristol Omnibus VR JHW107P
1st August 2008 West Riding RE THL261H
31st July 2008 Reading VR NRD50M, NRD51M
29th July 2008 Alder Valley VR HJB455W, HJB456W, HJB464W
27th July 2008 Hants & Dorset VR CRU301L
26th July 2008 Southern Vectis VR SDL636J, YDL676T, FDL677V, FDL679V, FDL680V
24th July 2008 Eastern National Lodekka GNO788B
22nd July 2008 Western National Lodekka 803KDV
20th July 2008 Lincolnshire VR SVL177W, SVL178W, SVL179W, SVL180W
20th July 2008 City of Oxford VR JWL993N, JWL997N
20th July 2008 Crosville VR HTU155N
20th July 2008 Maidstone & District VR PKE810M
18th July 2008 Yorkshire Traction VR KKY833P, KKY835P, OWE853R, OWE854R, OWE857R, OWE858R, RWA859R, TDT864S, MWG940X
16th July 2008 Southdown VR UFG625S
15th July 2008 Western National VR PTT98R
15th July 2008 Crosville VR HTU159N
15th July 2008 Yorkshire Traction VR HWE826N, HWJ925W
14th July 2008 Crosville Lodekka 265SFM
9th July 2008 West Yorkshire VR RWT544R
9th July 2008 Hants & Dorset Lodekka SRU981
8th July 2008 West Yorkshire VR FWR216T
8th July 2008 Yorkshire Traction VR HWE825N
6th July 2008 Southern Vectis RE TDL567K
6th July 2008 West Yorkshire RE JWU335J
27th June 2008 Hants & Dorset Lodekka HRU677E
27th June 2008 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka CHY417C
26th June 2008 City of Oxford VR PFC513W
25th June 2008 Bristol Omnibus RE UHU215H, UHY648H
24th June 2008 Eastern National Lodekka AEV811F
24th June 2008 United Auto Lodekka 5081HN
22nd June 2008 Western National VR FDV780V
20th June 2008 Potteries VR URF671S
20th June 2008 Bristol Omnibus RE RHT141G
16th June 2008 Southdown VR JWV253W
16th June 2008 Midland General Lodekka YNU351G
15th June 2008 Independent LH JFH473N
15th June 2008 Alder Valley VR HJB452W, HJB454W
15th June 2008 United Counties VR HBD914T
15th June 2008 Atomic Energy Research Establishment VR XAN48T
14th June 2008 Ribble VR DBV32W
14th June 2008 United Auto VR HUP763T
14th June 2008 Bristol Omnibus LH WAE193T
12th June 2008 Southern Vectis Lodekka MDL956
12th June 2008 Southern National Lodekka VDV782
11th June 2008 Midland General Lodekka 1389R
10th June 2008 Bristol Omnibus RE OHU766F, OHU768F
10th June 2008 East Kent VR RVB977S
10th June 2008 Southern Vectis RE TDL563K
8th June 2008 East Yorkshire VR PAG511W
7th June 2008 West Riding VR RUA455W
7th June 2008 Bristol Omnibus RE NHU191F, NHU199F
6th June 2008 Alder Valley VR VPF288S
6th June 2008 West Midlands P.T.E. TOE427N
5th June 2008 Ribble RE HRN249G
3rd June 2008 Eastern Scottish VR LFS296F
1st June 2008 Bristol Omnibus RE YHT802J
1st June 2008 Crosville VR HTU160N
30th May 2008 Lancashire United LH UTD298H
30th May 2008 Bristol Omnibus LH YAE515V
29th May 2008 National Welsh VR GTX750W
29th May 2008 United Counties VR SNV934W
28th May 2008 Southern Vectis VR YDL671T
27th May 2008 Collis of Bedminster LH GOU912X
25th May 2008 Eastern Counties VR KVF246V
25th May 2008 East Midlands VR VTV169S
23rd May 2008 Alder Valley VR WJM831T
16th May 2008 Western National Lodekka 409PTA, 412PTA
16th May 2008 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka 506OHU
15th May 2008 East Midlands VR DWF189V
11th May 2008 West Yorkshire VR PWY45W
11th May 2008 Maidstone & District VR BKE853T
6th May 2008 Western National LH LFJ848W
4th May 2008 United Counties VR VVV962W
28th April 2008 Eastern Counties Lodekka 54CPW
28th April 2008 Southern Vectis Lodekka LDL722
19th April 2008 Bristol Omnibus VR EWS742W
19th April 2008 United Auto VR DUP753S
10th April 2008 Hants & Dorset VR MEL559P
8th April 2008 United Auto LH MUP712T
8th April 2008 Davies of Pencader LH NDE916R
1st April 2008 Alder Valley VR CJH141V, GGM108W
31st March 2008 Hants & Dorset VR ELJ219V, GEL680V
20th March 2008 Western National Lodekka 811KDV
20th March 2008 Hants & Dorset Lodekka LLJ442F
14th March 2008 Western National Lodekka BDV264C
13th March 2008 Alder Valley VR GGM76W
13th March 2008 United Auto VR HUP765T
9th March 2008 City of Oxford VR HUD497W
9th March 2008 Wilts & Dorset Lodekka EMR295D
7th March 2008 Red & White Lodekka SAX989
3rd March 2008 Eastern National VR XHK221X
3rd March 2008 Southdown VR EAP984V
24th February 2008 Greenslades RE BFJ310L
21st February 2008 Western SMT Lodekka AAG125B
21st February 2008 Eastern National Lodekka FWC427B, OPU825D
20th February 2008 Cheltenham District Lodekka HHW459D
15th February 2008 Southdown VR UUF110J
14th February 2008 Halton RE MCK213P
9th February 2008 Ribble RE OCK366K
8th February 2008 City of Oxford VR NUD106L
5th February 2008 Accrington Corporation RE Illustrated Fleet History Accrington Corporation RE
31st January 2008 United Auto RE 7431HN
31st January 2008 Eastern National Lodekka 97TVX
30th January 2008 Blackburn Transport RE Illustrated Fleet History Blackburn Transport RE
29th January 2008 Darwen RE HTD323K, HTD324K
26th January 2008 Rossendale RE JDK914P
26th January 2008 Darwen RE RTB809M
24th January 2008 London Country LH GPD319N
24th January 2008 Crosville Lodekka RFM443
19th January 2008 Mayne of Manchester VR VJA665S, VJA666S, VJA667S, MRJ8W, MRJ9W
17th January 2008 City of Oxford VR AUD461R
16th January 2008 Mayne of Manchester Illustrated Fleet History Mayne of Manchester
14th January 2008 Eastern National Lodekka AVW397F
13th January 2008 Trent VR PRC851X
11th January 2008 Western National VR LFJ859W
7th January 2008 Harvey's of Mousehole LH PCV178R
6th January 2008 Crosville LH MCA617P
6th January 2008 Southern Vectis VR NDL490G, SDL638J
6th January 2008 City of Oxford VR OFC902H
29th December 2007 Greenslades RE UFJ229J
28th December 2007 Bristol Omnibus LH JOU164P
28th December 2007 Eastern National RE GVW982H
23rd December 2007 Bristol Omnibus RE OAE953M, OAE956M, OAE958M, OAE959M
21st December 2007 Hants & Dorset VR GEL686V
17th December 2007 United Auto LH AHN611M
10th December 2007 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka 501OHU
10th December 2007 Maidstone & District VR BKE832T
10th December 2007 Fife Scottish Lodekka BXA462B, HXA413E
5th December 2007 Yorkshire Traction VR HWJ924W
4th December 2007 Atomic Energy Research Establishment Illustrated Fleet History AERE of Harwell
29th November 2007 Western National LH AFJ740T
28th November 2007 Bristol Omnibus RE OHW596F, SHW128G
28th November 2007 Bristol Omnibus VR AHW201V
27th November 2007 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka JHW62E
26th November 2007 United Counties VR VVV956W
23rd November 2007 Great Yarmouth VR RVF32R, RVF33R, RVF34R, RVF35R, RVF36R, RVF37R, RVF38R, RVF39R, CVF28T, CVF29T, CVF30T, CVF31T, PVG24W, PVG25W, PVG26W, PVG27W
19th November 2007 Lincoln City Transport Illustrated Fleet History Lincoln Transport
8th November 2007 Northampton LH KBD21V
4th November 2007 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka JAE630D
1st November 2007 Hants & Dorset VR OEL232P
1st November 2007 Western National VR MOD570P
22nd October 2007 Western National VR VOD592S
20th October 2007 Crosville Lodekka 266SFM
19th October 2007 Western National Lodekka EDV525D
12th October 2007 Thames Valley Lodekka GRX132D
12th October 2007 Alder Valley VR WJM820T
1st October 2007 Crosville Lodekka 286HFM
27th September 2007 Midland General Lodekka 445SNU
26th September 2007 Tayside VR OSR191R
24th September 2007 Bristol Omnibus RE EHU386K
21st September 2007 Crosville VR YMB516W, YMB518W
20th September 2007 Scottish Omnibuses Lodekka CSG28C
17th September 2007 West Yorkshire Lodekka 283BWU
17th September 2007 Western National Lodekka 465FTT
14th September 2007 South Wales VR ECY987V
10th September 2007 Eastern National VR PWC515M
9th September 2007 West Yorkshire VR LUA717V
7th September 2007 United Auto VR CPT732S
5th September 2007 Crosville VR BMA524W
5th September 2007 Eastern National Lodekka WWC743F
30th August 2007 East Kent VR XJJ660V
29th August 2007 Bristol Omnibus RE DAE511K
4th August 2007 Eastern National Lodekka JHK459C, WNO979F, WNO982F, WNO983F
4th August 2007 Wilts & Dorset Lodekka JMR820F
2nd August 2007 Hants & Dorset Lodekka KRU237F, KRU238F, KRU241F, LLJ440F
1st August 2007 London Transport LH OJD68R
31st July 2007 Eastern Counties Lodekka VVF194
29th July 2007 Hants & Dorset VR YEL2T
28th July 2007 P.M.T. VR YBF687S, NEH729W
22nd July 2007 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka HAE275D
16th July 2007 Western National Lodekka 804KDV
10th July 2007 West Yorkshire VR JWT761V
5th July 2007 Ulsterbus RE WOI2451, WOI2455, XOI2514, XOI2516, XOI2517, XOI2525, XOI2530, AXI2535, AXI2537, AXI2538, AXI2539, AXI2543, AXI2547, AXI2550, AXI2554, AXI2559, BXI2564, BXI2567, BXI2568, BXI2569, BXI2570, BXI2571, BXI2575, BXI2577, BXI2580, BXI2581, BXI2592, BXI2593
1st July 2007 Western National VR OTA290G
1st July 2007 Ribble RE OCK367K
24th June 2007 Crosville VR RMA433V
24th June 2007 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka AHY981B
23rd June 2007 West Yorkshire VR AYG851S
22nd June 2007 Lincolnshire Lodekka DFE172D
20th June 2007 Potteries VR NEH731W
20th June 2007 Hants & Dorset Lodekka 7682LJ
18th June 2007 Western National RE VOD101K
18th June 2007 Northern General VR JPT901T
14th June 2007 West Yorkshire VR WWY123S
7th June 2007 Western National Lodekka AUO519B
7th June 2007 United Auto Lodekka THN258F
5th June 2007 Eastern National Lodekka JWC711
2nd June 2007 West Yorkshire VR PWY43W
2nd June 2007 Southdown VR JWV271W
28th May 2007 Potteries RE JEH178K
26th May 2007 United Counties VR CBD899T
25th May 2007 Provincial RE BCG101J, BCG102J, BCG103J, BCG104J, BCG105J, BCG106J, ECG107K, ECG108K, ECG109K, ECG110K, ECG111K, ECG112K
21st May 2007 Crosville LH MCA620P
18th May 2007 Western National VR AFJ753T
16th May 2007 West Yorkshire Lodekka MWR618
14th May 2007 Tayside VR OSR187R
14th May 2007 Southern Vectis LH NDL769G
13th May 2007 Potteries Motor Traction RE Illustrated Fleet History Potteries RE
13th May 2007 Southdown VR UWV623S
12th May 2007 Maidstone & District VR HKM884V
11th May 2007 Potteries RE JEH179K, JEH193K, JEH198K, PVT207L, MVT210K, PVT219L, PVT221L, PVT222L, PVT223L, PVT228L, PVT229L
9th May 2007 Bristol Omnibus RE MAE154F
7th May 2007 Eagles & Crawford Illustrated Fleet History Eagles & Crawford
29th April 2007 Hants & Dorset VR UFX855S, UFX856S
26th April 2007 United Auto VR APT811W
21st April 2007 London Transport LH OJD55R
19th April 2007 Mansfield District Lodekka SRB65F
7th April 2007 Merthyr RE KDW706P, KDW707P
6th April 2007 Jones of Llanfaethlu Illustrated Fleet History Jones of Llanfaethlu
3rd April 2007 Bristol Omnibus RE AHT206J
26th March 2007 Southern Vectis VR ODL661R, ODL662R, ODL663R, ODL664R, UDL668S
24th March 2007 Western National LH SFJ133R
24th March 2007 National Welsh VR GTX756W
22nd March 2007 Bristol Omnibus Lodekka YHT932
22nd March 2007 Wilts & Dorset Lodekka 694AAM
22nd March 2007 Eastern National VR STW22W
21st March 2007 Crosville VR YMB507W
21st March 2007 East Midlands VR BAU179T
15th March 2007 Southern Vectis Lodekka KDL145F
12th March 2007 Northampton VR ABD75X
10th March 2007 Alder Valley VR WJM829T
4th March 2007 Warrington RE YED274K
2nd March 2007 Eastern National RE FVX613H, VHK177L, XVW631L, XVW632L
2nd March 2007 Crosville Lodekka RFM461
1st March 2007 Scottish Omnibuses Lodekka GSG211D

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