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This page lists all Bristol REs operated by Widnes including links to all photos currently in the BVRES Collection showing the liveries carried by individual vehicles. If you have any further information or photos I would be delighted to hear from you at

Fleet Number


Chassis/Body Type

Chassis Number

Date Acquired

Date Withdrawn and Sold Notes
2 TTB622L RESL6L East Lancs B42D
RESL8/387 11/1972 (New) 4/1974 (Halton 2)  
3 TTB623L RESL6L East Lancs B42D RESL8/388 11/1972 (New) 4/1974 (Halton 3)  
4 TTB624L RESL6L East Lancs B42D RESL8/393 1/1973 (New) 4/1974 (Halton 4)  
5 RTF305M RESL6L East Lancs B48D RELL3/1975 12/1973 (New) 4/1974 (Halton 5)  
6 RTF306M RESL6L East Lancs B48D RELL3/1976 12/1973 (New) 4/1974 (Halton 6)  
7 RTF307M RESL6L East Lancs B48D RELL3/1977 12/1973 (New) 4/1974 (Halton 7)  
51 CTD51J RESL6L East Lancs B42D RESL8/131 2/1971 (New) 4/1974 (Halton 51)  
52 CTD52J RESL6L East Lancs B42D RESL8/132 2/1971 (New) 4/1974 (Halton 52)  
53 HTF353K RESL6L East Lancs B42D RESL8/276 11/1971 (New) 4/1974 (Halton 53)  
54 HTF354K RESL6L East Lancs B42D RESL8/277 11/1971 (New) 4/1974 (Halton 54)  
55 HTF355K RESL6L East Lancs B42D RESL8/278 11/1971 (New) 4/1974 (Halton 55)  

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