Illustrated History for 465FTT

Chassis: FLF6G 169048 Body: ECW 11749 Series 2 Engine: Gardner 6LW Configuration: H38/32F
Status: Exported     Last Reported: 7/2019

Last updated : July 11th 2019 (brought up-to-date)

1/1999 - current Gttinger Verkehrsbetriebe mbh, Gottingen, Germany 1. Named "Miss Marple". Seriously damaged in an accident, 6/2011. Repaired using parts from 815SHW and 466FTT and reinstated, 7/2012
2/1998 - 1/1999 Londag, Basserdorf, Switzerland
5/1995 - 2/1998 Twerenbold Reisen, Baden-Rutihof, Switzerland
6/1984 - 5/1995 Kontiki Reisen, Neuhausen, Shaffhausen, Switzerland. Registered AG18171 locally
?/198? - 6/1984 APT, Bracebridge Heath (dealer)
1/1983 - ?/198? Devon General Ltd. 1977
6/1961 - 1/1983 Western National Omnibus Company Ltd. 1977

Photo : Gttinger Verkehrsbetriebe

Photo : From the Internet

Photo : Gttinger Verkehrsbetriebe

Photo : Rich Burgess



Miss Marple nearly meets a sticky end

Michael Neugebauer, managing director at Gttinger Verkehrsbetriebe mbh has very kindly provided regular updates on their Lodekka including the photos below.

A year later and the repaired Miss Marple is presented to the people of Gottingen

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