Illustrated History for 7431HN

Prototype RE Chassis

Chassis: REX/001 Body: ECW EX6 (Experimental series) Engine: Gardner 6HLX Configuration: B54F
Status: Scrapped     Last Reported: 1/1984

Last updated : May 4th 2015 (brought up-to-date)

c?/1984 Goodwin, Carlton (dealer for scrap)
?/1979 - ?/1984 Lee, Gordon & Wilson, Peterlee (for preservation). Stored at HKS Coach Works, Bowburn. Partial restoration completed. Accidentally sold as part of the liquidation of HKS, ?/1984. Never traced despite strenuous efforts to track it down
9/1962 - c4/1979 United Automobile Services Ltd. BR1. Demonstrated to Eastern National, ??/1962. Entered service with United, 1/12/1962. Renumbered 4101, 1/1969

Photo : Cliff Essex

Photo : P M Battersby

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