Illustrated History for HH9905

Reregistered RO1955

Chassis: RELL6L RELL3/2204 Body: Hawkes Engine: Leyland O501 Configuration: B46D
Status: New Zealand     Last Reported: 1/2014

Last updated : January 1st 2015 (brought up-to-date)

by 2/2011 - current ?, Waimate, New Zealand (static home)
by 1/2009 - ?/200? ?, Hinds, New Zealand. Converted for use as a motorhome
by 6/1990 - ?/???? ?, ?, New Zealand
10/1975 - ?/19?? Christchurch Transport Board, New Zealand 476. Renumbered 483, ??/??. Reregistered RO1955, ??/??

Photo : Martin Perry

Photo : Tony Swift

Photo : Ian Lynas

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