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Illustrated Lodekka Histories For

Scottish Omnibuses

Last Amended : 2nd Decembery 2020 (CSG28C updated)

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Most Recent Photo Fleet Number Registration Number Chassis and Number ECW Body Number Current Owner Date Last Recorded


Photo : Bob Martin

AA1 NSG778 LD6G 116010 9128 Great Knight Tours, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. August 2004 Stored on the family farm in North Carolina, 9/2002
  AA2 NSG779 LD6G 116016 9128 Unknown owner in the U.S.A. August 1976  

Photo : From the Internet

AA25 CSG25C FLF6G 229010 15341 Unknown owner in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan April 1991  

Photo : Antonio Sisti

AA28 CSG28C FLF6G 229036 15344 Unknown owner in Florence, Italy December 2020

Photo : Dave Beardmore

AA29 CSG29C FLF6G 229037 15345 Raymond Devlin & John Brooksbank, Currie, Scotland (preserved) August 2013 Cut-down towing vehicle. Restored to Eastern Scottish livery, c8/2002
CSG43C in 2018

Photo : David Wilson

AA43 CSG43C FLF6G 229093 15359 Fraser McKay, Penicuik (preserved) July 2019 Acquired in 1996. Previously used as a control tower at Melville Motor Club, East Fortune minus engine. Major restoration work nearing completion at Scottish Vintage Bus Museum
 GSG208D in 2013
Photo : Paul Bateson
AA208 GSG208D FLF6G 231241 16056 Fusina Camping, Venice, Italy June 2019 Former Top Deck Travel "Sniffer"
GSG210D in 2018

Photo : Paul Bateson

AA210 GSG210D FLF6G 231243 16058 Northern Lights Golf Course, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada August 2018

Photo : eBay

AA211 GSG211D FLF6G 231244 16059 Skydog, Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A. February 2017  
GSG214D in 2015

Photo : Fraser McKay

AA214 GSG214D FLF6G 231258 16062 96.1 KZEL Radio, Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A. November 2018 YouTube link
OWS620 in 2018

Photo : David Wilson

AA620 OWS620 LD6G 134053 9504 Scottish Vintage Bus Museum, Lathalmond (preserved) January 2019  

Photo : From the Internet

AA729 SWS729 LD6G 10792 Roadium Swap Meet, Gardena, California, U.S.A. July 1986  

Photo : Tom Fuller Collection

AA739 SWS739 LD6G 150119 10802 Unknown owner in Austin, Texas, U.S.A. August 1988  

Photo : Tom Fuller

AA742 SWS742 LD6G 150140 10805 Jane Hunter, The Vintage Park, Boerne, Texas, U.S.A. May 2020

Photo : Tom Fuller

AA743 SWS743 LD6G 150141 10806 Jane Hunter, The Vintage Park, Boerne, Texas, U.S.A. May 2020
  AA744 SWS744 LD6G 150142 10807 Bromlow, unknown location in U.S.A. June 1998  

Photo : From the Internet

AA745 SWS745 LD6G 150143 10808 Doubledecker Pdx, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. August 2018  

Photo : Bruce Henderson

AA768 USC768 LD6G 163044 11492 Shark Shoal Shanty Antiques, Powells Point, North Carolina, U.S.A. October 2009 Carries identification marks for YRU70

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