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Eastern Counties Omnibus Company Limited

Last Amended : 15th February 2024 (brought up-to-date)

Most Recent Photo Fleet Number Registration Number Chassis and Number Body Make and Number Current Owner Date Last Recorded


Photo : Julian Patterson

RL516 EPW516K RELL3/1716 ECW 19220 Chilvers & Phillips, Norwich (preserved) August 2023  
KVF658E in 2019

Photo : Richard Wilson

RS658 KVF658E RESL1/118 ECW Eastern Transport Collection, Norwich (preserved) July 2019  

Photo : Neil Chilvers

RL681 RAH681F RELL3/446 ECW 16850 Terry Hussey, Basingstoke (preserved) March 2023  
GCL349N restored in NBC white coach livery
Photo : Steve Thorpe
RLE747 GCL349N RELH4/750 ECW 21426 Steve Shakeshaft, Wirral (preserved) February 2024

Photo : John Hembry

RE851 SAH851M RELH4/724 Plaxton 7411BXR510 Andy Bissett, Westbury (preserved) March 2019 Derelict in very poor condition, by 12/2017

Photo : Richard Haughey

RLE864 WNG864H RELL3/995 ECW 18457 Julian Patterson, Kings Lynn (preserved) March 2019  
WPW869H in 2018

Photo : Dave Stanton

RLE869 WPW869H RELL3/1038 ECW Dave Stanton, Gloucester (preserved) December 2023  

Photo : Philip Higgs

RE896 SVF896G RELH4/213 ECW 17737 Charles White, Harston (preserved) July 2022  


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