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Bristol Commercial Vehicles Enthusiasts

2007/2008 News Log Archive

As always, if you have any additional information or photos for the pages on this website I would be delighted to hear from you at From September 29th 2007 I shall record all changes of vehicle status on this page with credit to the contributor.

I am in the process of adding a page for every operator who has ever run a VR, RE, LH or Lodekka. You can follow progress by visiting the Operator Cross Reference page.

I am also adding a history page for every individual VR, RE, LH and Lodekka. You can follow progress by visiting the Illustrated History Log page.

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Date of Change

Source of Information Details of Change
30th December 2008 Sean Keating Former Hants & Dorset FLF6G 1535 (FEL428D) is currently for sale on eBay, converted to open-top, in Los Angeles, having been there since the early 1990s.
29th December 2008 Julian Patterson Another long-lost Bristol has turned up, this time Hants & Dorset/Wilts & Dorset Series 2 VR NRU307M which has been identified as the playbus being used on Tenerife, carrying a Series 3 front cowl. It was last in service in Milton Keynes with Buckinghamshire Road Car.
27th December 2008 Patrick Dunford Have you ever hoped to find a long-lost RE well off the beaten track? If so then New Zealand is the place to go. Believed to have been scrapped many years ago, former Christchurch Transport Board 463 (HL9405) is just about still intact at Waipara where it has been heavily converted for use as a static caravan.
26th December 2008 Glen Merritt Another FLF is for sale on eBay in the USA. This time it is Midland General 629 (1390R) and it is notable in having an International DT466 engine and Allison transmission fitted, replacing the original Bristol BVW engine.
26th December 2008 Chris Steel Chris has bagged one of the recently-withdrawn Damory VRs for preservation in the form of 5074 (ELJ220V) which was, of course, new to Hants & Dorset.
20th December 2008 Andy Veitch A VR which has bitten the dust recently is former Maidstone & District 5885 (HKM885V) which had run for the RMT Union, based at Eastleigh, for the past several years. It passed to Truckbizz, a dealer near Winchester, who cut out the engine, gearbox and rear chassis member (including chassis id plate) and advertised it for sale. It was quickly snapped up and shipped to Reliance Bus Works in Stoke-on-Trent where it is to be fitted - appropriately - to 5832 (BKE832T) from the same original operator.
19th December 2008 Allan Macfarlane It has only come to light through the pages of Allan's Bristol Passenger magazine that on withdrawal by Wilts & Dorset from Ringwood in October, 4431 (GEL681V) quickly passed to Marchwood of Totton for use on schools services. VR South West News reports it on the 705 Totton College service today. It is believed to have been joined at Totton by recently-repainted 4413 (BFX666T).
13th December 2008 Philip Higgs Another VR has entered the Busworks in Blackpool for full restoration work to be carried out. This time it is West Yorkshire 731 (LUA714V) which most recently ran for Alpine of Llandudno.
13th December 2008 Andy McClelland Andy photographed two Lodekka FLFs running for Royal London Bus in Leipzig, Germany last week in the shape of Eastern Counties KAH461D and Bristol Omnibus EHT110C.
13th December 2008 Torsten Weitzel Former Western SMT B1726 (TCS174) is alive and well in Germany having been used as an exhibition at the Musikfabrik disco at Celle for 12 years before falling out of use last year.
10th December 2008 Paul Bateson Unusual news is of an FLF6G passing into preservation.... in Canada! It is former Eastern Counties FLF482 (KPW482E) which has been in Canada since 1992. In the late 1990s it was renovated, but never subsequently saw any use and has now been snapped up by none other than Paul Bateson (of British Buses Abroad in North America) and friends. It is now under cover at a site near Niagara Falls.
9th December 2008 VR South West News Wilts & Dorset are down to their last three VRs in service, although three more are held in reserve with current road licenses. Meantime Damory Coaches are also down to just two operational VRs with one held in reserve. It is clear that the marque's days are very much numbered here. May I also take the opportunity to commend the work done by the team at VR South West News to cover daily sightings, providing a fascinating and valuable historical reference.
9th December 2008 Rob Hardy VRs continue to pour into preservation - the latest example is former Crosville DVG463 (VCA463W) which last ran for Wilby in Lincolnshire but has been owned by dealer Carl Ireland for the past year or so. New owners Rob Hardy and Luke Reveley recovered it to Hull just this last weekend.
8th December 2008 Wayne Snowden Another VR has been sold by Embling of Guyhirn for preservation. This time it is MWG941X which was the last VR new to Yorkshire Traction and which will be returned to their NBC livery by Wayne Snowden at a future date. I also have it on reliable authority that Embling sold WRC830S for preservation earlier this summer - if anyone has further details I'd be pleased to hear from you.
3rd December 2008 George Fraser Not a vehicle that you would necessarily expect to be thriving, but former East Kent Willowbrook-bodied VR 7988 (TFN988T), which was converted to open-top by London Coaches, has recently been acquired by a private owner in Sarasota, Florida where it will be taken from its current home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
2nd December 2008 Ross Newman Yet another ex-Hedingham VR has passed through the hands of Ensign (dealer), this time RUA461W which has been sold on to BBC Wales alongside HJB455W
2nd December 2008 Malcolm Pelling Reports of VRs being scrapped are becoming fewer these days, but it is inevitable that numbers will continue to dwindle over time. Latest casualty is now-rare ex-WMPTE MCW-bodied TOE426N which had sat derelict in Sussex for many years after use as a playbus with Brighton Council.
25th November 2008 Philip Higgs Classic Bus/Totally Transport CIC of Blackpool continue their off-season buying spree with their sixth VR in the shape of VDV139S from Big Red Bus of Seaton.
24th November 2008 Philip Higgs Another VR has emerged from the Busworks having had "the treatment". Mike Ellis's Western National 1168 (FDV780V) looks superb in its NBC green livery and maintains the highest standards of work performed in Blackpool.
22nd November 2008 Tim Weatherup Streamline Tours are a long-established operator of British buses in Holland. They currently have two Lodekkas in their fleet (which is listed here). They are Wilts & Dorset FS6B 653 (691AAM) and Hants & Dorset FLF6B (now fitted with a DAF engine) 1568 (LEL652F)
21st November 2008 James Willmott James acquired the penultimate VR with Abus of Bristol (EWS739W) today for preservation. That makes it the fifth member of the EWS-W batch of just fifteen VRs to have made it into preservation!
19th November 2008 Larry Henck Thanks are due to Larry, who now works for Starline Tours of Los Angeles, for providing confirmed details of the identities of no fewer than ten VRs which operate on the streets in and around Hollywood.
17th November 2008 Karl van Camp Karl has been busy tracking down Lodekkas on mainland Europe. Three have been identified in the last 24 hours! For sale in Switzerland is former Crosville LD6G 287HFM having been with Rapold for more than 20 years. At the same time Western National FLF6G BOD24C is for sale in Belgium, whilst Bristol Omnibus FLF6G EHT113C was sold in Belgium last year but is yet to be traced again.
17th November 2008 Daniel Stazicker Daniel caught up with an old friend in Holland recently. Another West Yorkshire VR, this time NUM341V remains in Hedingham Omnibus livery with Standby95 in Emmen.
17th November 2008 Alan Hitchmough West Yorkshire VR LWU470V remains in Halewood, Liverpool, stored at Lydiate Lane awaiting mechanical attention, having been withdrawn by Kensington Monarch Majorettes way back in 2001.
15th November 2008 Will Hughes Will has provided a comprehensive list of subsequent disposals for fleet of RELLs with Lough Swilly. Several have made their way to City Sightseeing in their native city of Belfast, but as yet none has entered service there.
12th November 2008 Mark Loughlan Former Central S.M.T. BL341 (HGM341E) is not as lucky as others recently reported, having arrived at the premises of McKindless, Wishaw for onward despatch for scrap. It has been used for spares at the Scottish Vintage Bus Museum at Lathalmond after use as a playbus.
12th November 2008 Dave Moore The stream of Lodekkas reported around the World continues, this time former Western National 2091 (BOD33C) looking well in Italy.
11th November 2008 Karl van Camp Another Lodekka which continues in productive use is Eastern Counties FLF456 (JPW456D) which has just this week changed hands in Belgium. It is now converted as a mobile cafe.
11th November 2008 Tim Weatherup Former Bristol Omnibus 7102 (547OHU) is alive and well and in use as a coffee retail outlet in Washington, Missouri, U.S.A.
8th November 2008 Essex Bus News Google Group Two further ex-Hedingham Omnibus VRs have been exported by dealer Ensign. RAH265W and HJB464W have gone to an owner in Rome, Italy.
8th November 2008 Stephen Blackmore Stephen has just returned from the most amazing road trip across Africa using VR XJJ668V. Photos have been added to the vehicle history - some of them need to be seen to be believed - and Steve's website is also well worth a look. The bus has been left in Addis Ababa.
7th November 2008 Stephen Payne Keeping up the recent trend of trusty LHS coaches being refurbished for further service, former Gash of Newark WNN572S (now registered WWB987S) has been acquired by Rivercourt Coaches of Dublin where it has been named "Biddie" and is to earn its keep as a front line PSV.
3rd November 2008 Mike Nash At last Malta is to resound to the sound of the VR after many years enjoying Leyland 401-engined LHs! Series 2 ex-City of Oxford NUD106L and Southdown convertible dual-door TNJ998S are undergoing preparation and repaint for Oasis Tours of St Pauls Bay.
2nd November 2008 Johnny Rooke Another long-lost Lodekka tracked down by Johnny is former Western National LD6B 1926 (UOD480) which was on land to the south of Nantes airport in France in August.
2nd November 2008 Tim Weatherup Former Western National Lodekka FLF6G 2094 (BOD36C) and Bristol Omnibus L8394 (WHY947)are both alive and well and running tourist shuttles in Monnickendam, Holland for Special Buses Ltd. on behalf of Lakeland Hotel
1st November 2008 Matthew Reynolds Good news is that another VR entered preservation today - Western National 1212 (LFJ859W) was brought home to Bristol by Matt Reynolds on behalf of the South West Preservation Group today from Stoke-on-Trent where it had been receiving some remedial work by Reliance Bus Works.
31st October 2008 Johnny Rooke Johnny found previously unreported Midland General FLF 306 (TRB573F) this week at a garage just off the L16 between Lutzerath and Gevenich, near Cochem.
31st October 2008 Tim Weatherup Two Lodekka FLFs have changed hands in California recently. Former Eastern National AEV811F (now converted to open-top) and ex-United Auto 5081HN have both passed to an organisation in Montreal, Canada called CloudRaker. Both remain in Los Angeles at the moment, but it will be interesting to see what happens to them.
31st October 2008 Philip Higgs Another acquisition for Totally Transport CIC/Classic Bus Blackpool is new to Alder Valley open-top VR DSU107 (ex-CJH119V) which has been bought from Western Greyhound of Newquay. It is due to make the journey from Cornwall to Blackpool in the next few weeks.
30th October 2008 Chris Stewart Chris has just returned from his latest trip to New Zealand where he came across a good number of former Christchurch Transport RELLs still in use. The country really is the last bastion of the RE model, although even over there numbers in passenger-carrying service are dwindling fast.
28th October 2008 Ken Menagh Sadly former Ulsterbus/Lough Swilly RELL6G BXI2568 developed an engine defect early in its preservation days and has been despatched to Ards Bus Preservation Group for stripping for spares
24th October 2008 Mark Golding Former Western National FLF6B 2044 (ATA125B) is for sale on eBay in Minnesota, U.S.A. and looks to be in remarkably original condition.
23rd October 2008 Jean-Luc Herminne Jean-Luc owns former Lincolnshire FL6G OVL488 in Stavelot, Belgium. It is used to house his collection of Matchbox toys.
17th October 2008 Tim Weatherup In 2007 a VR underwent a most amazing conversion in California, being covered with 300,000 LED lights attached to a kind of fur for an organisation called Shagadelica (their website here). The VR has been identified as former Yorkshire Traction LAK938W and it has been seen at the Burning Man festival alongside an unidentified VR painted allover pink with a furry "face" (see here - and let me know if you know which VR it is). I'd like some of what those folks are on
17th October 2008 Christophe Mesmacre Christophe has just this week acquired his second early LD model Lodekka. Former Western SMT MCS756 joins ex-Crosville RFM443, both having been bought from owners in Belgium. Their intended use is as mobile advertising hoardings in France.
11th October 2008 James Griffiths The Hull & Country Bus Preservation Group have recently acquired two single deckers for continued preservation. MCA620P is a former Crosville LH, whilst OEF74K is a Hartlepool RE. The RE is expected to be rallied in its unique advertising livery before full restoration and renovation.
10th October 2008 Bus Fotopic Sadly this photo shows that former Eastern Counties/Delta of Stockton-on-Tees IIL2271 (ex-BVF668J) is now fit only for scrap at the Barnsley scrapyards and thus another one slips through the net. Of course not all Bristols can be saved, but it is always sad to see one go.
9th October 2008 Brandon Gee Former Western National Lodekka FLF6B 2004 (809KDV) is in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A. owned by FM109.7 Radio as it has been for many years now. It is currently undergoing refurbishment in preparation for receiving a new vinyl wrap for promotional purposes.
9th October 2008 David Barnard David reports that he was part-owner of former Westbrook Travel partial open-top VR GTA51N when it was secured for preservation in 2003. Unfortunately its restoration stalled and it was moved to Havant in 2005/6 from where it was sold to an unknown motorcycle enthusiast for use for storage of bikes and parts. If anyone can add to the story I'd be pleased to hear from you.
5th October 2008 Ross Newman EnsignBus have sold on former Alder Valley/Hedingham Omnibus VR HJB456W to Falli Lacatena, location unknown in Italy.
1st October 2008 Alan Bennett Alan has just acquired for continued preservation the last survivor of the batch of six pre-production Series 3 VRs new to Southdown in 1975, 583 (GNJ583N). It will be making the long journey from York to Weymouth on Saturday where it will eventually be returned to original condition.
28th September 2008 Mike Nash Another Plaxton-bodied coach LH on the move is NWW163K which has spent a couple of years in Mike Nash's dealer stock and is now preserved with John Holmes of Kesgrave, Suffolk. It is unique in carrying a Paramount front on its 1972 Elite body - I am not sure whether it is for operation or preservation at this stage.
24th September 2008 Paul Smith The only surviving RE new to Isle of Man Road Services (Plaxton-bodied 40WMN, now registered SGF483L) was sold at an auction of items at the premises of The Running Footman in Suffolk to Talisman Coaches of Great Bromley. It is in poor shape - don't expect to see it in service for a while yet - but all the bits are there and Paul intends to see them put back together.
24th September 2008 John Hitchins Plaxton coach-bodied LHS TCE131S has been acquired by John Hitchins for use for spares to help complete the restoration of former Hutchings & Cornelius of South Petherton ECW-bodied LH GYC160K.
24th September 2008 Paul Pearson LFJ859W did not stay long with Powner (see 11th January entry) and has now passed to a dealer in Stoke-on-Trent, possibly for use for spares to repair BKE832T which has a blown Gardner engine.
22nd September 2008 Carl Berry Very welcome was the appearance of Western National/Devon General LHS6L FDV793V at this weekend's Westpoint rally gleaming in red Devon General NBC livery.
22nd September 2008 Stuart Turner Former Southern Vectis LHS6L 204 (KDL204W) was noted earlier this year by Roger Brown of Shaftesbury & District (who used to own it) in use as a mobile home. Any further information about the current owner and particularly a recent photo would be very much appreciated.
22nd September 2008 James Griffiths HJB464W didn't last long with MacPherson of Donisthorpe, having now turned up with Abbey Coaches of Hull for use on schools services with this previously coach-only operator.
19th September 2008 Dave Clements Former Cardiff Alexander-bodied VR 333 (WTG333T), which was listed on eBay as recently as June, has been broken up for scrap following several years standing withdrawn with Specialist Location Vehicles in Honeybourne, Warwickshire.
19th September 2008 Paul Smith Former Ribble VR 2002 (CBV2S) which was converted to open-top in 1994 having lost its roof in an accident the previous year has been thoroughly refurbished by Talisman Coaches of Great Bromley for use by City Sightseeing Cyprus, where it will become the only Bristol in operation.
18th September 2008 Paul Emery Former United Counties VR 899 (CBD899T) has succumbed to engine problems which caused its withdrawal last October and has passed from Nostalgia Coaches of Kingston Bagpuize to dealer Alan Hardwick, Carlton for scrap.
15th September 2008 Alan Walker The former Bristol Omnibus/Badgerline VR that left Bristol in April for a 20,000 mile trip to Asia and back (EWS742W) returned on August 31st having travelled as far as Georgia before heading back via the Arctic Circle. It performed remarkably well with just a few minor problems that were fixed by the roadside. An account of the VR's return to the UK can be found here.
14th September 2008 Gareth Crowther A very welcome addition to the ranks of restored preserved VRs is former Southdown 516 (UUF116J) which had latterly been a mobile platform for use in the Mersey Tunnel. It has been painstakingly returned to original condition including having a replacement roof fitted. The Southdown 516 Group are to be congratulated on their efforts.
13th September 2008 Watze Dammingh, Traveller Dave Two former Western National FLF Lodekkas have turned up in Holland this week, both being used for homes by their owners. Non-runner 804KDV has been towed from its previous position as a snack bar at Antwerp Docks in Belgium to its new Dutch home, whilst BOD35C is still mobile and has even been fitted with a wooden front door in place of the folding originals!
11th September 2008 Eve Bailey VR-friendly operator Black & White Motorways of Winchester have acquired a Wilts & Dorset VR from York Pullman. It is GEL680V which spent only a couple of months in Yorkshire.
10th September 2008 Phil Marfleet CJH141V hasn't lasted long with Bankfoot Buses in Perth - having made the trip to Scotland from Essex in April it is now making its journey back south this very evening for a new life in preservation in Portsmouth with David Kennedy.
8th September 2008 Alex Hall Two early LD-type Lodekkas are for sale on eBay in the US at the moment. Former Scottish Omnibuses LD6G AA745 (SWS745) is in Missouri whilst Eastern Counties LD5G LKD194 (VVF194) is in Colorado.
6th September 2008 Steve White Two Lodekkas are currently for sale in Germany. Former Bristol Omnibus FLF6B C7135 (828SHW) was reregistered SKH717B before export in 2007 and can be viewed here. Former Southern/Western National LD6B 1920 (UOD503) still carries Top Deck Travel livery in its guise as "Rox" and can be viewed here.
5th September 2008 William Staniforth Preservationist Trevor Cockram of Bristol has recently acquired two Royal Blue LH/Plaxton coaches - PUO328M is for spares to restore PUO331M.
4th September 2008 Rob Sly (via internet search) Another former Hants & Dorset Lodekka KRU237F was reported last December to be undergoing preparation for use as a music stage at Hard Rock Cafe in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, U.S.A. Follow this link to Hard Rock Park and take a look closely at the British Invasion area to find this Lodekka's most recent resting place! If anyone is visiting do please get a photo of the real thing
4th September 2008 Christophe Heuer Now in its 51st year former Hants & Dorset LD6G Lodekka UEL709 is still in one piece at Schlögmühl in Austria, between Vienna and Graz. It was exported there by Carl Ireland in 1987 for use as a mobile pub and is instantly recognisable by the distinctive roof line created by Carl on many of his exports to allow the vehicle to meet the 4m height restriction on mainland Europe.
31st August 2008 Adrian Rogers Another new operator for the VR is MacPherson of Donisthorpe who have acquired two former Hedingham Omnibuses examples in the form of Eastern Counties RAH265W and Alder Valley HJB464W.
27th August 2008 Alan Grieve Quantock Motor Services of Norton Fitzwarren have acquired another Lodekka for use on services around Minehead. It is former Hants & Dorset FLF6B(G) DEL893C and was previously owned by the company from 2002 to 2003 prior to restoration by Phil & Gareth Blair. The company confirms that they intend to keep the FLF in Tilling green for next year's services.
27th August 2008 Alan Walker It is very rare these days for an operator to buy VRs for the first time, but an urgent need for schools services has seen Chapmans Travel of Tonyrefail acquire former Atomic Energy Research Establishment XAN431T from Westward Travel of Bristol.
26th August 2008 Neil Wise Former Hants & Dorset LD6B Lodekka SRU981 appeared at Seaburn Bus Rally yesterday, now preserved by Neil Stratton of Sunderland.
26th August 2008 Alex Jeenes Former National Welsh VR VHB678S has travelled home to South Wales for further preservation with the Cardiff Transport Preservation Group at their premises in Barry. It is unusual in having been rebuilt as a convertible open-topper in 1986, this resulting in its eventual transfer to Crosville Wales in 1990.
21st August 2008 Richard Hughes It is not common for a VR to be repainted these days in the normal course of service duty, but YMB516W has recently received the allover yellow schools livery of Alpine of Llandudno, having been the last operational VR to carry the old green and cream livery
16th August 2008 Bob Pain Embling of Guyhirn continue to sell VRs to preservationists. The latest to go is former United Counties 882 (XNV882S) which has gone to Bob Pain from Milton Keynes leaving them with just 12 in their current fleet
15th August 2008 Ant Poulton Four further Wilts & Dorset VRs have gone to K & J Travel of York. Three are for further service - ELJ219V, GEL680V and GEL687V - while GEL679V is already stripped for spares and is unlikely to travel north before the final journey to the scrapyard.
13th August 2008 Patrick Burnside It is always good to record a municipal VR entering the preservation ranks - former Great Yarmouth 31 (CVF31T) has been sold by Norfolk Training Services to the Great Yarmouth 31 Group, based in Norwich. It is hoped to exhibit it at the Norwich Bus Rally on August 31st.
13th August 2008 Patrick Burnside Former West Yorkshire VR 998 (WWY128S) was believed to have been scrapped in the yard of Frank Jordan, Coltishall in 2001, so it is a surprise to find that it has now turned up in another Norfolk salvage yard, derelict but intact.
12th August 2008 Martin Curtis Rare long-wheelbase East Lancs-bodied NFW37V, formerly of Lincoln City Transport, has been sold by Big Blue Party Bus of Bath to a family in the Outer Hebrides who plan to use it as a mobile home
10th August 2008 Russell Kirk I'm grateful to Russ for identifying the VR that was for sale on eBay in May 2008 in Dothan, Alabama, U.S.A. It is former West Riding WRC831S which had latterly been used as a mobile classroom by Wigan Rugby League Football Club.
10th August 2008 James Griffiths The slow demise of the VR with Emblings of Guyhirn continues with the sale of WKH526X to Hull Bus Restorers
10th August 2008 Andy Barlow Former Eastern Counties RELL BVF668J (now reregistered IIL2271) has been noted at one of the Carlton dealers/breakers. I'm not sure whether it is there for scrap or to have some work done.
7th August 2008 Philip Higgs Classic Bus/Totally Transport of Blackpool have added another VR to their operating fleet, this time former Crosville DCA525X which has been acquired from Griffiths of Port Dinorwic. It may be partially open-topped at BusWorks over the winter.
7th August 2008 Martin (Springfield Bus) A1 Minibus of Warrington have sold their two VRs, DCA530X and FAO427V, to an owner in France - no further details are known so hopefully correspondents will keep their eyes peeled during the summer holidays!
6th August 2008 H John Black I am personally delighted to discover that Cheltenham District VR 5088 (NHU671R) is alive and well in Holland, operating wedding hires for Wedding Classics of Vijfhuizen. I cannot however identify the other VR and Lodekkas shown on their website.
5th August 2008 John Godwin Former Trent VR BRC834T is still in use in Sofia, Bulgaria as extra seating at a McDonalds restaurant, where it has been situated for nearly ten years since export.
31st July 2008 Stephen Cho For no fewer than 34 years London Transport Bus Tours of Melbourne, Australia ran Bristol double deckers on tourist services. In 2006 they closed down, but three of the vehicles have been taken on by Dee Decker Tours who are also based in Melbourne. Crosville Lodekka LD6G 836AFM is serviceable, while Brighton, Hove & District FLF6G KPM84E was in the yard recently (unclear if this one is in use). The last Bristol is a gem - former Reading "Jumbo" NRD51M which is currently undergoing massive renovation and refurbishment in preparation for service in 2010.
29th July 2008 Mark Stokes The latest batch of VRs to be released by Hedingham Omnibuses was driven to Ensign, Purfleet (dealer) this morning. The quartet comprises former Alder Valley HJB455W/HJB456W/HJB464W and Eastern Counties RAH265W.
27th July 2008 Rob Lane I'm pleased to say that rare dual-door Southdown VR 625 (UFG625S) has been bought from non-PCV use for preservation by Rob Lane and Dave Mulpeter of Brighton.
27th July 2008 Ben Vallance VPF288S has been sold out of preservation and has now been restored for further service and is in use on schools services with McEwen Travel in the Mansfield area.
26th July 2008 Zoe Wilson Zoe has contacted me to say that she has had former Southern Vectis/Solent Blue Line flat-front VR SDL636J for the past eighteen years and that it is in use as a very nicely-converted mobile home. It is fully MoT'ed and although Zoe could now afford to buy a house she chooses to carry on in her VR.
24th July 2008 Florian Böcher Former Eastern National FLF6G 2812 (GNO788B) has turned up in Hamburg, Germany. It was converted for use as a demonstration unit when in non-PCV use in the UK in the 1980s and remains in this condition. It may be about to be bought for renovation and continued use.
22nd July 2008 Mark Golding Former Western National FLF6B 1998 (803KDV) has turned up in Tampa, Florida, having last been reported a very long way away in St Johns, Newfoundland back in 2001!
20th July 2008 Neil Wise Former Gash of Newark/Lincolnshire Road Car LHS coach WNN572S has appeared on eBay looking in very tidy condition
18th July 2008 Mark Self Very rare LHS/Duple coach XFP836Y has been repainted in metallic blue and black fleet livery by Victory Tours and is almost certainly the last LH on front line touring duty.
17th July 2008 Andy Powis Former Bristol Omnibus/First Devon & Cornwall open-top VR JHW107P has had a repaint with Chepstow Classic Buses out of First livery into allover blue.... and has promptly been sold for preservation with the Stroud RE Group!
14th July 2008 Chris Stewart/Dave Godley Rare Marshall-bodied LHS PCV178R was at Plymouth Citybus receiving mechanical attention today.
14th July 2008 Richard Stedall At least two FLFs are believed to have been destroyed along with six other British double deckers by a fire in the Blake Street storage yard of Stu Jackson (British Double Deckers) in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. They were Central SMT HGM338E and Western National EDV518D. Bristol Omnibus 512OHU may have survived, having been stored some distance away from the destroyed buses.
14th July 2008 Jim O'Donnell Former Crosville DFB52 (265SFM) is in use in Garrison, North Dakota for tours during the Dickens Village Festival in November and December. It has been named "Queen Elizabus"!
11th July 2008 Mick Bruce Believed scrapped back in 1998, National Welsh Leyland 501-engined VR VHB672S has in fact been rather busy on a tour of Africa and Europe before ending up in Copenhagen, Denmark! It was then used as an exhibition unit before sale in March 2005 whereupon, sadly, the engine was run without any water in the cooling system and - one loud bang later - it was consigned to a life as an immobile snackbar near Copenhagen Airport where it remains today.

*** Update 13th July 2008 - it turns out that a Gardner 6XLB was sourced and fitted later in 2005 so the VR is happily still mobile

9th July 2008 Ben Vallance Johnson of Hodthorpe continue to run their immaculate fleet of VRs, even repainting some of them occasionally. The latest repaints are RWT544R and MIW2422 into revised Redfern livery of allover green.
9th July 2008 Stuart Turner It is rare these days for a Lodekka to remain in the U.K. having never been in preservation, but former Hants & Dorset 1368 (SRU981) has seen continual non-PCV use since withdrawal from service. It was sold by Saga Radio in Birmingham last year but has not yet been traced, although it is believed to have been bought by an admirer, so hopefully it remains intact in the U.K. Reports are very welcome.
8th July 2008 Gary Payne Many years after the event I have now heard that Yorkshire Traction VR HWE825N was scrapped in 1997 after engine failure with Bailey of Kirkby-in-Ashfield. It was thought at the time that it may have been sold for conversion to a mobile cafe but this did not go ahead.
1st July 2008 Colin Oakley Two Series 1 VRs continue in service in Vancouver with Big Bus. They are former Western National OTA292G and Brighton, Hove & District OCD763G. Sisters OCD771G and OCK986K passed to Royal Blue Line in Victoria late last year.
30th June 2008 Steve White Steve informs me that there was an item on Channel Islands ITV News this evening to say that Universal Limos have had their operating licence revoked which sadly means the end of VDV117S and LEU263P operating on the island.
30th June 2008 Steve White Former Northampton Alexander-bodied VR PBD40R has begun yet another new chapter in its life as The Wonder Bus playbus in Coventry
27th June 2008 Adrian Mosby The Bus Station Grille in Charleston, West Virginia, U.S.A. was famous for having two Lodekkas incorporated into the fabric of the restaurant. In 2004 it was rebuilt as a French cafe and the Lodekkas removed - I thought almost certainly for scrap. However, against the odds, both passed to an owner in Kanawha - former Bristol Omnibus C7199 (CHY417C) has since moved on again to an unknown destination, but Hants & Dorset 1249 (HRU677E) is still there, repainted roughly in allover blue livery and looking the worse for wear.
24th June 2008 Mark Golding Two Lodekkas are reported as current in California - former United Auto 5081HN and Eastern National AEV811F
22nd June 2008 Mike Ede After several years in hiding, apparently in the Bristol area, former Western National/Southern National 1168 (FDV780V) has now been purchased for preservation by the Stroud RE Group
20th June 2008 Graham Ashwell Leyland 501-engined former PMT VR PJI5526 (ex-URF671S) has been sighted in a field between Sudbury and Long Melford being rubbed down in preparation for repaint. It was previously withdrawn by Mulley of Ixworth in 2005 and is now believed to be preserved.
17th June 2008 Mike Nash York Pullman, having recently acquired BCL213T, have now sold their Pullman liveried VDV140S to Mortons Coaches of Basingstoke for use on a Hampshire tour centred on Winchester
12th June 2008 Mick Bruce Not one but two Lodekka LD6Gs are reported to be in Copenhagen, Denmark. Southern Vectis 546 (MDL956) is in use as a thai food outlet whilst Southern National 1948 (VDV782) is undergoing preparation to act as a drinks outlet at the Roskilde Music Festival next week.
10th June 2008 Carl Lemon Rare Willowbrook bodied VR (RVB977S), long converted to open-top, has returned home to Kent for a new life in preservation having been operated by Chepstow Classic for the past few years.
8th June 2008 Brian Watkinson Embling, Guyhirn continue to slowly shed VRs with the sale of VVV948W to LondonBus of St-Amante-Tallende in France where it will be the first non-London Transport bus to join their fleet of promotional vehicles
8th June 2008 Andy Hill West Yorkshire FS6G Lodekka DX159 (283BWU) has been a static "eye catcher" in British Columbia, Canada for some years. To read the amazing story of its recent rescue from certain scrapping click here - you will need to be a member of the British Buses in North America Yahoo group to do so, but you won't regret joining that vibrant forum.
7th June 2008 Neil Wise Grierson of Fishburn have acquired RUA455W, latterly with Burns of Tarves but still in the livery of Ty-Draw of Brynford who sold it in 1994! Fair to say it looks a bit rough, but great to see it back in use.
6th June 2008 Frank Sharkey Rare former West Midlands P.T.E. MCW-bodied VR TOE427N is undergoing a thorough refurbishment for continued use as a playbus in Yeovil having already carried out this role for more than twenty years.
1st June 2008 Glenn Knight Former Crosville Series 2 VR HTU160N has been used as a dining bus for many years now, but appears to have finally reached the end of the road with Movie Motors, Abbots Langley which went out of business in April. It might be available to an enthusiast.
31st May 2008 Terry Stapley Two Wilts & Dorset VRs are in use with York Pullman, noted at York Races today. They are KRU850W and KRU856W
29th May 2008 Martin After twenty years of VR operation M & E of Shoeburyness have finally withdrawn their final one, SNV934W. It and Leyland 501-engined GTX750W remain at the depot, their future uncertain.
27th May 2008 Mark Self Victory Tours of Poole have just acquired rare Duple-bodied LHS coach XFP836Y and plan an extensive refurbishment both inside and out before relaunch in their new blue and black fleet livery.
27th May 2008 Grant Thomson Steve Graham has launched newly-restored prototype ECW B51 coach-bodied RELH VHK177L after a decade under wraps. It looks superb and is a very welcome addition to the rally scene.
24th May 2008 Daniel Stazicker Daniel has been on the trail of hard-to-find vehicles once again. This time he has tracked down two VRs in Scotland in Non-PCV ownership. KVF246V is in Caithness having last been with Highland, whilst VTV169S is in Newtonmore having been a non-PCV for very many years.
23rd May 2008 Colin Rees After the most incredible Indian Summer, the VR has finally been extinguished from the First Devon and Cornwall fleet. The last three open-toppers have been sold to Chepstow Classic Buses, comprising JHW107/8P and VDV143S.
16th May 2008 (updated 18th May 2008) Chris Lefort The four flat-screen VRs that have operated for Gray Line in Vancouver since 1992 were withdrawn last year on closure of that franchise. Two of the four were however shipped to Victoria where they have now entered service with Royal Blue Line. One has now been repainted in their smart fleet livery. These are in addition to the operator's existing Lodekka fleet.
16th May 2008 John Sumner Former Bristol Omnibus Lodekka FLF6B 7061 (506OHU) is being repainted by its owners in the town of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada for use as a "special events vehicle"
16th May 2008 Steven Blackmoor Continuing the recent trend of VRs being prepared for use on overseas tours from the UK, former East Kent/Brijan Tours XJJ668V is currently undergoing preparation in Weymouth for an overland tour to Romania and onwards to Ethiopia
14th May 2008 Juan Manuel Guinea Ramos VRs continue to pile into Spain as their popularity grows for use as large advertising contracts. The latest to board a ferry is UWV613S which has been acquired by Estubus in Madrid from Summercourt Travel of Newquay
13th May 2008 Mark Longley Mark has gleefully informed me that he is the new owner of West Yorkshire 1731 (LUA714V), most recently with Alpine of Llandudno but laid up by them last summer. Now preserved it is hoped to restore it to NBC poppy red livery at a future date.
13th May 2008 (corrected 18th May 2008) James Willmott Former Bristol Omnibus LH6L 448 (YAE515V) has turned up on eBay - there had been some mystery about its fate, but it is now in deepest Lincolnshire and the current bidding is only at £500. There are just a few days left and the owner plans to scrap it immediately if no buyer is found.
12th May 2008 Alan Walker Two further VRs were exported by Bristol Bus & Coach (Munden) in April - they are former City of Oxford 497 (HUD497W) which has gone to Spain and East Kent 7664 (XJJ664V) which has gone to North Carolina in the U.S.A.
11th May 2008 Locobus Locobus, one of a series of specialist companies across Europe using Bristols for promotional purposes, is based in Italy and has two VRs in its fleet - West Yorkshire 1759 (PWY45W) and long-lost Maidstone & District 5853 (BKE853T).
6th May 2008 Warren Woodrow/Craig Ryan Former Western National/Devon General LHS 94 (LFJ848W) has turned up on eBay having been in use as an office to the north of Berwick. It only has a handful of seats remaining.
4th May 2008 Kevin Nicol Two interesting Bristols previously thought to have been scrapped have shown up recently in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. Former United Counties 962 (VVV962W) is a VR with Party Buses, whilst former Southern Vectis 513 (KDL413) is a 1955 LD6G that was last reported in use as a ticket office in downtown Denver in 1998 and which is now stored at the Regional Transport District depot
28th April 2008 Sam Wickham Former Eastern Counties Lodekka FS5G LFS54 (54CPW) spent many years as a mobile home transporting its owner between the UK and Germany, but on their sudden death in 2004 it was purchased by Wealden PSV (dealer) where it remains, seatless, awaiting someone to come along and give it some TLC.
28th April 2008 Dmitri Paltsev Some thirty-three years after it was exported, former Southern Vectis 523 (LDL722) is returning to these shores. Its stay will be brief though, as it is to be thoroughly serviced and prepared by Bristol Bus & Coach on behalf of Russian owner Dimitri Paltsev before heading off on an overland expedition from London to Mongolia!
23rd April 2008 Kevin Going MEL560P, the only VR operated by Casters Coaches of Romford, has turned up as a non-PCV with Spratton Folk Festival who are hoping to get it up and running around the Northamptonshire countryside very soon.
18th April 2008 Richard Glaister The end of an era has come in North Wales with the withdrawal of the final VR by Clynnog & Trefor of Trefor. They have operated many examples since taking the type on in considerable numbers in 1992. The last one was XJJ664V which has now passed to Bristol Bus & Coach.
10th April 2008 Julian Patterson Against expectations the former Hedingham Omnibus VRs with Ensign have escaped export and have in fact all travelled north to Bankfoot Buses of Perth
8th April 2008 Tony Barfiield Tony sent updates on two ECW-bodied LHs which have not been reported for quite some time and are safely tucked away in storage for possible future restoration. They are former United Auto 1712 (MUP712T) and new to Davies of Pencader NDE916R.
5th April 2008 Paul Pearson, Ray Evans With the conversion of Volvo double deckers for open-top use this season First Devon & Cornwall have started to dispose of their remaining VRs. Both GBF78N and RTH931S have been sold for preservation, GBF arriving home in Stoke-on-Trent this evening.
4th April 2008 Philip Higgs Classic Bus of Blackpool have in fact swapped XHK217X for WTG360T with Double DeckBus Export of Rotherham (dealer), XHK now being likely to be exported.
1st April 2008 Carl Lemon, Mark Stokes Two further Hedingham Omnibus VRs at Ensign are CJH141V and GGM108W.
31st March 2008 Peter Cook Four of the withdrawn VRs with Wilts & Dorset have been sold to an exporter in Rotherham. Those in question are 4427 (ELJ219V), 4430 (GEL680V) and 4450/6 (KRU850W/KRU856W).
23rd March 2008 Steve Simister The slow run-down of the Hedingham Omnibus VR fleet continues with the sale of RAH260W and RAH268W to Ensign for likely swift export.
23rd March 2008 Philip Higgs Classic Bus of Blackpool continue to acquire VRs - the latest is WTG360T latterly with Southern Vectis although not used in service by them.
20th March 2008 Paul Bateson Lodekka FLFs continue to show up on a regular basis around the World. Reported for sale (quite separately) on eBay in the U.S.A. at the moment are Western National 2006 (811KDV) and Hants & Dorset 1576 (LLJ442F)
20th March 2008 Bob Martin In addition to the eBay entries above, real gems discovered in Jamestown, Pennsylvania are former Crosville ML693 (RFM438) and ML714 (RFM459). The former is still intact but minus an engine, while the latter is collapsing and past redemption. Both have been missing since 1970 - a record 37 years between sightings!!
14th March 2008 Bill Presley Former Western National 2056 (BDV264C) is alive and well in Richmond, Indiana, U.S.A. Bill reports that it is currently under renovation
13th March 2008 Chris Wilhelm Good news is that after many years untraced former Alder Valley VR 606 (GGM76W) has turned up on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. It is out of use with Duskin who ran three VRs in the late 1990s. The other two are also still present - one is former United Auto 765 (HUP765T), whilst the identity of the open-topper is unclear although documentation shows it to be a 1979 model.
9th March 2008 Philipp Nordmann Philipp Nordmann has two Lodekkas safe and well in Germany. SAX989 was an LD6G of Red & White whilst EMR295D was an FLF6G new to Wilts & Dorset
9th March 2008 Alan Walker HUD497W is another VR to pass through Bristol Bus & Coach on its way for export to Spain. It is due to sail to Santander next week having arrived from Coachman of Swindon last month
8th March 2008 Tom James Village Coaches of Findon have sold open-top VR BCL213T to K & J Logistics (York Pullman) where it will join VDV140S in their outstanding livery
8th March 2008 Ant Poulton VR operations with the last former National Bus Company operator are nearing an end. Wilts & Dorset have six remaining while the associated Damory fleet have eight. All are liable to be withdrawn by May when enough replacement Scanias are due to be delivered
7th March 2008 Steve White Former Western National 2075 (BUO150B) has turned up at London Bus Company in Lydney. There is a bit of a mystery here - it was last reported in Lydney in 1995, but was for sale online in Austria in 2006 so it is a surprise for it to turn up in the UK again - repatriations are few and far between!
3rd March 2008 Mike Smith Abus of Bristol have repainted one of their two remaining VRs, XHK221X in a special livery to celebrate the impending centenary of Bristol Commercial Vehicles in May.
2nd March 2008 David Oakley Former United Counties 811 (RNV811M) is still going strong as an advertising unit for Irn Bru. David photographed it in Edinburgh in January.
2nd March 2008 Danny Chabaud Another Crosville VR in the news is DVG473 (WTU473W) which is currently for sale on eBay converted for use as a mobile bar in North Devon
29th February 2008 Philip Higgs Classic Bus of Blackpool continue to acquire VRs. The latest purchase is former Crosville DVG528 (DCA528X) which has come from Mike Nash (dealer)
28th February 2008 Allan Macfarlane/Terry Partridge Well known former East Midland/Southern National open-topper MBZ7140 (ex-OTO151R) has now been sold by Chepstow Classic to Medios Moviles in Spain for use as a mobile advertising unit
21st February 2008 Jean-Pierre Bourreau/Danny Chabaud Great to record no fewer than six previously unreported Lodekkas in Brittany, France. Four are in use with Publibus as mobile advertisements and in excellent. These are RFM433, UOD489, FWC427B and HHW459D. Meanwhile two FLFs are undergoing thorough restoration for similar use by Jean-Pierre Bourreau these being AAG125B and OPU825D
9th February 2008 Paul Turner Former Ribble RESL OCK366K has spent many years in preservation in Hastings, having operated for Hastings & District in the early 1990s, even into Stagecoach ownership. It has now passed back into ownership closer to home with the Lancastrian Transport Trust
6th February 2008 Steve White Former Bristol Omnibus C7252 (FHW157D) is for sale in Cologne, Germany at €40,000
3rd February 2008 Michael Wootten Wootten of Chesham have sold their last VR, JWV273W, for preservation, thus ending eight years of operation. They do however still have a RELL6L in the fleet (SWC24K)
24th January 2008 Neil Trump Former Crosville Lodekka ML698 (RFM443) has turned up in a wood near Le Mans in France in use as a static caravan. Efforts are under way to fix serious problems with the Bristol AVW engine and anyone who can help with this is asked to get in touch
22nd January 2008 John Hembry Damory 5070 (GEL686V) was withdrawn with accident damage in November, but has now been acquired by a number of drivers at Blandford Forum for repair and preservation
18th January 2008 Philip Higgs Classic Bus Lancashire, the operating arm of Totally Transport (which in turn is associated with Lancashire Transport Trust) has acquired XIL1254 (XHK217X) from Flagfinders of Braintree for possible conversion to semi open-top for the 2008 sightseeing season
18th January 2008 David Mulpeter SNJ593R has been sold from preservation to Village Coaches of Findon
14th January 2008 Cliff Essex Cliff has sent in some fascinating historical views of Lodekkas with Far Eastern operators. FLF AVW397F was with Citybus, Hong Kong and is seen in 1983/4, whilst Fok Lei in Macau had LDs JDL997, NBD905 and SNN77 which are seen in the late 1970s
13th January 2008 Karl van Camp News has been received of two VRs in Belgium - PRC851X is with Chantelly Chocolate in Baasrode as a publicity vehicle but is now for sale at €20,000, while BKE852T is in use at Antwerp Docks as a snack bar
11th January 2008 Dale Tringham LFJ859W was only operated for half a term by Michael's Travel in the Forest of Dean before returning to Emblings for resale in October. It has now turned up working a Leicestershire schools service with Powner of Market Harborough still in Embling's livery
6th January 2008 Dave Clements/Leo Roberts  I have received updates on no fewer than three preserved flat-front VRs today. Restoration efforts continue on former City of Oxford 302 (OFC902H) as well as Southern Vectis 622 (NDL490G) and 628 (SDL638J) with the Isle of Wight Bus Museum
29th December 2007 Tom James Now rare Plaxton-bodied LHS coach PHL454R has recently passed to York Pullman for continued PCV use
29th December 2007 Steve White The sole surviving Greenslades RELH coach, UFJ229J, was recovered for preservation during Christmas week and is now safely stored in Exeter awaiting restoration
28th December 2007 Diamond M Ranch Lodekkas continue to surface even in 2007 in all corners of the globe. The latest is former Hants & Dorset 1560 (KRU227F) which is in use (albeit static) on a ranch in Alaska
24th December 2007 Steve Simister Flagfinders of Braintree have finally retired their last VR, XIL1254 (ex-XHK217X). It is currently for sale but must be off site by the end of January
23rd December 2007 Ross Newman The two VRs sold by Travel Master to Ensign last month have now been sold on to Star Line Tours, the City Sightseeing franchise in Hollywood, California, U.S.A. They are VAH278X and SKL683X
22nd December 2007 Paul Brunton One of only two roadworthy Standerwick VRL coaches anywhere in the World, OCK66K is out and about in Victoria, Australia this Christmas running Santa Specials. The other runner is LRN55J.
20th December 2007 Richard Glaister and Andy Barlow HJB463W, withdrawn by Alpine back in February, has now been despatched to Wigley, Carlton for scrap
19th December 2007 Chris Stewart The final VR with Cedric of Wivenhoe, former Maidstone & District 5881 (FKM881V) has recently been sold for scrap after suffering major mechanical failure during its last day in service in July
17th December 2007 James Ingram United Auto LH6L AHN611M has been rescued for preservation by Neil Halliday, Shipley via James Ingram as dealer
10th December 2007 Mark Golding Former Bristol Omnibus FLF6B 501OHU which previously ran for New York Double Deck Tours has turned up in Ohio with a private owner
10th December 2007 Rob Tyley and Maurice Bateman Co-incidentally two Fife Scottish Lodekkas have turned up in very different parts of Europe. FS6G BXA462B is in Moscow having been exported in 2005, while FLF6G HXA413E is on the French Mediterranean coast, both in use as exhibition/advertising units.
10th December 2007 Andy Veitch Another VR has made it into preservation - former Maidstone & District/Highland BKE832T was saved by Russell & Nigel Kirk and has now passed to Andy Veitch and Mark Plant
6th December 2007 Andy Richings FDV837V left the UK on the noon Plymouth-Santander ferry on December 5th for a new life in Spain having been sold by Chepstow Classic Buses
6th December 2007 Gerry Tormey Brijan Tours of Curdridge (formerly Bishops Waltham) have sold their two VRs - XJJ668V and BEP968V- as yet another long time Bristol finds themselves without the marque in their fleet
6th December 2007 Chris Lefort (BBANA) The largest collection of flat front VRs anywhere have been retired from the Gray Line Vancouver tour which they have operated every year since 1992. It's not the end though, as they have all crossed to Gray Line Victoria for operation during 2008.
3rd December 2007 Bruce Henderson Hants & Dorset FLF6L KRU237F is undergoing refurbishment at Vic Rabb's in Charlotte, NC in preparation for use by Hard Rock Cafe, Myrtle Beach, SC
3rd December 2007 Neil Markwick Former City of Oxford 482 (OUD482T) was previously thought to have been scrapped, but is being used as a private static playbus on the premises of Horrocks of Brockton
27th November 2007 Graeme Wright Graeme reports the continued existence of two Lodekkas in the USA - former Brighton, Hove & District LDS6B 8 (OPN808) is still in Virginia, whilst former Bristol Omnibus FLF6B C7294 (JHW62E) is in Florida
26th November 2007 Graham Jones Wilts & Dorset 4422 (ELJ214V) has been transferred to sister fleet Damory Coaches as a result of the withdrawl of 5070 (GEL686V), the latter having sustained significant accident damage
22nd November 2007 Chris Stewart Thanks to Chris there is a major update to the Lough Swilly RE page listing latest withdrawals and disposals
22nd November 2007 Martin One of the very few remaining Leyland 501-engined VRs left in service was withdrawn at the end of October. It is GTX750W and was operated by M & E Coaches
22nd November 2007 DVLA website Former Southern Vectis/Solent Blue Line SDL636J has not been reported since 1993, but has a current license and so is likely still to be in active use as a mobile home. Any sightings or photos would be most welcome
21st November 2007 Martin Gould Sadly a buyer came too late for GHB146N and it has been cut up for scrap this week
14th November 2007 Colin Shears Rare Plaxton-bodied LHL coach GNM235N has been sold for further preservation to Tony Mayle of Holsworthy, Devon
14th November 2007 James Griffiths BMA524W has been sold by Silver Fox to Carl Ireland, Hull (dealer)
13th November 2007 Tim Weatherup Former Guide Friday VR FWT956J is still plying its trade as a tour bus on the island of St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada. It is of note as having carried City Sightseeing livery in 2004/5 - the only flat front VR to have done so
13th November 2007 Phil Logie GHB146N has been listed for a second time on eBay - it looks like last chance saloon for this.....saloon
11th November 2007 Alan Walker Former Clynnog & Trefor XJJ660V has been sold by Bristol Bus & Coach to Charter Entertainment, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
9th November 2007 Mark Stokes LDV467F has been sold to Talisman Coach Lines of Great Bromley as part of their heritage fleet
8th November 2007 Chris Platt Former Northampton LHS 21 (KBD21V) has been on Orkney since the summer, smartly converted to a mobile home
8th November 2007 Rev Patrick Coleman Midland General/Trent RELH6G ORC417N has been sold to Paul Smith, Tredegar for further preservation
4th November 2007 Allan Macfarlane Ryan (City Tour) of Bath have sold their last VRs, AHW199V and UWV619S, to Munden, Bristol (dealer) and they are due to go to Spain this week
3rd November 2007 Sam Wickham (and others) GHB146N is for sale on eBay and is in danger of being sold for scrap next week if a buyer doesn't come forward
2nd November 2007 Alan Thompson LHG439T has been sold by Embling, Guyhirn to an owner in Bordeaux, France and is due to leave on Monday 5th November
2nd November 2007 Tim Weatherup Former Western National FLF 2061 (BOD21C) has turned up in Indiana 29 years after the last reported sighting
31st October 2007 Neil Wise Former Abbey Coaches RESL6L GHB146N is for sale on eBay, starting at £500 and is to be scrapped if no buyer is found by next week
31st October 2007 Neil Wise and Mark Harrington Former United Auto LH 1600 (WHN600M) and Ribble VR 1448 (LHG448T) have been scrapped on site in recent weeks after many years deteriorating with Abbey Coaches in Middlesbrough
28th October 2007 Tim Weatherup LEU263P, latterly the only bus on Alderney with Riduna Buses has been ferried across to Guernsey for proposed 2008 tour and excursion work with Universal Limos
27th October 2007 Ross Newman Ensign (dealer) have acquired former Eastern Counties VR278 (VAH278X) from Travel Master in Kent
26th October 2007 Paul Bateson Former Southern Vectis 613 (GDL768E) is at Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada
22nd October 2007 Robert Price Chepstow Classic Buses has acquired former National Welsh Leyland 501-engined VRs BUH238V and GTX751W
20th October 2007 Paul Bateson (BBANA) Paul has discovered former Crosville DFB53 (266SFM) at Lumsden, Saskatchewan, Canada in semi-derelict condition
19th October 2007 Mark Golding Former Western National Lodekka 2113 (EDV525D) has been with LeRoy Watland  in Wisconsin since 1998
12th October 2007 Gary Cousins Former Thames Valley Lodekka D32 (GRX132D) is operating in East Germany as a mobile bar and cafe
12th October 2007 Richard Glaister WTG367T is now in service with Woolley, Newborough having been sold by Clynnog & Trefor
12th October 2007 Theo Vereecken WJM820T is used as a promotional vehicle in Holland by KRAS Tours
11th October 2007 Marlene Thomsen Former Western SMT LD6G GCS254 is alive and well and living in Denmark
10th October 2007 Melvyl Williams AFJ749T sold by First Devon & Cornwall for preservation
8th October 2007 Terry Partridge AFJ742T and JFJ500N sold for scrap after use for spares
4th October 2007 Dave de Carteret Celebrity VR VDV117S has now turned up on Guernsey with Universal Limos of St Martins - planned use is currently unknown
3rd October 2007 Jake Bamford Rare Leyland-engined VR FTU392T for sale - see Bristols for Purchase
3rd October 2007 Bus & Coach Preservation magazine - November 2007 issue Rare former Cleveland Transit Northern Counties-bodied playbus RDC108R for sale - phone 01643 707190
3rd October 2007 Bus & Coach Preservation magazine - November 2007 issue Ex-Trent RELH6G ORC417N for sale at £1750 - phone 07967 990629
1st October 2007 Gareth Blair RLJ341H sold for further preservation, but then readvertised
29th September 2007 Michael Wootten, Trevor Shore JWV272W sold to Shoreline Coaches
29th September 2007 Robert Price WTU490W sold for scrap
VTH942T sold for further preservation
BUH238V for sale
GTX751W for sale

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