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VRs in Eastern Europe

Last Updated : March 17th 2022 (VHB679S added, JHW107P and HWJ925W updated)

The VRs shown on this page were in Eastern Europe on the above date. The liveries depicted are the last known to be carried by the individual vehicles. If you know that the livery or location has now changed I would appreciate receiving an email or, better still, a photo which I will add to this page and credit to you. Remember - the site is only as good as the information I receive.

The following VR is in Ruu, Estonia as a restaurant owned by Emmanuel Wille:

VHB679S in 2021
Photo : ETS Nord

The following VR is in Slovakia as a promotional vehicle for Heliport Liptov:

SGR783V in 2018
Photo : Heliport Liptov

The following VR is in use as a mobile restaurant in Cluj, Romania called Big Red Bustaurant:

HWJ925W in 2018
Photo : Big Red Bustaurant

The following VR was exported to Poland in July 2016 and was out of use in Gdansk in June 2020:

FDL677V in 2020
Photo : From the Internet

The following VR is with Angielski Autobus in Lipno, Poland:

JHW107P with Angielski Autobus
Photo : Angielski Autobus

The following VR was in Yerevan, Armenia in June 2018 converted for use as an ice cream retail outlet:

KVF245V in 2018
Photo : Dave Scott

The following VR was with an unknown owner in St Petersburg, Russia in use as a promotional vehicle having been in Russia since at least 2008. It was last reported there in September 2014. By August 2018 it had moved to Yalta in Crimea where it was undergoing extensive work at the rear including a massive bonnet extension:

CPT739S in 2018
Photo : From the Internet

The following VR is with Hator, Warsaw in use as a promotional vehicle. It was last reported in January 2011:

AET184T in Poland
Photo : Michal Zareba

The following VR is with Conny and Gregor Ribič of Restaurant Via Mala, Maribor, Slovenia and is used as a mobile party bus:


FDL680V in 2019

Photo : Dabledeker Party Bus

The following VR was bought by London Steak House in Kamyanets-Podilskiy, Ukraine in December 2012 and was driven there later that month for use as a part of the restaurant. It was still current in July 2019 lettered for Red Bus Coffee:

JWV270W with Red Bus Coffee
Photo : Red Bus Coffee

The following VR is in use in Budapest, Hungary as a mobile exhibition unit for a children's ecology project:


FKM882V in 2012

Photo : Maurice Doggett

The following VR has been converted for use as a cafe in Targu Mures, Romania, trading as the Bristol Bus Cafe:


Photo : Nagy Szabolcs

The following VR is kept in a locked compound at Zastow with an unknown owner in Krakow, Poland:


Photo : Steve Thorpe

The following VR is in use as the "Bristol Pub" in Sturovo, Slovakia:

CJH115V in 2015
Photo : Bristol Pub

The following VR is with Coca-Cola in Tallinn, Estonia, having been converted to left-hand drive and is for use as an exhibition unit:


Photo : From the Internet


The following VR is kept as a "London Bus" at the Motor Museum in Otrebusy, near Warsaw, Poland. It was stored outside in derelict condition, by 11/2019:


BKE846T in 2003

Photo : Otrebusy Museum

  The following VR is with Tourist and Bus Centre, Usti nad Labem, Prirodni Svet, Czech Republic and has been converted to open-top:


The following VR is in use as a playbus in a red livery at McDonalds on the dual carriageway 5-6kms outside Sofia, Bulgaria on the road to Plovdiv and Istanbul:


Photo : Motion Images

The following VR is in with the Tour Bus Company in Russia, location unknown:


The following VR was noted in Budapest in July 2004. It has been in Hungary since 1989:


Photo : Andrew Cameron

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