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This page shows the many VRs currently in non-passenger carrying roles in Southern England. Where the vehicle history has been added to the site, click on the registration number to link to it, otherwise information is temporarily restricted to what you see on this page. Please let me know if you own (or know someone who owns) a VR in Non-PCV use that I don't know about. I would also be very pleased to receive more recent photographs of any of these VRs to include here.

Last Updated : May 22nd 2017 (URU691S updated)


Registration (Click for History)

Original Owner

Current Owner

Current Photo

Last Reported

Comments DVLA Status
VRT/SL/255 AYG941H West Yorkshire 1940 Chepstow Classic Bus, Chepstow

Photo : Online Transport Archive

June 2016 Exhibition unit Licence : Expires in June 2015
MOT : Expired in June 2010
VRT/SL2/173 SDL636J Southern Vectis 626 Zoe Wilson, Grateley   March 2016 Mobile homeLicence : On SORN
MOT : Expired in May 2013
VRT/SL2/236 OCK987K Ribble 1987 Classic Vehicle, Slough
July 1999 Dining bus Licence : Unregistered since September 2000
VRT/SL2/418 JAH404L Eastern Counties VR404 Unknown owner in the U.K.

Photo : Dave Beardmore

October 2007 Mobile hospitality unit Licence : Unregistered since September 2007
MOT : Expired in July 2008
VRT/SL2/570 RCH638L Trent 776 Trewoon TV, St Columb Major
September 2007 Mobile exhibition unit Licence : Unregistered since December 2002
VRT/SL2/655 PKE807M Maidstone & District 5807 Jake Bamford, Ramsgate

Photo : Daniel Stazicker

June 2013 Preserved as an exhibition unitLicence : On SORN
MOT : Expired in May 2011
VRT/SL2/671 NRU308M Hants & Dorset 3308, Latchingdon   April 2007  Licence : Unregistered since July 2001
VRT/SL2/695 NOB414M West Midlands 4414 Hertsmere Borough Council
January 1990 Playbus Licence : Unregistered since June 1996
VRT/SL2/766 TOE427N West Midlands PTE 4427 Eastover Primary School, Bridgwater TOE427N in 2015

Photo : eBay

November 2015 Teaching resourceLicence : Unregistered since April 2013
MOT : Expired in June 2012
VRT/SL2/767 TOE426N West Midlands PTE 4426 Brighton Council

Photo : Ken Lansdowne

April 2006 Playbus. Derelict condition, by 3/2003 Licence : Unregistered since September 1997
VRT/SL2/815 TOE438N West Midlands PTE 4438 London Torah Centre, N15   January 1995   Licence : Unregistered since November 1991
VRT/SL2/997 HTU160N Crosville DVG271 Movie Motors, Abbots Langley

Photo ; Glenn Knight

May 2008 Mobile diner. Ceased trading, 4/2008Licence : Unregistered since November 2010
VRT/SL3/136 MDM284P Crosville DVG284 UNISON, London

Photo : Dave Beardmore 

August 2003   Licence : Unregistered since August 2002
VRT/SL3/228 MCL937P Eastern Counties VR161 Greenwich Council, London
February 2006 School reading bus Licence : Unregistered since March 1999
VRT/SL3/238 MCL942P Eastern Counties VR166 Aeroshoot, London
December 2003 Film location vehicle Licence : Unregistered since February 2011
VRT/SL3/249 KOU796P Bristol 5510 Allan Rodgers, Twyford
February 2012 Caravan. Stored at Mike Nash's yardLicence : On SORN
VRT/SL3/296 LHT723P Bristol 5513 Thamesdown Banger Club, Swindon
March 1992 Used as a control/first aid unit Licence : Unregistered since April 1991
VRT/SL3/384 PVF353R Eastern Counties VR184 Church of Scientology, East Grinstead
January 2001 Reported to be in France Licence : Unregistered since November 1996
VRT/SL3/512 NHU670R Cheltenham District 5087 John Bowden & Marleen Schelvis, Shirehampton NHU670R in 2014

Photo : John Bowden

December 2014 Converted for use as a mobile home Licence : Expires in October 2015
MOT : Expires in September 2015
VRT/SL3/607 PUF584R Southdown 584 Aeroshoot, London

Photo : Ken Lansdowne

September 2004 Film location vehicle Licence : On SORN
Southdown 586 Walsh C of E Junior School, Ash
PUF586R in 2017
Photo : David Grimstone
March 2017
Licence : On SORN
MOT : Expired in June 2016
Southern Vectis 662
Unknown owner in Devon
ODL662R in 2016
Photo : Rob Capel
August 2016

Licence : On SORN

MOT : Expires in July 2017
Molly's Den, Winchester

May 2015
Static cafe
Licence : On SORN

VRT/SL3/924 VRP60S Northampton 60 Unknown owner in Croydon

Photo : Glenn Knight

January 2007
Licence : Unregistered since January 2013
MOT : Expired in September 2008
VRT/SL3/1028 WDP97S (ex-CBV12S) Ribble 2012 Filmflow, London

Photo : Steve Bunce

July 2007 Film location vehicle. For sale on eBay, 10/2005 Licence : Unregistered since March 2005
VRT/SL3/1072 RHT505S Bristol C5111 Unknown owner in Wickford

Photo : Carl Lemon

May 2010  Licence : Unregistered since June 1999
VRT/SL3/1085 RHT509S Bristol C5115 Wood Hall, Merton SW3   March 2011 Static dining vehicle at Bushey College. Noted in Guildford in allover red livery, 3/2011Licence : Unregistered since November 2005
MOT : Expired in September 2006
VRT/SL3/1093 URU691S Hants & Dorset 3384 Location Services, Carnon Downs, Cornwall

Photo : Simon Coates

May 2017
For conversion to a mobile film location vehicleLicence : On SORN
MOT : Expired in November 2014
East Midlands 172
Island Harbour Marina, Newport, Isle of Wight
Spice Bus in 2014
Photo : Island Harbour Marina
November 2015

VRT/SL3/1147 UWV616S Southdown 616 EYS, Stevenage

Photo : Dave Beardmore

August 2004

VRT/SL3/1148 UWV617S Southdown 617 Routemaster Heritage Society, London
January 2013 Believed to have been acquired on behalf of a film company
West Yorkshire 1993
Unknown owner in Hayle

June 2015

VRT/SL3/1297 UDL671S Southern Vectis 671 Netheravon Camp, Salisbury Plain

Photo : Peter Cook

June 2013 Immobile control tower
VRT/SL3/1331 YWY830S West Yorkshire 1704 Church of Scientology, East Grinstead

Photo : Dave Beardmore

February 2003

South Wales 933
Rob Sly, Tewkesbury

February 2017
Site hut

VRT/SL3/1533 CBD904T United Counties 904 Unknown owner in Southern England

Photo : Martin Addison

March 2011 Caravan
VRT/SL3/1758 DNG233T Eastern Counties VR233 Bear Pit Improvement Group, Stokes Croft DNG233T in 2015

Photo : Sholto Thomas

October 2015 Static cafe
VRT/SL3/1866 BCV91T (ex-AET186T) East Midlands 186 David Bolitho, Hayle

Photo : David Bolitho

August 2012 For conversion to a mobile exhibition unit
VRT/SL3/1956 AFJ760T Western National 1153 Croyde Surf Academy, Croyde AFJ760T at Croyde

Photo : Nick Foster

July 2016 Converted for use as a mess hut
VRT/SL3/2006 AFJ773T Western National 1166 Smiths Engineering, Eastington

Photo : Richard Waterhouse

May 2012 Mobile advertising unit
VRT/SL3/2092 SGR780V United Auto 780 Prosolve Consulting, London W1

Photo : From the Internet

January 2011 Kept in a yard in Basildon
VRT/SL3/2197 JWT761V West Yorkshire 1728 London Bus Export Company, Lydney

Photo : Richard Hill

February 2017 Used as a mobile camera platform at horse racing on a contract for S4C
VRT/SL3/2204GEL681VHants & Dorset 3431Unknown owner in CroydonGEL681V in Croydon
Photo : GoogleMaps
August 2014Immobile cafe
Hants & Dorset 3432 White Woman Lane Primary School, Norwich
GEL682V at the primary school
Photo : From the Internet
November 2015

Hants & Dorset 3435
Newchurch Primary School, Isle of Wight
GEL685V at Newchurch Primary School
Photo : Jay Taylor
November 2015
Immobile classroom

VRT/SL3/2288 AHU513V Bristol 5136 Wood Hall, Merton SW3

Photo : Mike Nash

January 2008  
VRT/SL3/2366 FDV832V Western National 1188 Unknown owner in South West England
September 2012 Windows overpanelled and painted allover turquoise
VRT/SL3/2402 FDL679V Southern Vectis 679 Unknown owner in Bristol

Photo : Mark Austin

October 2015 Converted for use as a mobile bread shop
VRT/SL3/2449 MRJ8W Mayne of Manchester Haywood Office Supplies, Chandlers Ford   August 2010 For conversion to a mobile showroom
VRT/SL3/2452 XJJ667V East Kent 7667 Unknown owner in Brighton

Photo : Ken Lansdowne

April 2012 Caravan
VRT/SL3/2537 HUD501W City of Oxford 501 Unknown owner in Cornwall

Photo : Simon Coates

July 2016 Used as an immobile caravan
VRT/SL3/2587 JWV257W Southdown 257 Unknown travellers in South Devon

Photo : Dave Beardmore

September 2012 Caravan
VRT/SL3/2588 JWV258W Southdown 258 Buckover Farm Equestrian, Thornbury

Photo : James Willmott

February 2015 Used as an immobile office and grandstand
VRT/SL3/2612 GTX750W National Welsh LR726 Chris Markey, Ongar

Photo : Le Mans Run

September 2014 Converted for use on trips to Le Mans
VRT/SL3/2625 LFJ853W Western National 1206 Leyland Court Farm, Bradley Stoke

Photo : David Oakley

June 2016 Used as a control tower - dragged round by tractor as and when requiredSold to Used Bus & Coach, Warrington (dealer), 6/2016
Western National 1211
Justin Westaway, St Austell
LFJ858W in 2017
Photo : Tim Raffield
May 2017
Converted for use as a mobile bar

VRT/SL3/2700 WTU473W Crosville DVG473 Unknown owner in Essex

Photo : Chris Stewart

April 2012 Mobile bar
VRT/SL3/2704 KRU854W Hants & Dorset 3454 Ministry of Defence Dog Division, Salisbury Plain  KRU854W in 2014 November 2014  
VRT/SL3/2733 SIL5954 (ex-SVL172W) Lincolnshire 1962 Hugh Lowe Farms, Mereworth

Photo : Dave Beardmore

January 2005 Staff transport
Eastern National 3086
Mission Grove Primary School, London E17
STW30W in 2017
Photo : Steven Douglas
April 2017
Static classroom

Crosville DVL485
The Bus Cafe, Margate
WTU487W in 2016
Photo : Margate Bus Cafe
May 2016
Static cafe

Lincolnshire 1967
William Bazeley, Colchester
SVL177W in 2015
Photo : Mark Pitman
October 2015

VRT/SL3/2866 RUA456W West Riding 906 Brian Hansford, Poole

Photo : Dave Kite

April 2012 Mobile home
United Counties 951
Molly's Den, New Milton
VVV951W at Molly's Den
Photo : Molly's Den
May 2014
Static playbus

VRT/SL3/2919 EWS740W Bristol 5532 London Bus Export Company, Lydney

Photo : Dave Beardmore

January 2016 Mobile exhibition unit for Nokia
VRT/SL3/2932 EWS742W Bristol 5534 Mutation Motorsport, ?, Kent
EWS742W in 2017

Photo : Mark Kirk

April 2017 Converted for use as a racing kart transporter
VRT/SL3/2941 WKH524X East Yorkshire 524 J & H Dining Buses, ?

Photo : John Stewart

July 2005 Film location vehicle
VRT/SL3/2993 LAK937W Yorkshire Traction 937 The Big Red Pizzeria, Deptford

Photo : John Cierach

August 2013 Static restaurant

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