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This website is for anyone interested in the products of Bristol Commercial Vehicles, a manufacturer swallowed up by British Leyland and a tragic victim of the politics of the 1970s and early 1980s. The specific model we deal with in most detail is the Vertical Rear-engined (VR) double decker although we also cover all surviving Lodekka half-cab double deckers as well as single-deck RE and LH survivors. VRs are now extinct in normal service but some remain for special events and current operators of the type are listed here. By contrast there are now well over 200 VRs recorded in various states of preservation in the UK with many more continuing to earn their keep in a multitude of uses overseas. Ever-faithful Lodekkas continue to earn their keep in all corners of the World, many of them now well past their fiftieth birthday!

Last Updated : February 15th 2018 (New Bristol-themed items to buy, JGF259K, RGF231P, WDA672T, WFX75X and LMO186X on eBay, CRU301L)

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Spotters' Log - all Bristol sightings recorded here

Bristols For Sale
I do not charge any fees for listing Bristol vehicles for sale on this page, but I regret I cannot advertise events due to lack of available time. I do however list Bristols advertised on eBay in the hope of alerting buyers who may otherwise miss the opportunity and have added a few additional links to interesting eBay categories such as those for Photos and Models at various points on the website.

Mission Statement
The aim of this website is to be the up-to-date reference point for all Bristol VR, Lodekka, RE and LH vehicles. Ultimately it is the intention to have a profile page for every one of these vehicles that were built including photos with every owner in every livery. Obviously this is a lifetime's work and will not be achieved without the help of a great many contributors - these kind folk have already helped to swell the number of photos held for publication to over 45,000, many of which are already in use on the site. I am very careful not to breach copyright but if I have used any of yours inappropriately please contact me and I will put it right immediately. With the dramatically reduced activity in the Bristol vehicle world in recent years I now record all major vehicle changes and items of interest on the Recently Recorded Changes Log.

I hope that whether you are a regular visitor to this site or you have simply stumbled across it you can sense the enjoyment I have derived over many years in compiling it (and continue to do so - there's still a long way to go before I'm "finished" documenting these wonderful timeless vehicles). I have recently started a number of new pages which deal with the more unusual and noteworthy aspects of operation and use of the VR, Lodekka, RE and LH models and I thought it was time to share the links for these new pages with you. All are still very much under construction so do please come back periodically and see what I have added. The first page deals with unfortunate incidents resulting in fire and accident damage. Next comes advertising liveries (this will take a long time to complete and so far I have only started the Bristol Omnibus and Eastern Counties pages!). Finally there is a repository for operations, uses and conversions which I think merit their own separate entry which I am calling Unusual Bristols. Don't forget I have listed some coverage of Bristols on YouTube as well. If you have any contributions for any of these pages I would be delighted to hear from you.

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Operator Focus (June 1st 2017)

West Yorkshire VRs

XWW474G when new

Finally, after over five years of building the lists of operators on this website, I have completed what I set out to do - every VR, RE, Lodekka and LH is now listed with every operator who ever owned one. West Yorkshire VRs were the very last list completed and to celebrate here is a photo of XWW474G when brand new in Tilling red livery. The photo was taken by Neil Halliday who now owns this very bus in preservation.

Operator Focus - Archive

The Operator Focus Archive contains a log of previously featured operators. If you can contribute to fill any gaps or correct any mistakes I'd be delighted to hear from you.

Photo of the Month (January 1st 2018)

THU347G in 1978OHU770F in 2018

Two photos of Bristol Omnibus REs with close on 40 years between them taken at the same spot in Old Sodbury. First up is RESL 501 (THU347G) taken by Stephen Dowle in February 1978 while the second photo is of RELL 1071 (OHU770F) taken today (January 1st 2018) by its owner Derek Ferris who enjoyed a bank holiday run during which he recreated several old BOC scenes. Such are the simple pleasures afforded to the lucky owners of historic vehicles like 1071.

Photo of the Month - Archive

This is the latest photo in a regular feature intended to showcase the work of some of the very kind contributors to this website to whom we are very much indebted. 


Operator Focus

For a few years now I have been adding Illustrated Fleet Histories for operators who have run VRs, REs, LHs and/or Lodekkas at some point, ranging from large groups to tiny one-vehicle operations. Those added so far are listed by county on the Operator Cross Reference page (including an indication as to whether or not the list yet contains all the details and photos in my possession), but I now plan to showcase operators as I work on them. The purpose of highlighting them on here is both as a means of promoting the pages but also as a request for viewers to send in any photos that fill in the gaps in the Photo Archive sections on each page. The aim is to illustrate every vehicle in every livery with every operator and I want to thank all the very many kind individuals who have already made such contributions to this website.

The Illustrated Histories Log page details those vehicles that have already been processed. More are added each week. If you can help to complete any with either additional information or photos I would be delighted to hear from you, either through the submission of photos or slides for scanning, or through the email of digital images. You will find my Contact Information at the foot of this page.



VRs in Service

All current VRs operated around the UK.


Playbuses, exhibition units, caravans, etc. They're all here.

Preserved VRs

Over one hundred and eighty VRs are already in preservation. Keep up with their progress here.

All RE Survivors

Lists by original owner of all RE survivors from around the World

All Lodekka Survivors

Lists by original owner of all Lodekka survivors from around the World

All LH Survivors

Lists by original owner of all LH survivors from around the World




Here you will find all VRs that were manufactured, listed by original owner. The lists show the current location of all survivors, all others being marked as scrapped.


Although we do not cover the Bristol SU, you will find very comprehensive comprehensive coverage on Gerry Tormey's website using the above link


Gerry Tormey has also now completed a superb site devoted to the Bristol MW. Follow the link above.


Further offerings from Gerry Tormey now include this site for the Bristol SC....


...and this one for the integral Bristol LS model.


Here are Gerry's two latest websites, dedicated to these grand old Bristol single deck models.

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Bristols on Video
Following the use of JOU161P on free services in and around Cheltenham on Saturday 12th September 2009 a video of it appeared on YouTube, thanks to the prolific camera of Simon "Video47". This has prompted me to add a new page to this website where I will add links to videos of Bristol VRs, REs, LHs and Lodekkas across the Internet. If you find any more do please drop me a line at and I will build up this library of material.

Facebook Page
I thought it might be nice to have a forum whereby readers could easily comment on and raise issues about the website, chat with me and with each other and help with information and photos for use on the website. I have therefore added a page on Facebook where I will periodically post photos and information that might not normally make it onto this website. I have started off with four photos of Bristol Lodekkas which I hope we might be able to identify and thereby add to the historical record on here. Do please become a fan of this website - you can even receive updates on Twitter - I look forward to seeing you there!

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Special Feature - a Bristol VR at the 2010 World Cup

Morocco Special Bulletin

Fantastic news is that after 22 years "missing in action" Series 1 flat-front VR BYG851H, former West Yorkshire VR44, has been spotted in good condition in Morocco. It was parked just off the main road heading back into Tangier from Cap Spartel and the "Caves of Hercules". Unfortunately Clive Williams (whose quick thinking provided enough of the registration to check its identity on this website) was on a tour coach at the time so it was impossible to get a photo. My request to readers is for anyone who finds themselves heading out to Morocco to keep their eyes peeled for this one (and to carry a camera with them!!).