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Last updated : October 24th 2019 (SDL636J added)

***Updated : Bristol merchandise - parts, vinyls, socks, tea towels and more for sale***
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Other buses are tracked on eBay here. Recent additions are:

Bristol LD RFM435 (added October 1st 2019)
Bristol VR HUD479S (added July 22nd 2019)
Bristol FLF TRB568F (added July 11th 2019)
AEC Routemaster RM1119 119CLT (added May 8th 2019)
MCW Metrobus LOA451X (added April 12th 2019)
Bristol VR FDL679V (added March 3rd 2019)
Duple-bodied Bedford YMT RRT111W (added March 1st 2019)
Ex-Darlington Daimler CCG6/Roe 304VHN (added February 15th 2019)
Bristol LHS/Plaxton coach RGF231P (added February 7th 2019)
Bristol VR EWS752W (added January 31st 2019)
Bristol RESL/East Lancs LED72P (added January 14th 2019)
AEC Routemaster JJD394D (added January 4th 2019)
Former BEA/London Transport AEC Routemaster NMY637E (added 21st December 2018)
Bristol LH/Plaxton camper conversion NWW163K (added December 1st 2018)
Bristol FLF EHW191C (added November 28th 2018)
Bristol VR open-top HPK507N (added November 26th 2018)
Bristol LH charabanc conversion NLJ516M (added November 26th 2018)
Bristol FS JFM220D (added November 22nd 2018)
Bristol FLF WVX525F (added November 21st 2018)
AEC Reliance/Plaxton transporter WJH325M (added November 18th 2018)
Ex-Tyne & Wear P.T.E. Leyland Atlantean / Alexander GBB516K (added November 5th 2018)
Leyland Tiger PS2 / Burlingham recovery vehicle CRN983 (added October 25th 2018)
Ex-London Transport RML894 WLT894 (added October 10th 2018)
Ex-Portsmouth Corporation Leyland Atlantean/MCW ERV250D (added October 2018)
Ex-London Transport RT804 JXN182 (added October 7th 2018)
Rare ACE Puma / Van Hool B628MSF (added October 3rd 2018)
Leyland Atlantean / Alexander GFS443N (added September 26th 2018)
Leyland Panther/Marshall MAT848F (added September 16th 2018)
Bristol VRT/ECW EAP984V (added September 9th 2018)
Bristol VRT/ECW open-top FDL681V (added September 6th 2018)
Ex-North Western Bedford VAL14/Strachans AJA133B (added September 1st 2018)
Ex-Salford Leyland Titan PD2/Metro Cammell WRJ179 (added August 23rd 2018)
Ex-Sheffield Leyland Atlantean / Alexander UWA293L (added August 15th 2018)
Ex-Leicester Leyland Titan PD3A / Park Royal GRY63D (added August 13th 2018)
AEC Routemaster RM999 WLT999 (added August 12th 2018)
Bedford OB GDL667 (added August 8th 2018)
Bedford OB KJH731 (added August 8th 2018)
Leyland Olympian/ECW A105FPL (added August 1st 2018)

Very large Belfast sinks for sale
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 Bristol Omnibus Memorabilia


Bristols Available for Purchase

Zoe Wilson has lived in former Southern Vectis flat-front VR SDL636J for many years, parked just off the M4 in Wiltshire. She now needs to sell the bus and would dearly love to see it go to someone who will care for it and eventually restore it as a bus. She can be contacted through email at or on 07810302719.

Former Thames Valley FLF6G FJB739C is currently being advertised by Nostalgia Travel in Oxfordshire for sale. It has been used for private hire for many years and so should be in good serviceable condition, although I have no inside knowledge of this. Contact details are on their website here

Martin Pinnington is reluctantly offering former West Yorkshire/Silver Star RELL6G JWU335J due to poor health. Untouched since being towed to its current location, Martin has some parts stored towards its  restoration and it is reasonably complete. He is much more interested in any buyer's commitment to restore the vehicle than getting top money for it so if you are interested in taking it on please drop him a line at

Rare opportunity to acquire a Bristol Omnibus country RELL, 1332 (OAE954M) from the Stroud RE Group. All in running order, very loud exhaust note, they are only selling because they have decided that they already have enough on their plate with other buses. 4750 secures. Contact Mike at

LD6G RAG411, new to Western SMT in 1961 is currently for sale. It is stored at the Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust and has been restored to their livery. Asking price is 15,000 and enquiries are invited to Robin Thomas at

EWS752W in 2018
Tom Robinson-Jones has former Bristol Omnibus/Badgerline 5544 (EWS752W) for sale. Currently based near Telford it has been used by non-PCV owners since withdrawal from service 20 years ago.  It has a current MOT. The asking price is 6950 and can be delivered if required. Contact Tom at or call him on 07946 761904.

HPK507N with Stagecarriage
Stagecarriage of Middlesbrough are offering their well-known open-top VR, rare ultra-lowheight former Alder Valley coach HPK507N for sale. Believed to be a runner it requires a full interior refit and currently has no seats upstairs. Enquiries should be addressed to

FDL681V in preservation
Jimmy Comfort is looking to sell his former Southern Vectis partial open-top VR FDL681V. It has had a new upper deck floor and seats, king pins, refurbished front axle and front nearside spring, six new tyres and much more! It drives well with strong engine and gearbox and is currently Class 5 MOTed to June 2019. He is looking for 14,500 but this is negotiable. Please give him a call on 07876 183844 or email
April 2018
1117PW in Belgium
Jo Alen has for sale former Eastern Counties FS5G LFS17 (1117PW). It is located near Brussels in Belgium and has been owned by the Alen family since being exported in 1978. It was used for many years at trade shows, carnivals, markets and suchlike but has been laid up and dry stored for the past 20 of so years. All seats have been removed, but this was done carefully and they are securely stored with the bus along with all the interior chrome work. A few windows are broken but it is otherwise intact and the engine runs. If you are interested in a conversation with Jo with a serious view to purchase please contact him initially at It would be great to find a good home for this rare find.
March 2018
London Bus Company (Roger Wright) have had open-top VR MDM284P in store indoors for several years and would now like to see it sold on. It is in reasonable condition and is fitted with a wheelchair lift, so could even be considered for a return to service. Offers are invited - please contact for further details or to make an offer.
February 2018

Robert Nogues has decided to offer his RELL6G/Alexander (ex-Citybus 2446) WOI2446 for sale. It is currently roadworthy with a valid MOT and comes with a quantity of spares. Robert is asking 2500 and if you are genuinely interested please drop him a line at
September 2017
Mike Pannell is rationalising his fleet of Lodekkas and so is making open-top FLF6G 409PTA available in Wyoming, U.S.A. It is currently a non-runner but could be repaired. He also has available the front end from 136HUO which is in an unknown condition but could possibly be used to repair the open-topper. Enquiries to Mike at
March 2017
As reported recently on this website, Wolfram acquired former Western National LD6G 1933 (UOD487) last year for spare parts to repair his own accident-damaged TUO503. This work is now complete but he has no need for the remains of 1933 nor a place to store it, so he is offering the bus free of charge to anyone who can make use of it. The down side is that the bus is in Austria and you will of course need to have it towed away, but if you are interested please contact Wolfram either through Facebook or at
October 2016
Two LHs currently in the care of Heritage Malta are currently being offered for sale by tender alongside various other vehicles. The first is ECW-bodied GLJ485N and the other is Plaxton-bodied RDE298S (new to Silcox of Pembroke Dock). Details of how to tender can be found here.
August 2016
AAX21B in 2016
Former Red & White FS6G AAX21B is currently for sale in Moscow. Any brave souls out there looking to take on a Lodekka should contact Leonid Kozlov at for further details but I don't advise sending money abroad until you know what you're getting!
June 2016
Owing to the impending loss of storage very rare dual-door RESL6G CCG296K which was new to Aldershot & District is being offered for sale by Mike Grant. It has been stood outside for many years and is still in the same condition as when it was used by the London Borough of Redbridge as a mobile day centre. It must be sold, or it will have to go for scrap so please make Mike an offer on 01708 509058 or email
October 2015
Former Ulsterbus RELL6G/Alexander (Belfast) WOI2440 is for sale at 3,500. It was acquired earlier this year by Alex Silk for conversion to a mobile bar, but plans have changed and Alex would now like to see it go to a good home. It is based in the Wells area and enquiries should be made to 07496 366660.
March 2015
XFB836Y in 2015
Cavendish Liner currently have a rare very late-model Duple-bodied LHS coach XFB836Y for sale. Unfortunately it requires a replacement engine, but is otherwise complete and would make an interesting addition to the ranks of preserved vehicles. Allocations manager Ben Fountain is handling the sale and can be contacted at
February 2015
Rare ex-West Midlands P.T.E. MCW-bodied VR GOG653N is currently available for offers around 2000. It was restored many years ago but has not moved since 2007. Would need a heavy clean and thorough tidy up. Complete with seats it will need mechanical attention to get it rolling again. The current owner has no means of moving it or working on it and would like to see it go on to a good home in preservation - contact 
January 2013

Robbie Pict is reluctantly selling his LHL/Plaxton coach, converted for use as accommodation. It was recently featured in the BBC Alba documentary "The Bridge Rising" when it acted as the campaign bus for the Skye toll protestors. At present out of MOT Robbie would accept in the region of 2500 or 2995 with an MOT. It is mechanically sound with a ramp fitted to the rear. Suitable for stock cars, quad bikes, horses, etc. For further details please contact

November 2012

Mark Allin is offering this ex-Crosville ECW coach-bodied MW 815XFM as a swap for a bus-bodied MW, so if you have a suitable vehicle or can suggest one please contact Mark Allin at

November 2012

Former City of Oxford Series 2 VR GUD751N has been used for many years as a playbus, first around London and then more recently in Wales, but it is now surplus to requirements and is a rare opportunity to acquire a roadworthy early VR. The bus has a built-in Honda generator, battery charger, Webasto heater and toilet. It is taxed to the end of July 2013 and has an MOT that runs to the end of January 2013. It can be driven away on a car licence (under the 30 year rule) and the owners are open to offers. If you are interested please contact David Griffiths for more details on 01554 745150 or at

August 2012

This is almost certainly the last chance to buy Northern Counties-bodied former Cleveland Transit RDC108R which was converted for use as a playbus many years ago and which is now resident in Denmark. The owner is making it as simple as possible to acquire it by offering to deliver it to the Esjberg end of the Harwich ferry (it drives with no problems apparently - it was driven to Denmark as recently as 2010). It has four new retreads at the rear and two brand new (in 2010) tyres on the front. He is asking for 2400 cash on collection and can be contacted at

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