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Last updated : April 18th 2017 (VTH941T added)

Other buses are tracked on eBay here. Recent additions are:

Ex-West Riding Bristol VR YUM516S (added April 18th 2017)
Ex-North Western Bristol L5G AJA132 (added March 9th 2017)
Ex-Ribble ECW-bodied Leyland Atlantean RFR424P (added March 9th 2017)
Ex-London Transport RML2333 (added March 5th 2017)
Ex-London Transport RML2688 (added March 5th 2017)
Ex-London Transport RM826 (added March 5th 2017)
Bristol RE EHU386K (added March 1st 2017)
AEC 470/Duple Britannia XOT104 (added February 24th 2017)
Bristol VR JWT761V (added February 10th 2017)
Bristol VR YMB519W (added February 8th 2017)
Bristol VR NHU671R (added February 8th 2017)
Leyland Royal Tiger/Brush DHE353 (added February 7h 2017)
Bristol VR caravan conversion VDV117S (added February 6th 2017)
Original condition AEC-engined Routemaster WLT446 (added February 5th 2017)
Flat-front Bristol VR UUF110J (added February 1st 2017)
Ex-Southdown Queen Mary 422DCD (added January 30th 2017)
Ex-London Transport JJD571D (added January 29th 2017)
Ex-Crosville Bristol MW towing wagon 302PFM (added January 26th 2017)
Ex-Lancashire United Guy Arab MTJ84 (added January 20th 2017)
Ex-London Leyland National Greenway GUW478W (added January 14th 2017)

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 Bristol Omnibus Memorabilia


Bristols Available for Purchase

April 2017
Robin Harrison is advertising Gardner 6LXB-engined VR VTH941T following a change in circumstances. It has not been MOTed since 2008 and needs work, particularly a repaint. Drives well but gear selector sticky from lack of use. New owner will need to arrange recovery. Interior clean and tidy. Asking 2000. Robin is best contacted on Facebook or contact me and I will put you in touch.
March 2017
From Mike Ellis: "An opportunity exists to take on an ex BOC/Badgerline Bristol VR(5545 EWS753W) a unique survivor from the fleet having retained its Leyland 680 engine throughout its working life and into preservation. Withdrawn in 1998 the bus retains its period adverts inside and out plus Badgerline livery,all ECW fixtures and fittings,and an excellent set of seats all in the same moquette.The bus has benefited from full garaging in my ownership and has an MOT to March 2018.Both batteries are excellent and she can be driven away. However I must stress do not expect a brand new vehicle and depending how you like to see them there is plenty to do to get her into show condition or you can turn up at rallies just as she is of course.
Please be aware this bus will only be sold to a true enthusiast/preservationist and not for conversion or export. Regretfully I cannot offer further storage as I need the space for my other Bristol buses and this is the reason she will be leaving.
Offers are invited over 5k and I am based near Stroud.Gloucestershire.
To view please email me, I will add a photo tomorrow."
March 2017
As reported recently on this website, Wolfram acquired former Western National LD6G 1933 (UOD487) last year for spare parts to repair his own accident-damaged TUO503. This work is now complete but he has no need for the remains of 1933 nor a place to store it, so he is offering the bus free of charge to anyone who can make use of it. The down side is that the bus is in Austria and you will of course need to have it towed away, but if you are interested please contact Wolfram either through Facebook or at
October 2016
Two LHs currently in the care of Heritage Malta are currently being offered for sale by tender alongside various other vehicles. The first is ECW-bodied GLJ485N and the other is Plaxton-bodied RDE298S (new to Silcox of Pembroke Dock). Details of how to tender can be found here.
August 2016
AAX21B in 2016
Former Red & White FS6G AAX21B is currently for sale in Moscow. Any brave souls out there looking to take on a Lodekka should contact Leonid Kozlov at for further details but I don't advise sending money abroad until you know what you're getting!
June 2016
Owing to the impending loss of storage very rare dual-door RESL6G CCG296K which was new to Aldershot & District is being offered for sale by Mike Grant. It has been stood outside for many years and is still in the same condition as when it was used by the London Borough of Redbridge as a mobile day centre. It must be sold, or it will have to go for scrap so please make Mike an offer on 01708 509058 or email
October 2015
Former Ulsterbus RELL6G/Alexander (Belfast) WOI2440 is for sale at 3,500. It was acquired earlier this year by Alex Silk for conversion to a mobile bar, but plans have changed and Alex would now like to see it go to a good home. It is based in the Wells area and enquiries should be made to 07496 366660.
September 2015
Another VR being released from Mark Terrill's preserved fleet is Series 2 GNJ573N which is ex-Southdown, Brighton & Hove and Crosville. For further details contact Mark at
August 2015
Mark Terrill is having a clear-out of some of his fleet and is selling two former Southdown VRs. AAP648T is a Series 3, while WUF537K is now unique in being a dual-door flat-front example. It had an interesting career passing to Bristol Omnibus and even saw service with Badgerline (including the famous badger decals) for a while before being sold for berry picking duties in Scotland where it remained until 2000 when Mark saved it. He can be contacted at for details.
March 2015
XFB836Y in 2015
Cavendish Liner currently have a rare very late-model Duple-bodied LHS coach XFB836Y for sale. Unfortunately it requires a replacement engine, but is otherwise complete and would make an interesting addition to the ranks of preserved vehicles. Allocations manager Ben Fountain is handling the sale and can be contacted at
February 2015
Rare ex-West Midlands P.T.E. MCW-bodied VR GOG653N is currently available for offers around 2000. It was restored many years ago but has not moved since 2007. Would need a heavy clean and thorough tidy up. Complete with seats it will need mechanical attention to get it rolling again. The current owner has no means of moving it or working on it and would like to see it go on to a good home in preservation - contact 
October 2014
VDV753 with Quantock
Following a scaling back of the busines, Quantock Motor Services are advertising rare long LDL6G VDV753 at 17,000 plus VAT. Interested parties are invited to call 07736 109513.
May 2013

Steve Cocks is reluctantly selling unrestored Marshall-bodied coach LH NTT319M to help fund a new project. It is in better condition than it looks, but some box section repairs will be necessary. The engine and running gear is working, but the clutch requires a master cylinder which would be easily sorted. If you are interested in taking this on please give Steve a call on 07725111804 and make him an offer.

January 2013

Robbie Pict is reluctantly selling his LHL/Plaxton coach, converted for use as accommodation. It was recently featured in the BBC Alba documentary "The Bridge Rising" when it acted as the campaign bus for the Skye toll protestors. At present out of MOT Robbie would accept in the region of 2500 or 2995 with an MOT. It is mechanically sound with a ramp fitted to the rear. Suitable for stock cars, quad bikes, horses, etc. For further details please contact

November 2012

Mark Allin is offering this ex-Crosville ECW coach-bodied MW 815XFM as a swap for a bus-bodied MW, so if you have a suitable vehicle or can suggest one please contact Mark Allin at

November 2012

Former City of Oxford Series 2 VR GUD751N has been used for many years as a playbus, first around London and then more recently in Wales, but it is now surplus to requirements and is a rare opportunity to acquire a roadworthy early VR. The bus has a built-in Honda generator, battery charger, Webasto heater and toilet. It is taxed to the end of July 2013 and has an MOT that runs to the end of January 2013. It can be driven away on a car licence (under the 30 year rule) and the owners are open to offers. If you are interested please contact David Griffiths for more details on 01554 745150 or at

August 2012

O R Jones of Llanfaethlu have finally finished with their VRs and have two for sale, both former Crosville - WTU470W and BMA523W. They are both rough on the outside but have been in service until recently and could be driven away if relicensed (both are currently on SORN). If you are interested in either or both then please contact Maldwyn Jones at or on 01407 730204 (during office hours) or 07776 146572.

August 2012

This is almost certainly the last chance to buy Northern Counties-bodied former Cleveland Transit RDC108R which was converted for use as a playbus many years ago and which is now resident in Denmark. The owner is making it as simple as possible to acquire it by offering to deliver it to the Esjberg end of the Harwich ferry (it drives with no problems apparently - it was driven to Denmark as recently as 2010). It has four new retreads at the rear and two brand new (in 2010) tyres on the front. He is asking for 2400 cash on collection and can be contacted at

April 2012

Voel of Dyserth have operated Alexander-bodied Bristol VRs for more than 20 years but have now withdrawn their last example, former Northampton dual-door VVV63S which they would like to sell for preservation rather than straight to the scrapman. It still has a small amount left on its MOT and is available for 500 plus VAT with a selection of spares which will no longer be of any use to the operator. For further information please contact Neil Dyke on 01745 570309.

August 2011

Former Western National Bristol SU 637 (351EDV) has been used for many years as a travellers' mobile home but has been abandoned for some time in Hollingdean, Brighton. It has been vandalised but is largely complete. Andrew Pill is willing to act as mediator in any rescue attempt so if you are interested in making enquiries about acquiring this vehicle then please contact Andrew at 

April 2011

Bart Prins has acquired WNO475 in order to save it from conversion in Holland. He is keen to see it returned to the UK and would be pleased to hear from potential buyers at

May 2010

Former Bristol Omnibus LH6L SWS774S was discovered recently in Strabane, Northern Ireland and was to have been purchased by the Falls Bus Preservation Group. However on inspection there was more work to be done than they wanted to take on, so the bus is still available. Ken Menagh is prepared to broker a sale with the owner so if you are interested please contact Ken at

May 2010 (AFJ747T now sold)

NTC573R was something of a celebrity VR during its time with First in Devon and Cornwall. It has a few bits missing, mainly windows and seats, but is restorable. The engine is very good and is reputedly a reconditioned unit that was fitted shortly before withdrawal. It needs batteries and has no MOT. Also available is Western National 1145 (AFJ747T) which is in as withdrawn condition. It was driven from Newquay to Loddiswell, drives nicely and only needs batteries to be driven away. No MOT. Currently missing a windscreen but this can be provided. Enquiries for either to Colin Billington at or phone 07990 505373.

March 2010 (OWC720M now sold)

Here is an offer more usually to be found down your local Tescos - Buy One Get One Free on Bristol REs!! Freddie Curry owns two fairly distressed REs which he is not going to get time to restore and would like to pass them on. By far the better of the two is former Colchester OWC720M which is still in as-withdrawn condition from its last operator, the Blue Bus subsidiary of Busways Travel Services. Anyone buying this one on is also invited to take rare on Marshall-bodied ex-East Midlands RELL6L CRR537J absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. Freddie is giving this away as a goodwill gesture to anyone willing to preserve and build it up to its former glory. It is not to be taken it for scrap. Presently located near Edinburgh, Scotland. Whoever acquires this bus will need to arrange to move it at their expense, as soon as possible. Needs one side window. Has no seats, but a full set is available in Nottingham. Front and rear corner panels are also supplied. Fibreglass mould for front panel supplied. Needs Leyland engine and 4 speed gear box. . Please phone Freddie on 07718-305813.

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