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Hants & Dorset/Wilts & Dorset

Last Amended : 24th April 2022 (brought up-to-date)

Most Recent Photo Fleet Number Registration Number Chassis and Number Body Make and Number Current Owner Date Last Recorded


  626 AEL105K RELL3/1736 ECW Unknown owner in Maidstone April 1993 New to Wilts & Dorset. Converted for use as a caravan

Photo : Richard Field

824 MMW354G RELL3/549 ECW Chris Holtby, Landford (preserved) April 2022 New to Wilts & Dorset

Photo : John Hembry

832 NLJ821G RELL3/514 ECW 17140 John Cumming, Blandford Forum (preservationist for spares)
April 2022

Photo : Steve White

836 NLJ825G RELL3/521 ECW 17144 John Cumming, Blandford Forum (preserved) March 2022

Photo : BVRES Collection

846 TRU947J RELL3/1303 ECW 18608 Chris Holtby, Landford (preserved) April 2022 New to Wilts & Dorset

Photo : Dave Beardmore

1651 XLJ726K RELL3/1734 ECW Terry Hussey et al, Basingstoke (preserved) December 2018

Photo : Phil Blair

3016 RLJ341H RELL3/823 ECW John Robinson, Swindon (preserved) May 2015  

Photo : Rob Sly

3019 RLJ344H RELL3/894 ECW 17618 Steve Lane, Woking (preserved) January 2022
 UEL562J in 2017
Photo : Mike Ede
3046 UEL562J RELL3/1292 ECW Nigel Frampton, Southampton (preserved) January 2022  

Photo : Steve Warwick

3048 UEL564J RELL3/1343 ECW 18511 Matthew Gray, Poole (preserved) April 2022

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