Illustrated History for 147YFM

Reregistered LDS406A

Chassis: FLF6B 210036 Body: ECW Engine: Bristol BVW - Gardner 6LW Configuration: H38/32F
Status: Exported     Last Reported: 5/2016

Last updated : May 25th 2016 (brought up-to-date)

10/2010 - current Ken Loughren, Athens, Ontario, Canada. Used as a fast food outlet at Elizabethtown-Kitley
7/2009 - 10/2010 John Hopkins, Port Dover, Ontario, Canada (for continued use as a food retail outlet)
6/1998 - 7/2009 Fred Schofield, Chalk Hill, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Converted to offside entrance, nearside glazed and panelled and fitted out as a retail outlet for Archie's Frozen Custard
7/1995 - 6/1998 Linda's Flame Roasted Chicken, Linden, New Jersey, U.S.A. For use as a fast-food outlet but conversion not completed
7/1995 - 7/1995 Murphy (British Double Deckers), Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. Imported through New York and direct to owner in New Jersey
?/199? - 7/1995 Norths, Sherburn-in-Elmet (dealer)
3/1990 - ?/199? Teen Challenge (anti-alcohol campaign), Glasgow (exhibition unit). Reregistered LDS406A, ??/9?
by 7/1989 - 9/1989 Magicbus (Scotland) Ltd. Re-engined with Gardner 6LW but not used in service, by 7/89. Used for spares, ??/??
by 9/1982 - ?/198? Wood, Craven Arms (Chukie Chicken)
4/1963 - ?/19?? Crosville Motor Services Ltd. DFB114

Photo : Brian Coney

Photo : Brian Coney

Photo : Carl Ireland

Photo : Jim Gorman


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