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This page lists C Line Bristol VRs including links to all photos currently in the BVRES Collection showing the liveries carried by individual vehicles. If you have any further information or photos I would be delighted to hear from you at



Chassis Number

Date Acquired

Date Sold Notes
DVG216 OPL216R VRT/SL3/697 10/1991 (Alder Valley 940) 8/1992 (Benson of Greasby)
DVL383 FTU383T VRT/SL3/1512 1/1991 (Bee Line Buzz DVL383) 12/1992 (Pennine Blue of Denton)
DVL389 FTU389T VRT/SL3/1538 1/1991 (Bee Line Buzz DVL389) 4/1993 (Crosville Wales DVL389)
DVL397 JMB397T VRT/SL3/1749 6/1991 (Bee Line Buzz DVL397) 1/1993 (SCRAPPED)
DVL398 JMB398T VRT/SL3/1750 3/1991 (Bee Line Buzz DVL398) 9/1993 (Midland Red North 1898)
DVL413 ODM413V VRT/SL3/1988 1/1991 (Bee Line Buzz DVL413) 7/1993 (Crosville Wales DVL413)
DVL414 ODM414V VRT/SL3/1989 1/1991 (Bee Line Buzz DVL414) 7/1993 (Crosville Wales DVL414)
DVL415 ODM415V VRT/SL3/1990 1/1991 (Bee Line Buzz DVL415) 7/1993 (Crosville Wales DVL415)
DVL416 ODM416V VRT/SL3/1991 1/1991 (Bee Line Buzz DVL416) 3/1993 (Crosville Wales DVL416)
DVG468 CJO468R VRT/SL3/836 9/1991 (Bee Line Buzz 1468) 6/1993 (Midland Red North 1868)
DVG471 WTU471W VRT/SL3/2698 6/1991 (Bee Line Buzz 1871) 1/1994 (Midland Red North 1871) Operated by Midland Red North 1871, 6/1993 to 10/1993
DVG478 WTU478W VRT/SL3/2789 6/1991 (Bee Line Buzz 1878) 1/1994 (Midland Red North 1878)
DVG484 WTU484W VRT/SL3/2795 1/1993 (Midland Red North 1884) 1/1994 (Midland Red North 1884) Operated by Midland Red North 1884, 6/1993 to 10/1993
DVG485 WTU485W VRT/SL3/2796 9/1991 (Midland Red North 1885) 1/1994 (Midland Red North 1885) Operated by Midland Red North 1885, 6/1993 to 10/1993
DVG547 RWT547R VRT/SL3/480 8/1991 (Bee Line Buzz 1847) 9/1992 (SCRAPPED)
DVL570 OCY909R VRT/SL3/629 8/1991 (Bee Line Buzz DVL570) 2/1991 (SCRAPPED)
DVL571 OCY915R VRT/SL3/740 1/1991 (Bee Line Buzz DVL571) 10/1992 (Pennine Blue of Denton)
DVG851 AYG851S VRT/SL3/1438 9/1991 (Bee Line Buzz 1851) 8/1993 (Midland Red North 1851)

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