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Southern National/Western National

Last Amended : 14th April 2024 (brought up-to-date)

Most Recent Photo Fleet Number Registration Number Chassis and Number ECW Body Number Current Owner Date Last Recorded


ATA229L in 2001
Photo : Les Eddy 
229 ATA229L RELL3/1909 ECW Unknown owner in Newton Abbott April 2001 Converted for use as a caravan. In a derelict condition on a farm near Newton Abbott
LDV467F in 2019

Photo : Jeremy Chapter

1457 LDV467F RELH4/132 ECW 17057 Keith Dickerson, Norwich (preserved) April 2024 New to Southern National

Photo : Robin Woodcock

1460 OTA632G RELH4/201 ECW West of England Historic Omnibus Transport Trust, Winkleigh (preserved) June 2019 New to Southern National
RDV419H in 2009

Photo : Bryan Sharpe

1468 RDV419H RELH4/266 ECW 18154 Terry Hussey, Basingstoke (preserved) March 2023  

Photo : Richard Field

1472 RDV423H RELH4/274 ECW 18158 Simon Smart, Chippenham (preserved) June 2018  
RDV428H in 2009

Photo : Mark Stokes

1477 RDV428H RELH4/283 ECW 18168 Lewis, Cardigan March 2009 Converted for use as a caravan

RDV433H in 2021
Photo : Nick Jackson

1483 RDV433H RELH4/290 ECW Nick Jackson, Blandford Forum (preserved) April 2024
837SUO in 2021
Photo : John Willcox
2351 837SUO (ex- ARU99A, 837SUO) 212061 ECW14496 John Wilcox, Rayleigh (preserved) April 2021  

Photo : Rob Sly

2365 HDV624E 238044 ECW 16623 Colin Billington, Holyport (preserved) August 2012 New to Southern National

Photo : Robin Woodcock

2375 LDV847F RELH4/159 ECW Chris Duffy, Macclesfield (preserved) January 2021 New to Southern National
OTA640G in 2004

Photo : Paul Jones

2380 OTA640G RELH4/208 ECW 17493 Roger Burdett, Coventry (preserved) June 2022 New to Southern National

Photo : Steve Simister

2385 OTA645G RELH4/205 ECW 17498 Dai Pye, Worthen (preserved) April 2024
HDV626E in 2000
Photo : Andy Mitchell
2700 HDV626E RELL3/112 ECW 16502 Richard McAllister, Brighouse (preserved)
October 2023 New to Southern National
POD829H in 2019

Photo : Josh Mann

2730 POD829H RELL3/817 ECW 17641 Josh Mann, Godalming & Dan Shears, Winkleigh (preserved) October 2019 New to Southern National

Photo : Andy Mitchell

2731 POD830H RELL3/818 ECW Richard Sinclair, Bournemouth (preserved) May 2020 New to Southern National

Photo : Steve Thorpe

2743 TUO255J RELL3/1181 ECW 18526 Steve Thorpe, Wolverhampton (preserved) March 2023

Photo : Andy Gamblin

2758 VOD101K RELL3/1532 ECW 19306 Mel Williams, Penzance (preserved) April 2021  

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