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Ribble Motor Services

Last Amended : 4th June 2015 (OCK366K updated)

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Most Recent Photo Fleet Number Registration Number Chassis and Number Body Make and Number Current Owner Date Last Recorded


Photo : Geoff Meek

249 HRN249G RELL3/670 ECW Les Scott, Southport (preserved) August 2012  

Photo : Geoff Meek

321 LRN321J, IZS677 RESL8/169 Marshall T & D Moss, Bolton (preserved) July 2016  

Photo : Geoff Meek

338 NCK338J RESL8/242 ECW Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust, Freckleton (preserved) October 2014  

Photo : Adrian Brown

366 OCK366K RESL8/351 ECW  Lancastrian Transport Trust (preserved) June 2015  
  367 OCK367K RESL8/352 ECW 19482 Martin Pinnington, Blackburn (preserved) October 2010  
PTF714L in 2016

Photo : Paul Turner

1019 PTF714L RELH4/476 ECW Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust, Freckleton (preserved) September 2016  

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