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This page lists all Bristol REs, Lodekkas and VRs operated by Roesemary Coaches including links to all photos currently in the BVRES Collection showing the liveries carried by individual vehicles. If you have any further information or photos I would be delighted to hear from you at


Chassis Number

Date Acquired

Date Withdrawn and Sold Photos
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212BPU LD5G 104011 11/1972 (Eastern National 2420) 12/1975 (SCRAPPED)
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Photo : Keith Shayshutt
DSD709D RELH6G 232035 Not known (Western S.M.T. T2068) Not known (SCRAPPED)
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Photo : Philip Slynn

EWS169D RELH6G 238057 Not known (Eastern Scottish XA169) Not known (SCRAPPED)
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Photo : BVRES Collection

GWO4D RELH6G 232018 6/1979 (National Welsh RD7466) Not known (SCRAPPED)
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GWO11D RELH6G 232101 6/1979 (National Welsh RD8166) Not known (SCRAPPED)
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Photo : Philip Slynn

LJB422E RELH6G 238082 ?/1979 (City of Oxford 22) Not known (SCRAPPED)
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Photo : John Law
GVW981H RELH4/270 Not known (Non-PCV) Not known (SCRAPPED)
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Photo : Destiny Coaches Preservation Group
NAG114G REMH7/111 7/1980 (Western S.M.T. T2208) Not known (SCRAPPED)
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NAG114GPhoto : Martyn Hearson
NAG115G REMH7/112 3/1980 (Western S.M.T. T2209) Not known (SCRAPPED)
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Photo : Steve White

JHW62E FLF6B 231291 9/1980 (Bristol Omnibus C7294) Not known (Exported)
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JHW62EPhoto : John Law

JHW61E FLF6B 231290 2/1981 (Bristol Omnibus C7293) ?/1987 (Driver trainer)
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JHW61EPhoto : Philip Slynn

EHW315K RELH4/358 4/1981 (Bristol Omnibus 2091) ?/1987 (SCRAPPED)
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EHW315KPhoto : BVRES Collection

WWT176L RELH4/550 Not known (West Yorkshire 1040) ?/1990 (SCRAPPED)
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WWT176LPhoto : Cliff Essex

WWT177L RELH4/547 Not known (West Yorkshire 1041) 12/1989 (SCRAPPED)
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WWT177LPhoto : Philip Slynn

PYG325M RELH4/651 Not known (West Yorkshire 2536) ?/1990 (Stephens of Rotherham)
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PYG325MPhoto : Mark Harrington

GAG48N VRT/SL2/830 6/1989 (East Yorkshire 941) 6/1993 (Eastern Counties VR501)
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GAG48NPhoto : Dave Beardmore

YHN654M VRT/SL2/728 7/1989 (Ribble 2046) 6/1993 (Eastern Counties VR502)
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YHN654MPhoto : BVRES Collection

SFJ122R LH/1411 12/1989 (Golden Boy of Roydon) ?/1993 (SCRAPPED)
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Photo : Philip Slynn

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