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Last Amended : October 17th 2017 (OAE957M sold for scrap)

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Most Recent Photo Fleet Number Registration Number Chassis and Number Body Make and Number Current Owner Date Last Recorded


THU354G in 2016

Photo : Dave Wright

508 THU354G RESL8/249 ECW 17847 Dr Mike Walker, Bristol (preserved) March 2017

Photo : Derek Ferris

516 YHT802J RESL8/123 ECW  Derek Ferris, Yate (preserved) May 2017

Photo : Mark Priest

1000 KHW306E RELL3/122 ECW BaMMOT, Wythall (preserved) May 2017 New to Cheltenham District
KHW309E in 2016

Photo : Mike Ede

1003 KHW309E RELL3/125 ECW 1003 Western Pioneer, Gloucester (preserved) March 2017 New to Cheltenham District

Photo : John Hammond

1071 OHU770F RELL3/429 ECW 16776 Derek Ferris, Yate (preserved) October 2017
UHU221H in 2014

Photo : Lee Jones

C1119 UHU221H RELL3/775 ECW Lee Jones, Oxford August 2016 Converted for use as a mobile home

Photo : Terry Partridge

C1182 YHU502J RELL3/1139 ECW Martin Gould, Bristol (preserved) December 2013

Photo : From the Internet

1212 YHY592J RELL3/1284 ECW Dave Fricker, Nailsea (preserved)
May 2015
 AHT206J in 2017

Photo : Dave Stanton

C1222 AHT206J RELL3/1312 ECW Adam Hall, Stonehouse (preserved) June 2017
DAE511K in 2016

Photo : Andy Mitchell

C1257 DAE511K RELL3/1579 ECW Denis Strange, Verwood (preserved) May 2017

Photo : Rob Sly

1272 EHU373K RELL3/1650 ECW 19277 Simon Smart, Chippenham (preserved) May 2015 New to Cheltenham District
EHU386K in 2014

Photo : Simon Carr

1292 EHU386K RELL3/1760 ECW 29290 Simon Carr, Derby (preserved) February 2017  

Photo : Gerry Tormey

C1307 HHW920L RELL3/1831 ECW 19269 Bristol Vintage Bus Group Collection (preserved) July 2017

Photo : Somerbus

1317 LHT171L RELL3/1911 ECW 20146 David Cole & Dr Trevor Cockram, Bristol (preserved) August 2015  

Photo : Rob Sly

C1325 MHW285L RELL3/1932 ECW Malcolm Brown, Nailsea (preserved) December 2013
OHU38M preserved in NBC green livery

Photo : Mike Nash

C1330 OHU38M RELL3/1942 ECW 20139 James Willmott, Bristol (preserved) August 2013  

Photo : David Oakley

1332 OAE954M RELL3/1954 ECW 20151 Abus, Bristol (preserved) August 2016  

Photo : Dave Beardmore

1335 OAE957M RELL3/1958 ECW David Hoare, Chepstow (dealer) October 2017 Used for spares, by 1/2007. Sold to a Carlton dealer for scrap, 10/2017
  2060 WHW372H RELH4/304 ECW Unknown farm near Biddisham, Somerset February 1995 Chassis used to span a stream after conversion to a bridge!

Photo : Chris Stewart

2062 WHW374H RELH4/306 ECW 18766 Stroud RE Group (preserved) August 2016  

Photo : Simon Smart

2073 GHY135K RELH4/453 ECW 19806 Simon Smart, Chippenham (preserved) August 2012  

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