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This page lists all Bristol Lodekkas and VRs operated by Brentwood Coaches including links to all photos currently in the BVRES Collection showing the liveries carried by individual vehicles. If you have any further information or photos I would be delighted to hear from you at 


Chassis Number

Date Acquired

Date Withdrawn and Sold Notes
JSD928 LD6G 130150 2/1975 (Western S.M.T. 1292) 6/1976 (Mott of Stoke Mandeville)  
JSD929 LD6G 130155 2/1975 (Western S.M.T. 1293) 6/1976 (Mott of Stoke Mandeville)  
JSD949 LD6G 134069 2/1975 (Western S.M.T. 1313) Not known (SCRAPPED)  
EHT108C FLF6G 229172 8/1978 (Bristol Omnibus C7219) 4/1980 (Golden Boy of Roydon)  
FHW157D FLF6G 231064 8/1978 (Bristol Omnibus C7252) 5/1981 (Tricentrol of Loughborough)  
KKK887V VRT/SL3/2479 8/1992 (Alder Valley 621) ?/2000 (County of Brentwood)
GGM104W VRT/SL3/2486 9/1992 (Alder Valley 624) ?/2000 (County of Brentwood)
GGM106W VRT/SL3/2488 9/1992 (Alder Valley 626) ?/2000 (County of Brentwood)
VPF281S VRT/SL3/1355 9/1992 (Alder Valley 951) 10/1995 (County of Brentwood)
BHJ368S (ex-VPF282S, HIL9273) VRT/SL3/1356 9/1992 (Alder Valley 952) 9/1995 (Osborne of Tollesbury)
CJH121V VRT/SL3/2185 9/1992 (Alder Valley 981) 2/2000 (County of Brentwood)
MEL560P VRT/SL3/225 4/1994 (Wilts & Dorset 3339) 1/1995 (London Borough of Redbridge)
MEL561P VRT/SL3/226 4/1994 (Wilts & Dorset 3340) 4/1995 (County of Brentwood)
NJT35P VRT/SL3/355 4/1994 (Wilts & Dorset 3349) 5/1995 (Flagfinders of Braintree)
UNW928R VRT/SL3/854 7/1995 (Carter of Colchester) ?/2000 (County of Brentwood)
JWW225N VRT/SL2/1075 10/1992 (Stephenson of Rochford) ?/1995 (SCRAPPED) For spares

Photo Archive


Photo : Pullman Preservation


Photo : From the Internet

NJT35P with Brentwood Coaches
Photo : Ian Hardie

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