Illustrated History for SBD222M

Reregistered 222WFM, MHE120M

Chassis: RELH4/715 Body: Plaxton 7411BXR521
Engine: Leyland O680
Configuration: C49F
Status: Scrapped     Last Reported: 10/1996

Last updated : February 22nd 2021 (page added)

PVS, Carlton (dealer for scrap)
10/1988 - 1/1996
Northern Bus Company, North Anston 222. Renumbered 1222, 9/1992. Renumbered 2402, by 10/1995. Withdrawn and reregistered MHE120M, 12/1995
5/1974 - 10/1988
United Counties Omnibus Company Ltd. 222. Reregistered 222WFM, by 8/1987

SBD222M in 1993
Photo : Mark Pitman
SBD222M in Northern Travel livery
Photo : Chucklebuster
Rear view of SBD222M in Northern Travel livery
Photo : John Goodale
SBD222M in 1987
Photo : Peter Gibbs
SBD222M in 1986
Photo : Roger Warwick Collection
SBD222M in 1974
Photo : Graham Ledger

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