Illustrated History for NDL652R

Chassis: VRT/SL3/467 Body: ECW 22193 Series 2 Engine: Gardner 6LXB Configuration: H43/31F
Status: Preserved     Last Reported: 4/2022

Last updated : April 3rd 2022 (brought up-to-date)

12/2005 - current Chris & John Stewart, Shenfield (for preservation). Completely refurbished and repainted in Southern Vectis post-rederegulation livery, 10/2017
3/1991 - 12/2005 Nelson Coaches, Wickford (NIBS). Loaned to Stansted Coaches, 4/2005. Delicensed on return (but remained MoT'ed), 4/2005
3/1991 - 3/1991 Wigley, Carlton (dealer)
by 11/1990 - 3/1991 Balding, Keeling & Dixon (Yorkshire Terrier), Sheffield
by 5/1990 - ?/1990 Rotherham & District. Withdrawn by 8/1990
3/1990 - ?/1990 Cambus Ltd. Not used in service
3/1990 - 3/1990 PVS, Carlton (dealer)
9/1976 - 3/1990 Southern Vectis Omnibus Company Ltd. 652. Repainted in NBC livery, 2/1982. Emerald green and sand livery, 11/1986. Withdrawn 2/1990

Allocation History
9/1976 - 1/1977 : Stored
1/1977 - Not known : Shanklin
Not known - 3/1990 : Newport

NDL652R in 2017
Photo : Chris Stewart

NDL652R in Nelson yellow and white livery

Photo : Chris Stewart

NDL652R in NIBS allover yellow livery
Photo : Chris Stewart Collection
NDL652R in Southern Vectis livery
Photo : Southern Vectis official view

Photo : Busspotter


Photos of NDL652R's restoration

The following photos were taken by Chris Stewart during the complete renovation and restoration of NDL652R to Southern Vectis post-deregulation condition:

NDL652R in Nelson livery
NDL652R was bought by Chris Stewart directly out of service with Nelson of Wickford. Here it is starting to have Nelson's yellow and white livery rubbed down and has been fitted with a replacement rear nearside engine cover.
NDL652R in August 2016
Mechanical and bodywork repairs continued over an extended period. Here we see the condition of the VR in August 2016, prior to repainting.
NDL652R in August 2016
A rear view from August 2016.
NDL652R in October 2016
Immediately after repaint and awaiting finishing touches (such as many of the windows!) in October 2016.
NDL652R in October 2017
In service on its debut at the Isle of Wight "Beer and Buses" rally in October 2017.
NDL652R in October 2017
Rear view in October 2017.

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