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London Transport

Last Amended : 2nd January 2024 (brought up-to-date)

Most Recent Photo Fleet Number Registration Number Chassis and Number Body Make and Number Current Owner Date Last Recorded


BL1 KJD401P LH/1166 ECW 21856 London Transport Museum, Covent Garden (preserved) January 2014

Photo : Gareth Perkins

BL2 KJD402P LH/1235 ECW Unknown owner in the U.K. (preserved)
June 2004  
KJD410P in 2014
Photo : Roger Pinder
BL10 KJD410P LH/1243 ECW Roger Pinder & Chris Alger, Loddiswell (for spares)
July 2020
KJD413P in 2018

Photo : Roger Pinder

BL13 KJD413P LH/1246 ECW Roger Pinder & Chris Alger, Loddiswell (preserved) October 2022

Photo : Terry Partridge

BL14 KJD414P LH/1247 ECW Roger Pinder & Chris Alger, Loddiswell (preservationists for spares) July 2020 Stored as a stripped shell

Photo : Terry Partridge

BL19 KJD419P LH/1252 ECW Roger Pinder & Chris Alger, Loddiswell (preserved) July 2020  
KJD422P in 2017

Photo : Warren Woodrow

BL22 KJD422P LH/1262 ECW Warren Woodrow, Plymouth (preserved) January 2018

Photo : Jon Gulliver

BL31 KJD431P LH/1271 ECW Claire Green (East London Traction Society), Edmonton (preserved) March 2007
KJD434P in 2012
Photo : London Buses in Exile
BL34 KJD434P LH/1274 ECW Neil Bird, Croydon (preserved) April 2021

Photo : Buckie Lugger

BL39 KJD439P LH/1279 ECW Unknown farm near Kintore April 2003 Derelict, by 2/2007
OJD45R in 2022
Photo : John Cherry
BL45 OJD45R LH/1287 ECW Newsome, Lee & Barnes, Aldeby (preserved) August 2023

Photo : Dave Beardmore

BL49 WYL137 (ex-OJD49R, ULO524R) LH/1291 ECW Andy Tanner, Staines (preserved) August 2022

Photo : Cardiff Transport Preservation Group

BL54 OJD54R LH/1296 ECW 21909 Brent Reynolds, Cardiff (preserved) January 2023
 OJD60R in 2015
Photo : Lawrence Mortimer
BL60 OJD60R LH/1302 ECW Unknown owner in Bletchingley (non-PCV) October 2016 Converted for use as a caravan. Stored for "many years", by 10/2015
OJD66R in 2018

Photo : Bromley Bus Preservation Group

BL66 OJD66R LH/1308 ECW Bromley Bus Preservation Group (preserved) September 2018
  BL67 24018 (ex-OJD67R, 5579, 10488) LH/1322 ECW 21922 Bos, Nieuwegein, Holland (preserved) March 2001  

Photo : Warren Woodrow

BL68 OJD68R LH/1323 ECW Warren Woodrow, Plymouth (preserved) January 2018

BL71 OJD71R LH/1326 ECW Headway Theatre Company, Blyth (non-PCV) April 2000 Converted for use as a mobile theatre

BL73 OJD73R LH/1328 ECW 21928 Unknown owner in Portsmouth February 2002 Converted for use as a caravan
OJD81R in 2013

Photo : Chris Stanley

BL81 OJD81R LH/1336 ECW 21936 Chris Stanley, Maidstone (preserved) January 2023

BL87 OJD87R LH/1350 ECW Andy Goddard, West Ewell (preserved) July 2018
OJD88R in 2021

Photo : Ross Bingham

BL88 OJD88R (ex-OJD88R, OJD93R) LH/1351 ECW 21943 Tim Hines, Llay (preserved) August 2023
OJD91R in 2023
Photo : Julien JL
BL91 J46655 (ex-OJD91R) LH/1354 ECW Jersey Bus Tours June 2023 Converted to O39F, 5/2010

Photo : Graham Walker

BL94 OJD94R LH/1367 ECW 21949 A Austen, Strood August 2006 Converted for use as a caravan

Photo : Memory Lane

BL95 OJD95R LH/1368 ECW 21950 Gus Quirk, Chiddingstone (preserved) November 2014
 GHV504N in 2015
Photo : Chris Stanley
BS4 GHV504N LHS/236 ECW 21752 Chris Stanley, Maidstone (preserved) January 2024
GHV505N in 2017

Photo : Roger Newport

BS5 GHV505N LHS/237 ECW 21753 The London Bus Company, Northfleet (preserved) January 2024
OJD13R in 2011
Photo : Paul Bateson
BS13 OJD13R LHS/297 ECW  World Parrot Trust, St Lucia April 2011 Body removed and fitted to a Bedford van for use as a fast food outlet

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