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Lodekkas in Australasia

Last Updated : June 9th 2024 (brought up-to-date)


Registration (Click for History)

Original Owner

Local Registration Marks

First Export Owner

Date Current/Scrapped
LD6G 120095 (photo) (photo) (photo)(photo) 836AFM Crosville MG879 1284AC (AUS)
10/1972 (London Transport Bus Tours, Melbourne, Australia) Current 10/2023 (Fergus Lynch, Wallaroo, New South Wales, Australia)
LD6G 150170
Western National 1951
173WCX (AUS)
1/2016 (Paul & Roz Willcocks, Hydeaway Bay, Australia)
Current 1/2019 (Paul & Roz Willcocks, Hydeaway Bay, Australia)
FLF6G 181084 (photo) (photo) (photo) 139HUO Western National 1993 ULR136 (AUS)
8/1982 (Unknown owner in Brisbane, Australia) Current 2/2022 (Clifftop, Hepburn, Victoria, Australia)
FLF6G 224163 (photo) CLJ868C Hants & Dorset 1214
?/1983 (Harmer, The Basin, Victoria, Australia) Current 2/2024 (The MacDonald Family, Caloundra, Queensland,, Australia)
FLF6G 229148 LWC665C Eastern National 2839 QVC676 (NZ)
?/1996 (Bill James, Sydney, Australia) Current 6/2024 (Bill James, Sydney, Australia)
FS6G 230069 (photo) JFM236D Crosville DFG236 6GFSF (AUS)
?/1990 (Dave Morse, Brisbane, Australia) Current 10/2022 (Dave Morse, Brisbane, Australia)
FLF6B 231056 FLJ155D Hants & Dorset 1235 WW3910 (NZ)
?/1997 (Paul Ludemann, ?, New Zealand) Current 12/2018 (Paul Ludemann, Queenstown, New Zealand)
FLF6G 231323 KPW473D Eastern Counties FLF473 CR72ES (AUS)
5/2012 (Mark Armstrong, Oberon, Australia) Current 12/2021 (Mark Armstrong, Oberon, Australia)
FLF6G 236051 KPM84E Brighton, Hove & District 84
?/1982 (Top Deck Travel Australia) Current 5/2020 (Paul Brunton, Geelong, Australia)
FLF6G 236172 SRB75F Midland General 677 TC1405 (NZ)
9/1993 (Tim Wallace, Wanaka, New Zealand) Current 1/2019 (Christchurch Coach Charters, Christchurch, New Zealand)

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