Illustrated History for BNU681G

Chassis: VRT/SL/203 Body: ECW Engine: Gardner 6LX Configuration: H39/31F (converted to left hand drive, 1984)
Status: Exported     Last Reported: 2/2004

Last updated : March 4th 2018 (brought up-to-date)

by 6/2000 - current Miami Double Deck Tours, Miami, Florida, U.S.A. Accident damaged, by 6/2000
by 8/1996 - ?/???? New York Double Deck Tours, New York, U.S.A. 24
6/1984 - ?/19?? Rochester City Lines, Rochester, Minnesota, U.S.A. Leased to Iron Country Bus Lines, Chisholm, Minnesota for a circular sightseeing tour, ??/86
?/1984 - 6/1984 Kirby Bus & Coach, ? (dealer). Altered to left-hand drive and offside entrance, ??/84
1/1972 - ?/1984 Trent Motor Traction Company Ltd. 756. Loaned to United Auto, 6-7/82. Loaned to West Yorkshire Road Car, 9-12/82
5/1969 - 1/1972 Midland General Omnibus Company Ltd. 317

Alex tracked the VR down to the yard of Miami Double Deck Tours in February 2004. Clearly identified by its reversed layout it has received substantial damage to its roof in a collision (Alex Hall). 
BNU681G in New York
Next stop was New York in the fleet of Double Deck Tours where it was unique amongst the Lodekkas and VRs as a left-hand drive conversion (Bob Martin).

Seen here in Chisholm during June 1986, when on loan to Iron Country Bus Lines. Note how similar the livery is to that carried by LRN57J - likely these were the fleet colours for Rochester City Lines. Note also the neat left-hand drive conversion with the reversed entrance on the offside (David Hunt).
BNU681G in NBC red livery
756 had loan spells with both United Auto and West Yorkshire Road Car in 1982. Seen here minus fleetnames when in service with the latter (Neil Halliday)
BNU681G in Midland General livery

Photo : BVRES Collection

Seen here when relatively new (and in right-hand drive configuration) with Midland General. NBC red livery was applied during its time with Trent.


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