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BRISTOL VR 4700 - 4714

Last Updated : October 18th 2016 (under construction)

This page lists Bristol VRs 4700 - 4714 operated by West Midlands P.T.E. including links to all photos currently in the BVRES Collection showing the liveries carried by individual vehicles. If you have any further information or photos I would be delighted to hear from you at

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Chassis/Body Type

Chassis Number

Date Acquired

Date Withdrawn and Sold Notes
JOV700PVRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/1140
10/1975 (New)?/1987 (Coastal Red of Harwich)

4701JOV701PVRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/114110/1975 (New)Not known (Kettlewell of Retford)

4702JOV702PVRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/1142 10/1975 (New) Not known (Bailey of Biddisham)

4703JOV703PVRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/114310/1975 (New)?/1987 (Coastal Red of Harwich)
4704JOV704PVRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/1144 10/1975 (New) 8/1986 (SCRAPPED)

4705 JOV705P VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/1145 11/1975 (New) Not known (SCRAPPED)

4706 JOV706P VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/1146 11/1975 (New) 1/1983 (SCRAPPED)

4707 JOV707P VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/1147 11/1975 (New) 10/1982 (SCRAPPED)

4708 JOV708P VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/1148 11/1975 (New) 12/1986 (Crosville HVG964)

4709 JOV709P VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/1149 11/1975 (New) ?/1986 (Bakers of Weston-super-Mare)

4710 JOV710P VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/1150 11/1975 (New) 4/1987 (Pike of Smannell)

4711 JOV711P VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/1151 11/1975 (New) 12/1986 (Crosville HVG965)
4712 JOV712P VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/1152 11/1975 (New) 12/1986 (Crosville HVG966)
4713 JOV713P VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/1153 11/1975 (New) 12/1986 (Crosville HVG967)
4714 JOV714P VRTSL6G M.C.W. H43/33F VRT/SL2/1154 11/1975 (New)
10/1986 (Preserved)

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