Illustrated History for RTH931S

Chassis: VRT/SL3/1011 Body: ECW Engine: Leyland O501 - Gardner 6LX Configuration: CO43/31F
Status: Preserved     Last Reported: 2/2020

Last updated : May 24th 2021 (brought up-to-date)

Link : YouTube video

4/2008 - current Huw Morgans, Swansea (for preservation)
2/2004 - 4/2008 First Devon & Cornwall Ltd. 30002. Renumbered 30020, ?/2004. Renumbered 39931, 2/2005. Used on the Penwith Tour, summer 2005.
1/2004 - 2/2004 First Western National Buses Ltd. 1022. Used on the Penwith Explorer service, 5/2004
7/2003 - 1/2004 First Somerset & Avon Buses Ltd. 8600
3/1999 - 7/2003 First Bristol Buses Ltd. (Guide Friday) 8600. Still operating with roof on, 4/2000. Repainted in latest Guide Friday livery, 2/2001. Roof refitted, c10/2001. First Tour livery, 3/2003
1/1996 - 3/1999 Bristol Omnibus Company Ltd. (Guide Friday) 8600
4/1991 - 1/1996 Badgerline Ltd. 8600. Named "I.K.Brunel", 6/1992. Fitted with the 6LX engine from OWC295K, necessitating the addition of an extra cooling grille, by 9/1994
?/1977 - 4/1991 The South Wales Transport Company Ltd. 931. Withdrawn 3/1991

RTH931S in 2018
Photo : John Adams
RTH931S undergoing preparation for repaint in 2013
Photo : Thomas MacDonald
RTH931S in First Devon & Cornwall open-top livery

Photo : Simon Coates

RTH931S in First Bath Tour livery

Photo : Steve White

RTH931S in later Guide Friday livery

Photo : Dave Beardmore

RTH931S in Guide Friday livery

Photo : John Hammond

RTH931S in Guide Friday livery with roof fitted

Photo : Andrew Fear

RTH931S in 1989 Bath open-top livery

Photo : BVRES Collection

RTH931S in 1989 Bath open-top livery with roof fitted

Photo : BVRES Collection

RTH931S in Badgerline livery

Photo : Graham Bailey

South Wales 75th Anniversary allover livery

Photo : Richard Field

RTH931S in Childrens World allover advertising livery

Photo : Steve Powell Collection

RTH931S in South Wales Sky Rider livery

Photo : Nick Foster

RTH931S in NBC red livery

Photo : BCV Fotopic


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