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This page shows the many VRs currently in non-passenger carrying roles in Wales. Where the vehicle history has been added to the site, click on the registration number to link to it, otherwise information is temporarily restricted to what you see on this page. Please let me know if you own (or know someone who owns) a VR in Non-PCV use that I don't know about. I would also be very pleased to receive more recent photographs of any of these VRs to include here.

Last Updated : December 30th 2023 (brought up-to-date)


Registration (Click for History)

Original Owner

Current Owner

Current Photo

Last Reported

Comments DVLA
VRT/SL2/937 HBD165N United Counties 828 Unknown engineering company, Ystrafa   February 1999 Mobile exhibition unit
VRT/SL2/1005 HTU162N Crosville DVG273 Mervyn Pearce, Cardigan   October 2006 Mobile exhibition unit. Placed on SORN, 10/2006
VRT/SL2/1140 JOV700P West Midlands 4700 South Pembrokeshire Playbus
November 1993 Playbus
VRT/SL3/474 NFB115R Bristol 5079 Pearce Enterprises, Swansea
August 2004

South Wales 941 The Gower Dough Co., Swansea
VTH941T in 2020
Photo : Richard Kemble
September 2022
Mobile pizza outlet

VRT/SL3/1842 WTH955T South Wales 955 Radio Cardiff

Photo : Anthony Brewer

November 2010 Converted for use as a mobile platform. Out of use for several years, 11/2010. Possibly sold for scrap during 2011?
VRT/SL3/2649 JAK211W East Midlands 211 Unknown owner in Clydach   August 2002 Storeshed
VRT/SL3/2654 HJB454W Alder Valley 634 RHL Activities, Penpergwm
HJB454W in 2012

Photo : Rob Capel

October 2022
Licence : Unregistered since February 2012

MOT : Expired in October 2007
Southdown 269
Stig Lewis, Newport
JWV269W in 2021
Photo : Stig Lewis
September 2021

VRT/SL3/2875 RUA461W West Riding 911 BBC Wales

Photo : From the Internet

March 2009 Shipped to Dubai for filming the "Planet of the Dead" episode of Doctor Who, 1/2009. Extensively damaged at the docks

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