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This page shows the many VRs currently in non-passenger carrying roles in Scotland. Where the vehicle history has been added to the site, click on the registration number to link to it, otherwise information is temporarily restricted to what you see on this page. Please let me know if you own (or know someone who owns) a VR in Non-PCV use that I don't know about. I would also be very pleased to receive more recent photographs of any of these VRs to include here.

Last Updated : August 1st 2023 (HWJ931W sold)


Registration (Click for History)

Original Owner

Current Owner

Current Photo

Last Reported

Comments DVLA Status
VRT/SL2/290 FBL116K Alder Valley 924 Mark Tayburn, Marybank, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides

Photo : Mike Penn

February 2007 CaravanLicence : Unregistered since October 1997
VRT/SL2/1051 HDL409N Southern Vectis 647 Southside Christian Fellowship, Ayr

Photo : Ignite Bus Ministries

June 2009 Mobile exhibition unitLicence : Unregistered since May 2011
MOT : Expired in April 2009
VRT/SL3/1141 VTV169S East Midland 169 People With A Mission Ministries, Perth VTV169S in 2015

Photo : Daniel Stazicker

February 2020 Mobile youth centreLicence : Expires in June 2015
MOT : Expired in June 2007
VRT/SL3/1392 VOD591S Western National 581 Dabbs Show & Activity Centre, Kinloch VOD591S in 2008

Photo : Dave Beardmore

August 2008 Static viewing towerLicence : Unregistered since July 2002
VRT/SL3/2251 KVF246V Eastern Counties VR246 Caithness Agricultural Society KVF246V in 2016

Photo : No Low Floors

July 2017 Mobile officeLicence : On SORN
VRT/SL3/2313 LVL807V Lincolnshire 1952 Robert Ingram, Braemar

Photo : Ian Hignett

May 2018 Undergoing conversion to a mobile restaurantLicence : On SORN
MOT : Expired in August 2012
VRT/SL3/2788 HWJ931W Yorkshire Traction 931 Andy & Mark Buchanan, Renfrew

Photo : David Oakley

July 2023 PlaybusSold for scrap, ?/2023

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