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This page shows the many VRs currently in non-passenger carrying roles in Northern England. Where the vehicle history has been added to the site, click on the registration number to link to it, otherwise information is temporarily restricted to what you see on this page. Please let me know if you own (or know someone who owns) a VR in Non-PCV use that I don't know about. I would also be very pleased to receive more recent photographs of any of these VRs to include here.

Last Updated : February 16th 2018 (ODL663R updated)


Registration (Click for History)

Original Owner

Current Owner

Current Photo

Last Reported

Comments DVLA Status
VRT/SL2/621 XRR131M East Midlands 131 Church Army Community Bus, Manchester

Photo : John Hammond

June 2006
Licence : Unregistered since June 2007
MOT : Expired in May 2007
VRT/SL2/994 HHH275N Cumberland 404 Liverpool Community Transport
May 1997 Mobile classroom Licence : Unregistered since August 2004
VRT/SL3/151 MGR669P United 669 Cleveland Constabulary

Photo : BVRES Collection

July 1996 Mobile crime prevention unit Licence : Unregistered since July 1996
VRT/SL3/343 NWR507P West Riding 824 Unknown owner in Stokesley

Photo : Dave Beardmore

January 2005
Licence : Unregistered since May 2005
VRT/SL3/626 PDC100R Cleveland 100 Unknown owner in Redcar

Photo : Martin Brigham

December 2003 Playbus Licence : Unregistered since February 2001
Southern Vectis 663
Roseberry PPrimary School, Billingham
ODL663R in 2015
Photo : Jeff Tattershall
February 2018
Mobile classroom Licence : On SORN

MOT : Expired in March 2016
VRT/SL3/1203 FFL463V (ex-HAH238V, YUM516S) West Riding 860 Wilson, Halifax

Photo : Adrian Brown

September 2014 Converted for use as a mobile home, 10/2011Licence : Unregistered since September 2014
MOT : Expired in April 2013
VRT/SL3/1206 FFR172S Burnley & Pendle 172 The Ink Station Tattoo, New Broughton

Photo : Charlie Williams

September 2005 Converted for use as a mobile tattoo studio Licence : Unregistered since August 2011
VRT/SL3/2337 LWU470V West Yorkshire 742 Kensington Monarch Majorettes, Liverpool

Photo : Chris Tunstall

November 2009 Withdrawn c12/2001. Stored awaiting mechanical repair Licence : Unregistered since October 2003
VRT/SL3/2416 JUB650V West Yorkshire 1747 Broadway Stars Dance Troupe, Blackpool

Photo : Dave Webb

April 2006
Licence : Unregistered since September 2006
VRT/SL3/2445 PFE541V Lincolnshire 1957 Challenge 4 Change, Trafford Park  PFE541V in 2012
Photo : Challenge 4 Change
November 2015 Converted for use as an activity bus with climbing wall and zip wire
Licence : Expires in March 2016

MOT : Expires in July 2016
VRT/SL3/2530 HUD494W City of Oxford 494 Unknown owner in Hull   September 2008 Playbus. Derelict at the premises of Barnetts, Hull, by 9/2008Licence : On SORN
MOT : Expired in October 2008
VRT/SL3/2695 WTU468W Crosville DVG468 St Michael le Belfrey Church, York WTU468W in 2016

Photo : Fiona and Clare Forsythe

August 2016 Mobile cafe
Licence : Expires in November 2016
MOT : Expires in January 2017
VRT/SL3/2882 VVV954W United Counties 954 Classic Carriers, Ganton

Photo : David Bartlett

June 2004 For conversion to a playbus. For sale on eBay partially converted, 6/2004 Licence : Unregistered since August 2003
VRT/SL3/2905 YMB500W Crosville DVG500 Krazy Kidz, Cheadle Hulme

Photo : Ivor Bufton

August 2007 Noted near Antrim, Northern Ireland, 8/2007Licence : Unregistered since October 2006
MOT : Expired in March 2007
VRT/SL3/2972 MEF823W United 823 Krazy Kidz, Cheadle Hulme

Photo : James Griffith

December 2006
Licence : Unregistered since June 2011
MOT : Expired in April 2008

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