Illustrated History for HEJ337N

Reregistered PJI6617, SMK828, FAO61N, LHH744, FAO69N, 75-LK-539

Chassis: LHS6L LHS/214 Body: Plaxton 758BX504M Engine: Leyland O401 Configuration: C35F, C33F, C27F
Status: Independent     Last Reported: 12/2015

Last updated : December 15th 2015 (brought up-to-date)

by 3/1998 - current Barratt, Cappamore, Republic of Ireland. Kept in semi-preservation. Reregistered 75-LK-539, 3/98. Refurbished as C27F with two tables, food servery, fridge, boiler, etc, by 12/2006
6/1996 - ?/199? North East Bus Breakers, Annfield Plain (dealer)
5/1995 - 6/1996 Lime House School, Dalston (non-PCV). Reregistered LHH744, 4/96. Reregistered FAO69N, 6/96
1/1993 - 5/1995 Palmer, Carlisle. Reregistered FAO61N, 4/95. Entered in ADT Auction, Manchester, 5/4/95 but not sold
by 6/1985 - 1/1993 Cumbria, Carlisle. Reregistered SMK828, 6/85
6/1975 - ?/198? James, Llangeitho

Photo : Richard Barratt-Atkins

Photo : Richard Barratt-Atkins

Photo : Martin Perry


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