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This page lists all Bristol VRs operated by Eastville Coaches including links to all photos currently in the BVRES Collection showing the liveries carried by individual vehicles. If you have any further information or photos I would be delighted to hear from you at


Chassis Number

Date Acquired

Date Withdrawn and Sold Notes
LHT728P VRT/SL3/356 8/1990 (Bristol Omnibus 5062) 11/1996 (Leisure Travel of Yate)  
WTH947T VRT/SL3/1725 8/1992 (Mac of Roydon) 10/1997 (Leisure Travel of Yate)  
LHT730P VRT/SL3/358
5/1993 (Bristol Omnibus 5064)
3/2000 (Eagle Coaches of Bristol)

FFR165S VRT/SL3/1109 8/1994 (Nottingham Omnibus) 1/1998 (Leisure Travel of Yate)
XDV600S VRT/SL3/1408 8/1994 (Nottingham Omnibus) 6/1997 (Non-PCV)
PHY699S VRT/SL3/920 2/1995 (Ambassador Travel of Bristol) 4/1998 (Leisure Travel of Yate)  
WJM822T VRT/SL3/1674 9/1996 (Horsham Buses 962) 6/1999 (Warren of Neath)  
YUM516S VRT/SL3/1203 10/1996 (Southend 303) 7/1998 (Leisure Travel of Yate)
VPF288S VRT/SL3/1362 10/1996 (Horsham Buses 958) 5/1998 (Warren of Neath)  
GTX751W VRT/SL3/2613 3/1997 (Southend 382)  3/2002 (Millington of Cefn Crybbwr) Operated by Lewis of Long Ashton, 4/1998 to 4/2000
VCA463W VRT/SL3/2565 12/1997 (North Western 568) 9/1999 (Eagle of Bristol)  
WTU479W VRT/SL3/2790 12/1997 (North Western 569) 2/2002 (Ferris of Nantgarw)  
WTU480W VRT/SL3/2791 12/1997 (North Western 570) 2/2002 (Ferris of Nantgarw)  

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