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Last Updated : April 5th 2017 (brought up-to-date)

This page lists all Bristol VRs operated by Bri-Jan including links to all photos currently in the BVRES Collection showing the liveries carried by individual vehicles. If you have any further information or photos I would be delighted to hear from you at 

Fleet Number


Chassis Number

Date Acquired

Date Withdrawn and Sold Photos
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18 YDL672T VRT/SL3/1911 7/1995 (Southern Vectis 672) 4/1999 (SCRAPPED)
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Photo : Chris Finch
19 YDL675T VRT/SL3/1914 7/1995 (Southern Vectis 675) 2/2000 (SCRAPPED)
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Photo : From the Internet
  RIL1840 (ex-GKL827N) VRT/SL2/857 12/1998 (Priory of Gosport) 2/2000 (SCRAPPED)
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Photo : BVRES Collection
  GTX738W VRT/SL3/2557 2/1999 (Red & White 714) 2/2000 (SCRAPPED)
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Photo : Dave Mant
50 LHG457T VRT/SL3/1932 9/1999 (Solent Blue Line 157) 8/2000 (SCRAPPED)
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51 LHG459T VRT/SL3/1934 9/1999 (Solent Blue Line 159) 8/2000 (SCRAPPED)
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Photo : Mark Pitman
58 TIL8158 (ex-TFN985T) VRT/SL3/1560 11/2000 (Original London Sightseeing Tour BW85) 6/2005 (Preserved)
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Photo : N Clark

63 PHY698S VRT/SL3/919 12/2001 (Bugler of Bristol) 9/2003 (SCRAPPED)
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Photo : Gerry Tormey
67 XJJ668V VRT/SL3/2543 5/2002 (Chennell of South Harting) 12/2007 (Caravan)
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Photo : Gerry Tormey
79 BEP968V VRT/SL3/2036 8/2005 (First Western National 1187) 12/2007 (SCRAPPED)
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Photo : Jon Gulliver

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