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RELL6L 1217 - 1236

Last Updated : June 20th 2014 (brought up-to-date)

This page lists Bristol Omnibus RELL 1217-1236 including links to pages containing all photos currently in the BVRES Collection showing the liveries carried by individual vehicles. If you have any further information or photos I would be delighted to hear from you at

Fleet Number


Chassis/Body Type

Chassis Number

Date Acquired

Date Sold

RELL3/1307 3/1971 (New) 11/1982 (SCRAPPED)
C1218 AHT202J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1308 3/1971 (New) 4/1982 (SCRAPPED)
C1219 AHT203J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1309 3/1971 (New) 8/1983 (SCRAPPED)
C1220 AHT204J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1310 3/1971 (New) 4/1982 (SCRAPPED)
C1221 AHT205J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1311 3/1971 (New) 4/1982 (SCRAPPED)
C1222 AHT206J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1312 3/1971 (New) 1/1986 (Badgerline 1222) Rebuilt to B50F, 6/1984
C1223 AHT207J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1315 3/1971 (New) 4/1982 (SCRAPPED)
C1224 AHT208J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1316 3/1971 (New) 11/1982 (City of Oxford 677)
C1225 AHT209J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1317 3/1971 (New) 4/1982 (SCRAPPED)
C1226 AHT210J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1318 3/1971 (New) 4/1982 (SCRAPPED)
C1227 AHT211J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1319 3/1971 (New) 11/1982 (City of Oxford 680)
C1228 AHT212J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1331 3/1971 (New) 1/1986 (Badgerline 1228) Rebuilt to B50F, 11/1982
C1229 AHT213J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1332 3/1971 (New) 4/1982 (SCRAPPED)
C1230 AHT214J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1333 3/1971 (New) 5/1982 (SCRAPPED)
C1231 AHT215J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1334 3/1971 (New) 3/1984 (SCRAPPED)
C1232 AHT216J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1436 6/1971 (New) 2/1981 (SCRAPPED) Fitted with a Leyland O500 engine from new
C1233 AHT217J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1437 6/1971 (New) 3/1984 (SCRAPPED) Fitted with a Leyland O500 engine from new
C1234 AHT218J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1438 6/1971 (New) 11/1985 (SCRAPPED) Fitted with a Leyland O500 engine from new. Re-engined with a O680, ?/1981
C1235 AHT219J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1439 6/1971 (New) 4/1982 (SCRAPPED) Fitted with a Leyland O500 engine from new
C1236 AHT220J RELL6L ECW B44D RELL3/1440 6/1971 (New)
1/1984 (SCRAPPED) Fitted with a Leyland O500 engine from new

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