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VRs in Belgium

Last Updated : August 22nd 2019 (SNJ590R added)

The VRs shown on this page were in Belgium on the above date. The liveries depicted are the last known to be carried by the individual vehicles. If you know that the livery or location has now changed I would appreciate receiving an email or, better still, a photo which I will add to this page and credit to you. Remember - the site is only as good as the information I receive.

The following operator has its own page:

Bus Prophils of Charleroi

The following VR was with Antwerp Bowling in August 2018 uesd as part of an escape room experience:

SNJ590R in 2019
Photo : Shane Ross

The following VRs are in use with Johann Hallet (British Hours Event) for private hire bookings:

XJJ669V in 2014
Photo : Johann Hallet
SGR797V in June 2014
Photo : Adrian Roberts

The following VR was exported to Belgium in July 2007 by Carl Ireland to an unknown destination:


The following VR is with Street Soccer Fun in Peutie, Belgium and was for sale in June 2007:


Photo : From the Internet

The following VR is a mobile publicity vehicle for John Martin SA in Genval. It is used to advertise the company's Waterloo beer product:


PRC851X in 2015

Photo : Tony Martin

he following VR is owned by Bus-a-Nova in Belgium and has been converted into a mobile puppet theatre. It was noted in the Pyrenees in March 2015:


NEH726W in 2015

Photo : Traveller Dave

The following VR is with Nadja van Kempen in Antwerp, having been exported by Brakell, Cheam (dealer), in 2000. It was photographed at Antwerp Docks in August 2005 and again in 2007 where it is in use as a snack bar:


Photo : Karl van Camp

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