Illustrated History for ATA563L

Chassis: VRT/SL2/543 Body: ECW 20082 Series 2 Engine: Gardner 6LX Configuration: H43/32F
Status: Preserved     Last Reported: 10/2014

Last updated : November 12th 2021 (brought up-to-date)

c6/2003 - current Terry Bennett, Sherborne (for preservation). Repainted in NBC red livery, 3/2004
8/1989 - ?/2003 MacArthur, Strathpeffer (Spa Motors). Still in NBC red livery until sale
9/1986 - 8/1989 East Yorkshire Motor Services Ltd. 921. Retained NBC red livery throughout
1/1983 - 9/1986 Devon General Ltd. 563. NBC red livery, 12/1984. Withdrawn 8/1986
8/1973 - 1/1983 Western National Omnibus Company Ltd. 563 (Devon General)

ATA563L restored in NBC red livery

All the hard work was worth it!!

Photo : Rob Capel

ATA563L in 2004

Undergoing extremely thorough preparation for repaint. This process included the removal of all windows and rubbing down the entire bodywork

Photo : James Pratt

ATA563L in early preservation

Early days in preservation

Photo : James Pratt

ATA563L with Spa Motors

While still in service with Spa Motors, but still in NBC red livery after more than a decade with Spa

Photo : Mark Telfer

ATA563L in NBC red livery
Repainted in NBC red livery again

Photo : Graham Bailey
ATA563L in NBC green livery

Green NBC livery, March 1982

Photo : Dave Godley

Allover advertising livery for Torbay Aircraft Museum

Overall advertising livery for Torbay Aircraft Museum while still quite new

Photo : BVRES Collection

ATA563L in NBC red livery

Photo : RL Wilson


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