Illustrated History for VRJ594X

Reregistered 954GAT, MUY25X

Chassis: LHS6L LHS/404 Body: Plaxton 828BSS5C004
Engine: Leyland O401 Configuration: C35F
Status: Scrapped     Last Reported: 8/2003

Last updated : July 17th 2017 (page added)

Wealden, Five Oak Green (dealer). Presumed scrapped
by 12/1999 - 3/2002
Deeble (Caradon Riviera), Upton Cross. Not used in service
11/1997 - ?/1999
Newall (K-Matt), Failsworth
3/1995 - 11/1997
Hanson, Wordsley
2/1988 - 3/1995
Tanners Croft, Redditch. Reregistered 954GAT, ??/1992. Reregistered MUY25X, c6/1992
9/1984 - 2/1988
Parnaby (Ruxley), Tolworth
2/1982 - 9/1984
Cooper, Ashton-under-Lyne

VRJ594X with Caradon Riviera
Photo : Nick Blurton
Photo needed with Newall/K-Matt
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Photo needed with Hanson
Can you help with a photo?
Photo needed with Tanners Croft
Can you help with a photo?
VRJ594X with Parnaby
Photo : Grayson Cattle
Photo needed with Cooper
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