Illustrated History for UCD602J

Chassis: RELL3/1402 Body: ECW Engine: Leyland O680 Configuration: B53F
Status: Scrapped     Last Reported: 10/1993

   Last Updated : November 2nd 2021 (brought up-to-date)

10/1992 Wigley, Carlton (dealer for scrap)
4/1990 - 10/1992 Moon (Horsham Coaches), Warnham
3/1990 - 4/1990 Morgan (Bygone Buses), Biddenden
1/1990 - 3/1990 Wealden, Five Oaks Green (dealer)
11/1989 - 1/1990 Seabrook, Hythe
2/1989 - 11/1989 Wealden, Five Oaks Green (dealer)
2/1986 - 2/1989 Terrill & Bacon, Brighton (for preservation)
3/1971 - 2/1986 Southdown Motor Services Ltd. 602. Renumbered 492, 6/197?

7Seen in Crawley Bus Station, c1991, in the red and cream livery of Horsham Coaches (John Upton)

Appropriately on the 602 limited stop service to Brighton, 602 is seen here carrying a "Southdown 70" vinyl where the NBC symbol would normally be found (Mark Pitman)

Seen during the 1970s with the earlier all-white style of NBC logo (Kelvin Amos)

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