Illustrated History for TFN991T

Chassis: VRT/SL3/1597 Body: Willowbrook 77697 Engine: Gardner 6LXB Configuration: H43/31F
Status: Exported     Last Reported: 10/2006

Last updated : November 16th 2016 (brought up-to-date)

by 10/2006
?, ?, Denmark (scrapyard). Presumed scrapped
5/2001 - ?/200? Nikolas Anker, Copenhagen, Denmark. Intended for conversion to an office within a warehouse, but instead used as a pavillion on Copenhagen harbour
2/2000 - 5/2001 Munden, Bristol (dealer). Roof cut off for journey to Copenhagen - to be refitted on arrival
3/1998 - 2/2000 The Original London Sightseeing Tour Ltd. (Arriva Presenting London) BW91
12/1997 - 3/1998 The Original Sightseeing Tour Ltd. (The Original London Sightseeing Tour) BW91
7/1993 - 12/1997 London Coaches Ltd. BW91. Still closed top, 6/97
10/1978 - 7/1993 East Kent Road Car Company Ltd. 7991
TFN991T in Denmark
Photo : Mick Overton

Photo : Gareth Crowther


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