Illustrated History for RPH111L

Reregistered YTA236L, MIL4686

Chassis: LHS6L LHS/144 Body: ECW Engine: Leyland O401 Configuration: B35F, B37F, B--F
Status: Transporter     Last Reported: 6/2018

Last updated : June 15th 2018 (brought up-to-date)

Link : John Hendriks's blog

1/2000 - current John Hendriks, Falmouth. Converted for use as a mobile home, by 11/2006
by 1/1997 - 1/2000
Hart, Cardinham (for use as a transporter)
8/1996 - ?/199? Deeble (Caradon Riviera), Upton Cross. Reregistered MIL4686, 8/1996
12/1990 - 8/1996 Smith & Dark, Paignton (Devon Services). Numbered 6, by 3/1994. Reregistered YTA236L, 8/1994
11/1990 - 12/1990 Exeter PVS (dealer)
by 2/1990 - 11/1990 Nightingale, Exmouth
by 7/1989 - ?/19?? Greenslades, Exeter
3/1987 - ?/1989 Nightingale, Exmouth. Withdrawn by 4/1989
?/1986 - 3/1987 Coleman, Paignton
?/1984 - ?/1986 Holladay, Clyst Honiton (Red Bus Services) 2. Withdrawn c6/1986
?/1973 - ?/19?? London Country Bus Services Ltd. BL11

RPH111L in use as a mobile home

Photo : From the Internet

Photo required of RPH111L in red as a transporter

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RPH111L with Caradon Riviera

Photo : Ian Hardie

RPH111L in final Devon Services livery
Photo : Mike Street
RPH11L in later Devon Services livery
Photo : Howard Whiskin
RPH111L in initial Devon Services livery
Photo : Dave Stanton
RPH111L with Nightingale

Photo : BVRES Collection

RPH111L with Red Bus Services

Photo : BVRES Collection

RPH111L in NBC green with London Country

Photo : Steve Thoroughgood

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